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December 04, 2006



Z-dawg!!! tell us more! Why did Melrose get punched????


Naomi from Mama's Family! Oh wow, I giggled at that one for a good minute longer than I should have. What a brilliant contestant she'd be... at least she'd be funnier than some of these sour queens.

There was a wonderfully awkward moment during the final judging. Tyra made a lame joke about something, maybe it was a pun, and everyone just kind of nodded politely... except Twiggy, who gave a delayed "Heh." Brief but telling, I think.

And poor Dani(elle). I feel bad saying it, but her Covergirl promos are hard to sit through. The elocution classes didn't work. Make sure she isn't hanging out with Naima, somebody.


My love for Rich and his recaps = unwavering. My love for ANTM = not so much. I think I just done heard one too many Tyra-isms. What was once a bubbling fountain of ridicule and delight is now a fetid pond of ridicule and derision. I'm still going to keep watching, mostly to keep up with Rich's recaps but also in hope that Tyra will get back to basics. Hard to do tho' when NONE of your winners have reached anything aproaching supermodel status. The most successfull model (Elise) wasn't even the winner. I do consider tv, hosting and acting gigs a kind of success, so other girls have done okay - some better than others (adrienne,yoanna, yaya, tocarra, and eva)but top model success? Has not happened. That's gotta be embarrassing and the weight of it is starting to show. That said I still love the Jay's, Twigs and Nigel although they are starting to shy signs of growing weary. What can I say, its an ennui kinda day... sigh.


Bravo on the awesome recap!


OMG I THOUGHT THE SAME THING WITH CARIDEE PUKING IN THE JUDGING ROOM. IF Melrose wins, CariDee seriously has to just shove her fist on her uvula, and just vomit all over the place, and not stop until Tyra like, calls police, or Twiggy takes out a chainsaw or somethin. I dunno. Looks like this will be an exciting finale!! hehe.


The Shirley Phelps-Rogers analogy made me laugh so hard I think I might have wet my panties.

Rich, you are the best.

John R.

I used your term "Tyrarbatry" while watching the cold-Caridee back-and-forth.

Oh- I meant to give you props last week for referencing my fav ANTM moment ever:
"You had sex?!" Those were the days.


Didn't Twiggy say about Amanda: "There no one who looks like her"?


Aside from being, like you said, 10-year-old-boy thin, I don't see how they a)made it on the show or b)stayed that long. They didn't even photograph well!

I would have prefered Paneer Thighs any day.


*I'm referring to the twins.


loved it as usual.... thanks!!!
this cycle is ridiculous, though...
i mean.... reeeeeeeaally ridiculous...


5. If Miss J turned out to be my special dinner guest, I'd ask to have it sent back.

That was absolutely amazing. That along with the idea of JADE making a guest appearance had me laughing out loud...excellent work =)


The twins as gumby! I love you Rich:)

Is it okay for me to now be rooting for Eugenia? Both Melstank and CariDee are so over the top; it's annoying and exasperating.


Oh, if only i could cuddle with Caridee...'s coochie.
I don't want her to win, because I don't want her to be the same failure that everyone else whose ever won top model. Nay, i want her to go straight to the top!


OMG this is so awesome. aaahhh this always makes my day.


One of your funniest recaps yet, Rich!
Jade would be a perfect semi-recurring* character, wouldn't she?

I had a dream last night that I was a contestant on ANTM. This is the second time I've had this dream, and it always freaks me out. See, everything's fine until the photo shoot, when I suddenly realize...I'm a DUDE. And I don't do drag (well, not since I was eight).

So I'm torn between wanting to wow the judges and be all fierce, and um, not wanting to put on wigs and gowns and stilleto heels...

Ever have that dream, Rich?

*So I typed 'recurring' into Yahoo just now in a half-assed attempt at spell-checking, and the two links at the top of the page suggested I also try "Recurring Dreams" or "Recurring Yeast Infections".

Freaky! And appropriate!

John Galt

Is it just me or does SmellRose look like Crazy!Lisa (cycle 5) in the teary!Flemenco picture?


Queen Latifa has to be hatin ANTM otherwise that shot of her in that purple satin parachute would have been off the air a long, long time ago.


Forget the GAP y'all If Smellrose makes it to the final 2 I'll watch the finale with one eye closed. And If she wins I'Il team up Caridee and puke, puke aaaand puuuke for two hours, YES..just like Tyra once cried for 2 hours!!

I's kinda happy seeing Eugena and Caridee on the runway too but Tyra is crazy y'all. She might be manipulating and setting us up for a suprise. We might end up puking by actually seeing Smellrose on the finale. That said, I'm trying to limit my excitements so I don't fail to puke the 4 eggs and 2 sausages I'll eat for breakfast on the finale day incase Smellrose wins.


LOL! I loved seeing Melrose crying because she fucked up the dance. She's done so well up until now that she really could afford it.
You just know that night after they filmed this she was the girl who locked herself in the washroom for 2 hours and screamed at herself in the mirroir "You're stupid! Do it Better! If you lose I'll kill you!"
Keep up the great recaps!


Cut back to your previous recaps or previous episodes...say like last week's. Wasn't Fashion Melrose's soul? Wasnt that what she lived for? If so...then does she have two souls? Whats goin on here? Is she the devil?!?! Roflmao


It can't be CariDee and Eugena in the final two. Although I would love to see them there, wouldn't it be too much like Cycle 6? Knock the crazy chick out to third place and have a black girl and a white girl go at it for the winner? Maybe that's just the way things go in Top Model land...

Oh and Rich, please tell SlutMachine to update. The awesomeness of that S&M tattoo is starting to wear off after seeing it every day for the past three weeks.


I love your recap. i would love that you also had talked about melrose playing with the spanish flag while saying ole! i was spanish until i saw that. Since then i feel more like a nigerian.


Last cycle's finale, which is already dim in my mind, had one girl confiding that if the other girl lost (was it Dani(elle) and... who?), she'd jump on the winner and tear her hair out -- or words very close to that. Second runner-up always has some nefarious plan to kill or maim (or puke on) the winner, and it never happens.

Which is a shame.

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