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I tivo Intervention on a regular basis. As a social worker, I find it endlessly fascinating and heartbreaking. When I watch most of the episodes, I spend most of it trying to figure out which one will actually end up going through the program and staying sober. Usually, I am wrong.
One of the things about Intervention is it somewhat normalizes the experiences. I know that sounds strange, but I have the feeling that someone who sees themselves in that situation, a parent, a sister, a friend of an addict (or cutter or bulimic) can also see that there is hope for their situation. A&E isn't exactly known for their Springer type shows.
Yes, I admit, I like to watch the train wrecks too.


Oh man Christi.
I seriously love intervention, and yes basically to watch dysfunction caused by drug induced escapades- to me its just pure entertainment.
I really loved this post rich, i really agree with others- you should write a book. you are simply fantastic.

You missed the best part though, when you talk of haow delusional the family is having waited so god damn long to intervene- you have to mention the father- and how he's a "musician" and he has that pathetic song about her that he sings- it really makes the episode that much better to me.

"shes so pretty and shes witty thats my christy- shes my world- my little girl-to me....thats who she'll always be..."

or something to that note.
last i checked she went to jail because she was still fucked up. do you know anything?

slut machine

i bet like 6 years ago, when cristy was only 4 years into her meth career, we would've had a lot of fun together. except i wouldn't do meth, i'd just get drunk and we'd laugh and laugh. we'd just roar.

and thanks for the shout out. tez!


I fail to see why so many people think that watching human train wrecks on television (or the internets) is a recent thing or represents some sort of decline. It's only been about 100 years since Americans stopped attending public hangings for entertainment. We watch fictionalized autopsies and horrible sex crimes on prime-time network television, we rubberneck at traffic accidents, and we deliberately scare ourselves with gruesome horror movies or tv newsmagazines. One of our most popular fictional characters is a genius serial killing-cannibal, and one of the surest ways for a recording artist to increase sales is to land in prison. One of the top-selling music acts last year was a troupe of female burlesque dancers, and no one could shut up about the ubiquitous shots of the Brazilian waxes of sundry starlets.

We have been behaving this way all throughout history. It did not end with the fall of the western Roman Empire, and it did not reappear in the late 20th century.

From slapstick comedy to town-square executions, we have always been entertained by other people's suffering. From the statues of intercourse on Hindu temples to lesbian pulp fiction, we have always been entertained by other people's private activities, especially those that are 'immoral', salacious, or pathetic.

It seems that we've declined as a civilization because for the first few decades of broadcast technology, we maintained (for the most part) an artificially moral and mannered facade, one inherited from the upper classes of the Victorian era. But Queen Victoria, whose name became synonymous with 'prude and repressed' had a husband with a genital piercing.


Rich, what a fantastic, insightful and thought provoking essay.

Queen Lena

starstattoo is absolutely right. Thank you for that.

Miss Kitty

Prince Albert had a Prince Albert? Starstattoo, you've gotta fill us in on that one.


You're on Best Week Ever again!

Calisha Jenkins of drunky brewster fame

favs quote from this, which I actually texted to myself when I wasted-ly watched this with your sister from another monther: "I am just on a perminate good one that none of you will ever experience and I feel sorry for all of you." I can relate.


Speaking of schadenfreude, have you seen engaged and underage on MTV. It is pretty amazing, I only saw one episode, but as far as I could tell, these two 21 year olds were gettign married blantantly so tehy can have sex (becasue tehy do not believe in sex before marriage). The truth of eth matter is taht the couple does seem happy to be getting married, but teh schandenfreude comes from watching teh wedding preparations and teh awkardness with the families. It is no I love New York, but it is still pretty great!


This has been replayed recently and it is on On Demand if you have comcast (i am in Cali, not sure who your cable provider is). It is a particularly great episode. The whole series is fantastic.


Did you know you can now buy a whole video of this sort of stuff?


Um, for starters? That is going to be one nasty yeast infection.

And I have to side with Cristy. I think it really IS because she's skinny and the other girl's fat.


Ok, I'm a closeted intervention fan and I know that makes me nothing more than a voyeur. I saw the episode in question a couple weeks ago and it was the craziest one I've ever seen!


The girl has bipolar disorder and she is manic the entire episode. I don't see why no one has brought this up until now. Trust me on this...I have bipolar disorder, and I know tons of people that have it. I have also known tons of meth heads. She doesn't even use that much meth, and if she had been using for ten years hard core she would look A LOT worse. She is exaggerating her drug use.

She is manic. This is actually a really good primer on what someone with severe psychotic mania looks and acts like. The God delusions, the permanent smile tattooed on her face, the statement "I am just on a permanent good one..." etc...those are all classic symptoms of mania.

The drugs are defintely making it a lot worse, but she will not get better until she gets treated for her underlying mental illness that no one on the show seemed to recognize.

Madame M

What a great entry.


This episode disturbed me so much...I cant believe that for TEN years she has been using and NOW they decide to do an intervention? To see how she lives and acts is horrible. Her family should be ashamed of themselves. I knew right from the start of the episode she was too far gone to either go to or complete and rehab. Ten years of meth and the amount of alocohol she drinks - I am surprised she still looks the way she does, having seen before and after pics of meth users. What bothered me most is her family enables her to be the way she is and to live the disgusting way she lives. I wished I could just shake her and change her into a drug-free girl, my heart broke for her for some reason. I really don't think that deep down she wants to live the way she does, I think she is punishing her family in some way for the devastation she went through when her parents split and her mother moved her 200 miles away from her father who she idolized. I wonder what has happened since she was filmed? does anyone know?

Steam Man

Lo que viene siendo un putísimo 10 !! tópamí, tópadentro.


I'm just shocked that people like her exist.


UGHHH. Its "fascinating" to watch because you can turn it off and on... in essence you're in "control". Imagine what its like to live that day after day after day?... its not very fascinating. meth plain addiction is a motherfucker. Come to Hollywood... you can see em all over.


In addition most of these "kids" grew up in abusive environments that just continues to produce this life of hell. Try to remember that girl is a kid and she was once a newborn... and before you know it shes probably gonna either have babies and keep the insanity going... or i hate saying it but i prefer this.. shes gonna become another statistic 6 feet under or more realistically shes gonna end up in a morgue unclaimed cause she burned so many bridges and broke so many hearts...unless of course she gets clean/sober. just another day in paradise.


I wanna Re-watch the full episode of Cristy's intervention, But I don't know where to down load it or... where to watch it and that. I really love this episode it caught my eye one day when I was cooking up a storm in the kitchen for the kid's. and I only got to see her Intvention and I really really want to watch from the the begining But can anyone I mean anyone help with that? Please and thank you get back to me Bye!!



You can find the torrent of it here:

Or you can google it and find another source for the torrent. To download a torrent you need a program called "Azureus"....that one I find works the best. Just google it and download that program, and than you can find the Intervention episode using google if the above one doesn't work.


nice :)


Cristy is my idol. She has transcended time and space. She should have her own show.

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