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Oh god, I grew up KINDA like the jesus camp people and it freaks me out to no end.

I'm STILL trying to find my personal equilibrium as far as belief in all these things but DAMN....

scary! also....

"she's in the closet (her props one!)" <-------HAHAHAHAH!!!


Had to chuckle at the fetuses in the jewelry box. Went to a Jesus Camp-type school growing up and another "rebellious" kid like myself stole one of the plastic fetuses and turned it into a pin he wore on his lapel, complete with a tiny top hat.

When I was a kid I said I was going to marry Jordan from the New Kids on the Block and have pizza at my wedding. I pray these kids grow out of this stuff as I did.


just a question -- did anyone catch the lord of the rings book on the table during the "creationistic good time" homeschooling session? i returned the movie today, so i can't double-check to make sure that i'm not just making shit up. if anyone still has it, i'd really like to know. i'm sure after becky's wizard rant they'll be throwing those books away.

anyway, great review.

"I suppose the answer to that from Becky's kind would be that God chose Becky to be born into Christianity. Why, then, I wonder, would God choose anyone to be born into Islam or Judaism?"

exactly. and to bmad's comment about how the point of being born-again is that they don't look at it as a birthright -- maybe levi and many adult born-again christians think it's that way, but becky said very clearly on the radio show that they are indoctrinating their children with these beliefs, and that it's "what religions do" or something like that. this is why becky's beliefs are flawed. if this is how those little muslim children are being raised -- being indoctrinated instead of choosing to believe -- why do they deserve hell? what happened to their "stories"? did god get drunk and forget to write them? if everything is predestined in our "stories" then why are we able to break away from them so easily? if i'm going to hell because god doesn't know how to write a damn story and stick to it, then so be it. i'll see you in hell.

so sick of these people. i should pity them for never learning how to think rationally and logically, but this goes too far. they are willfully ignorant, and they are teaching their children to be willfully ignorant. more than a half a degree over the past century (CELSIUS, BY THE WAY -- about ONE degree fahrenheit) is considered "NOT A BIG DEAL". AGH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH. i want to punch them all to death. this kind of ridiculousness just solidifies my belief in nothing.

okay, sorry. i'm done.


I missed the LOTR thing, but someone I watched it with didn't. I believe (and there's a lot of shit floating around in my head, so this could be just a total lie) that the directors address this on the commentary, saying that Tolkien (and of course, C.S. Lewis) are considered OK Christian reading because they were Christians themselves and their books are allegorical. It's some kind of lazy reasoning like that.


I was so happy to see this review, as Jesus Camp just arrived in my mailbox.

3 observations:

1. The creepy lady (who runs the "women's center" next door to planned parenthood) who talked about how kids learn most of their beliefs by age 7, and basically it's 'whoever gets to these kids first', and went on to call them 'radical kids'. That was really the only time that anyone talked about the brainwashing/indoctrination going on.

2. When the guy with jewelery fetus was on, all my g/f and I could do was think of cute little Winston. Thanks for that.

3. The "Ring of Fire" radio host gave me some hope. I felt like he was the voice of reason in a sea of crazypants.


Rich, it was a relief to see your blog after watching the "crazypants" (as Bex put it) in this film. Thank you. In fact, I was so thankful that I was moved to leave my first comment, though I lurk here regularly.

For me, watching the movie was unsettling on a number of levels. I grew up American Baptist (which is "Northern," as opposed to Southern Baptist, and typically less conservative) in the midwest and went to a church camp for several years. But it was NOTHING like this movie, thank you. Wow.

Even with a less Evangelical upbringing, I can relate to the passion that some children who are raised in a religion (and not just Christianity) have about what they feel are their beliefs. But they're just babies. So many adults don't really *learn* their religion; how can we know how to work out what we actually, personally believe about ANYTHING at 14 or 8 or 5 years old?! It hurt most to see the emotional scenes -- like the one of the kids with tears rolling down their faces while being berated for being sinful hypocrites who are one way at church and another at school.

What gives me hope is that I've met many progressive, liberal Christians, more like the AirAmerica host, who are passionate about peace and justice and inclusion and having open minds. They really do exist. I know a bunch right here in NYC. I also know some compassionate Christians back in the midwest whom I would NOT describe as liberal, but who I think would be just as creeped out as I was by this movie. And I'm going to suggest they watch it, just to make sure! ;)

p.s. I thought the same thing as Atlantic Vamp -- "Thank God for college!" I hope these kids get out of their cocoons.


I grew up in this EXACT environment. My father was a Pentecostal preacher, and this is old hat to me. The speaking in tongues, the 'demon' talk, the home schooling, the 4-5 hour sermons, etc.

I still have my core beliefs in God, and that has not changed. I'm pro-choice, for gay marriage/adoption and I'm also bipolar and have been stable for a number of years now. (mental illness is considered as having a "demon" in the church, they do not believe in chemical imbalances.)

Point is, even someone who was entrenched in this ideology can see the inherent hypocrisy in it. There is hope out there.

Maybe they will stop looking directly into God's light, and just let it illuminate their surroundings.


This is one of those movies that really makes you think...about moving to Europe, or somewhere equally not-American.

I've never seen anything like it...and I hope I never have to deal with this breed of people in any way more personal than seeing them on TV.

Harry Potter forever!!!


