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Tyra plus 50lbs, so funny. I can't help thinking vagina arms everytime I see her


team melrose! if you're going to root for a psycho, let it be the one who can actually model!


Didn't Melrose say that dancing was her passion and also that it wasn't right that they judge your passion. (Or words to that effect)

It was weird because modeling is supposed to be the obsession of every girl on the show. Their passion if you will. And the whole show is about judging that!


They were showing a marathon of this season's ANTM on VH1 and they showed highlights of this Wednesday's episode and I swear I saw CariDee and Eugena walking down the catwalk. Please god let it be true and hopefully they don't go the way of Project Runway with 4 finalists and they were hiding Melrose from me!

CariDee forever and I love your Monday highlights!

Passing Shot

Ah -- what I nice way to end the day (okay, so it's only 3 in the afternoon; I've been up since 4:30). These make my Monday. Glad someone else picked up on Tyra's "work within your limits/toughen up, bitch!" schizophrenia. This show is inane, and your site is the only reason I keep tuning in.

I'm pretty sure Ms. J said "Dumpy", not Gumby, but gumby is good too.


I didn't know about the writer/editing team,but it explains so much. Thank God we have four four to add some much needed context! I am so glad you caught the "Fucking Bitch" - I caught it on tape and rewatched it to be sure. I almost emailed you because it felt so important, but of course you caught it!

I am surprised by the turnout - I thought final 3 would be Caridee and one or both of the twins. Let the best modellette win.


So, on wikipedia it already has a winner listed. Could this be a spoiler or just someone jumping to conclusions? How reliable should I consider this info to be? I'm gonna be disappointed if it turns out to be right.


I know someone who knows someone who punched Melrose back in high school. Or maybe it was college. Not important. This was all when her name was still Melissa.


matt said this: Oh and FYI, the CW will be showing highlights from Britain's Next Top Model in the weeks following the ANTM finale, so if you want to give us an xmas present you can recap that crazy shit!

Don't expect anything too good - BNTM is crap. Trust me, I'm British - had to go through two seasons of that crap for the whole summer. And then ANTM 6 saved me in September. Yeah, England is slow.


Don't know about that. I think Caridee is ugly. I think they're all ugly, actually. As ugly as the twins were, they were the least ugly of the top five. Now that they're gone, I don't see any point in watching this show anymore.


I saw the preview for this week's episode, and only saw a click of CariDee and Eugena on the Runway!

I hope that means Smellrose is OUT!


When Amanda gave that breakup line as her final sendoff, i was seriously hoping that the title of this recap would be a Futurama quote:

"Dear Baby,
Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You."

ugh, sooo many weak links, lets just get down to Melrose vs. CariDee already!!!


Emilee said this: Don't expect anything too good - BNTM is crap. Trust me, I'm British - had to go through two seasons of that crap for the whole summer. And then ANTM 6 saved me in September. Yeah, England is slow.

Aww, I've seen BNTM on youtube, and I loved the first cycle, all the cat fights, the chainsmoking, the drinking, Marissa and her permascowl, Jenilee and her saddening return to scrubbing fat vats at the bingo hall, and Lucy, the extremely awesome non chalant winner.


OK is this Caridee? I remember in some other posts that someone said that a lot of agencies were sooo interested in her as soon as the show started. Maybe this means she didn't win but has a good contract with D and G? Look at it I really think it is her.


Excellent recap. You always notice value-added things that I miss (like CariDee talking about keeping your enemies close, while she's sitting right next to Eugena).

Victoria --- a) That link doesn't work 2) It's for Needless Markup, not Dolce & Gabbana Furthermore) I did a search on Dolce women's apparel on and none of the models in those product photos look anything like CariDee


I was completely baffled by the "melrose vs. caridee" thing, it came out of nowhere. I'm glad someone else thought that was fishy as well.

This season has been so lackluster for me, I anticipate it less and less and have a harder and harder time remembering who was cut the previous week. I hope it does get crazy again. That's the only thing that will save it (for me) from Tyra's constant pontificating. That's really wearing me down... like, "construction outside your office window for months on end" wearing me down.


Christy - it's a Simpsons quote - come on ;)!!!


Rich I totally felt the same way. Tyra had me so confused by the end of the episode Two alleve, two advil, and two-tylenol pm to get some relief.

Okay, so we've all watched since cycle 1. Since when is it cool to complain? Tyra's gets downright ghetto if you do. "Aw that's modeling 'yall, shoot - doncha know I had to klump through Africa and model bikini's on an iceberg next to penguins - PENGUINS 'YALL - now that was real cold."

It is a pretty transparent plot but I was happy to get caught in the drama. Tyra's like a fairy tale villian to me now. She's like a step-mother, queen, fairy with a touch of ogress. How I love her.

CariDee will win - unless they pull out one of Flav's tricks and bring Joanie back for the last three.

Now that would be the bomb! Ty Ty should do that in the next cycle. And when I say that I mean she should bring in not a past final contestant but New York.

You don't need writers with New York in the house.

I love you.
I missed the show last week, and I realize now that I watch the show simply in anticipation of your recaps... that was great.
I especially like the Spanish dance remix of Tyra's eloquence.
I love you.


You are seriously the bomb writer. I read someone else's commentary on the show and I almost fell asleep! It was so frkn BORING! I love your recaps very funnys stuff man.

Queen Lena

I think Melrose is a certifiable sociopath.

And if you saw the commercials for the finale, they show Eugena and Joanie (uh....sorry, CariDee) walking dodn the runway, so I'm sure that means they're the final 2. What a bunch of idiot editing. I love it.

Queen Lena

dur, I meant "editors" not "editing"


I love your recaps!
They keep me going all week,
through all this crap.
As everyone else says, I look forward
to your recaps more than the show itself.

I also saw a preview, and it showed Eugena
and Caridee on the runway.


Wait! Scratch that!

I believe that's the runway from the feminine-band challenge!

Melrose will be in it for sure now.
They did that to trick us.

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