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Muahahahaha - On last night's show it was revealed that LaToya has a fear of Kitties - let's give her some sweet, sweet Winston time...


In the last pic she looks like Noranti from Farscape. Lol!


Who knew LaToya was so fabulous?? She's my new hero!


This post was so well put together, the circle at the end made me want to cry. lol good job... i hate the jacksons, but you def made me want to see this show.. on to youtube for tidbits!


Why are you pushing slutmachine's blog so much? Not subtle.

Posted by: Chaka_Kahn | January 11, 2007 at 05:48 PM

Uh, I'm not, I'm just not about to take credit for something that someone else says that I think is worth including. I hang out with her a lot and she says funny things a lot. Deal with it or, uh, don't.

And if you're in the market for subtlety, why the fuck are you reading this blog, anyway?

I only watch this show for Latoya! She's kicking butt!


"stop hating. slut machine is a humble genius. more coke/power to her!"

was me!


I love LaToya, she funny and brave. I like how she talked to the stealer about getting her life together and more importantly she kind.

Nice show, I'm going to check this out again...a enjoyable guilty pleasure.


"All my life, I've wanted to do two things: I've always wanted to work at McDonalds, and I've always wanted to be a police officer,"....
Gee, I'm confused...I thought she said THIS,
“I have always wanted to be involved with a hot, new lifestyle product such as this”, said Jackson
when she was the spokesperson for "Star Ice", Star Ice, the,"... delicious-malt- beverage-imported-from-Australia-and- bottled-in-a-slim-line-bottle-with-a- champagne-fizz-imported-from-the-mystical- land-down-under-Australia.

This lady has DREAMS DAMMIT!!(Deep sigh with eyes welling up) And thanks to the magic of Reality TV, we get to see those,(Sob!) dreams come true!!


I feel you, Rich. I was watching Ugly Betty (which is stupid but still somehow addictive - like bad potato chips) and kept flipping around. I had forgotten this show was premiering cuz I wanted to see it. Well, I too was charmed by lil' Miss Latoya. Normally the sound of her name makes me sick. After watching her I was converted. I thought she was precious! It really seems that she is mentally quite innocent. I thought she came across as honest and vulnerable. Except for the fur, I guess I can't hate her anymore.

Now if I could just master that walk (snap!).


Love the focus on this. You glimpse over the premise of the show. You make no mention of whomever the celebs involved are.

LaToya is the star here. As she is everywhere. And everywhen.


Don't worry about Jermaine. He's clogging up British television screens on Celebrity Big Brother where a load of past-its and wannabes are locked in a house for two weeks They are given tasks to complete - such as make up a Jackson Five tribute group. Failure means their food and alcohol supplies are severely rationed. Kinda like watching rats locked up in a cage.




The "blonde" that some of the commenters are referring to (unless it's LaToya's partner, then I dunno)may be Trish Stratus, who was with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in the late 90's to early 00's. Her actual job on the show started as a "valet" (the hot chick that walks with a male wrestler to the ring in order to assert HIS hotness), then she became the Marla Maples to WWE owner Vince McMahon's Donald Trump on the show, until Vince's(*storyline-dictated)demands included her crawling like a dog and barking in the ring, stripping to her underwear on command, and being doused in what looked like a bucket of diarrhea when she attempted to break up with him. Apparently, that was a hazing ritual intended to humble her enough to become...a wrestler. Oddly enough, for all the degradation and nudity she did on the show, she's one of the few popular WWE "Divas" (as they're called) who refused to pose for Playboy magazine. Even Amazonian Chyna (aka, Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna Doll from VH1's Surreal Life 4 and Fame Games) did Playboy...twice!


I grew up in Muncie, IN!! I had no idea the show was being shot there. Maybe I'll give it a try this week...

...Armed and Famous...

Perhaps not.


LaToya's walk alone in the opening had me hooked.


Thanks for keeping us posted on LaToya. I refuse to watch the show. The only reason I would watch would be to see what she's up to, but you have that covered.

I watched a bit of the Wiz today and wanted to light a candle for the Micheal of yester-times.


This makes me so very happy, too.

She's just so damn lovable. This show doesn't even air up here, but thanks to YouTube, I'm hanging on every moment of her Toy-ness..


I am soooooooo happy that I lucked up and found your blog. I thought I was the ONLY PERSON IN AMERICA who thought that LaToya's "performances" on Armed and Dangerous are an absolute HOOT!

I never really gave her that much attention to her before now but I think she is a laugh riot. I watch every week specifically for HER... waiting for one glorious episode when she accidentally shoots somebody and the spin CBS will put on it!


Uh-oh, watch out: La Toya Jackson's fanbase just went from 5 folk to 20!!!

I watched this show, and I actually enjoyed it in spite of my hatred for reality television. LaToya is kind of cute in that strange kind of living-under-a-rock-and-has-finally-seen-the-world
type of cute...

My favorite part was when she calls Jackie on the phone and tells him not to tell mother she's doing this; "Please, don't tell mother," and than she continues to add "...and don't tell Michael or Jermaine. Oh and don't tell Janet either..." LOL.

I want a Jackson family reunion damnit. I need to see them altogether in one place again, it is called for. I'd love to know what Michael/Janet thinks of their older sister being a police officer of their hometown Indiana.

Seriously though, I'll always love Michael and Janet the best. And Tito cause I like his name.....

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