I waited to read this until I saw the movie which I did last night. Rachel scared me a lot. I saw so much of myself in her. If I was evangelical, that could have been me. I also am not sure if I should feel sorry or happy for Becky. Something about her makes me feel like she is secretly miserable. Thanks for recommendation!!


you forgot the part where becky started swinging around the stuffed animal, saying something about having a tiger by the tail, but it was clearly a lion... and also the bit with the homeschooling mom teaching her child that galileo gave up on science and turned to the lord - which is a flat out lie.

moral of the story: apparently, religion makes you stupid.


i just watched this last nite ... hilarious and frightening. of course kids are going to believe whatever you tell them. when i was six, my mom convinced me not to go near the river in our new jersey backyard because alligators would eat my face. if she'd told me not to go near the river bc god would send me (and the gays and liberals) to hell, i'd probably have believed that too! i loved how telling some kid he looked like harry potter was the bible camp equivalent of a heinous insult.


Ayn Rand said it best: "Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone." You may as well beat your head up against a wall rather than try to reason with these wackos. Great review!


I actually grew up in this kind of atmosphere-- I prayed in tongues as a kid and sang songs about The Army of the Lord, so Jesus Camp was half terrifying and half nostalgic. The best part, though, was during the song "Who's in the house? J.C.!" and my atheist roommate looks over at me quizzically and asks, "Why do Christians like Jay-Z so much?"


I just wanted to say that I can't wait to see this movie. I think they should sell this and Saved in a two pack! I was also brought up as a southern baptist as some other people have mentioned and I do feel that to a degree I was sort of brain washed by the whole thing. But I do want to say that people in OKLAHOMA aren't this crazy religious like some mentioned earlier. I am surround by people here at OU that have brains and like logic and make fun of religion. I didn't like that okie remark, but what can I say? I do live in a more conservative and religious state. Just don't assume we are all like that!


I watched this movie and I found it really depressing. I think it might have something to do with my experience with highly-organized religion like the one depitced in this movie. My parents were not at all religious and I am not baptized. My mom's sister married a religious zealot when I was about 9 (I won't say what religion, because I don't want to offend anyone, and besides, assuming that all believers in that particular religion would do the same thing as my uncle did is beyond ignorant) and he made it his sole mission to convert me and my mother (single parent family). He started innocently at first, coming by the house for family gatherings (I lived at the time in rural British Columbia, Canada) and talking about his faith. When my mother said she was not interested, he started cornering me off at said gatherings and talking to me about it. He would leave me with books and so forth to "educate myself with the truth". I accepted them and my mother told me that I could listen and talk to him about anything that I wanted, but if I felt uncomfortable to tell her or him. I didn't - yet.
As I said, my mom was a single parent, so she would be at work most of the time. He would plan special visits to my house when she was not around to talk more about this religion and I could not get rid of him. He would talk and talk and leave right before my mom would come home. This went on for about 5 years.
Then, when I was 15, my grandmother, who I was very close to, passed away of cancer and I was with her when she died. The whole thing had a very profound effect on me and I was depressed and shocked. To this day I still don't who in my family or school told my uncle about the death, but when he found out, he mobilized the troops and launched a full-scale religious war on me. There were lots of students at my high-school who were of the same religion, and he gathered them all together and essentially told them to never let me out of their sights. I had cards dropped in my locker, people I didn't know sat next to me in class and on the bus, and they would non-stop talk about this religion and how much better I would feel about my grandmother if I came to their church. I was already fucked up enough about my loss, I didn't need this shit. It got so bad that the PRICIPLE OF THE HIGH SCHOOL HAD TO ASK THE RELIGIOUS STUDENTS TO LEAVE ME ALONE. A call was placed to my mother who fucking lost it on my uncle, and told never to come to the house that we shared again. True to form, as soon as I moved out he came sniffing around again to my new apartment with literature and such, but by this time I was old enough to know what to do about my uncomfortable feelings and told him to hit the road.
I only tell this story not to launch an us-versus-them mentality, but to underscore the point that some of the subject matter and methodology used by some extreme religious people can be downright abusive, violating, traumatic, and scary. If you have a religious member of your family that seems to pay a lot of attention to your children even after you have expressed your disinterest in the subject matter, watch out, ask questions, pay attention. This kind of manipulation and insistance can really warp a kid. I would honestly say to the best of your ability, when it comes to religious fanatics, live and let live, but when they begin to affect your family in negative ways, that's the time to take action and stand up for what YOU believe in.


I rented this with a couple of (gay) friends, who gleefully pointed out that Ted Haggard says "Fabulous" no less than two times in as many minutes.


Great article, man. I found it by googling "jesus camp" and "funny" because I just saw it and thought it was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and up to now I hadn't heard anyone else who had the same reaction. I especially agree with your criticisms of the filmmakers; I listened to about five minutes of that commentary before realizing they are as full-of-shit as their subjects. It figures. This film will be a late-night stoner classic for the ages. And I'll definitely be reading the rest of your shit and watching for you on the cover of Rolling Stones.


Why did I leave the church? Oh yeah, now I remember! I think it was after my three cousins were molested by priests, two priests at my Catholic high school were arrested for molesting children, my confirmation teacher was arrested for molesting children, my swimming instructor was arrested for molesting children, and just after Cardinal Law of Boston admitted he knew of over 30 priests raping children--but since he said he was sorry for his actions the Pope gave him a job at the Vatican.


Stellakowalski, thanks for telling your story. Wow.


Wow... how brave.. making white trash Christians out to loook stooopid.

Lets see some real groundbreaking work... how about a look into the lives of people living at the places mentioned here

"The idyllically remote Jamaat ul-Fuqra company town of Islamberg, New York features a sentry post, obstacle course, firing range, snake infested terrain, small explosions, and is home to the “International Quranic Open University.” Nearby residents rave, “They have armed guards and if they shoot you, nobody will find your body,” and, “The place is dangerous. You can hear gunfire up there. I can’t understand why the FBI won’t shut it down.” "

quote from


Love this movie. Your thoughts are totally in line with my own. Great article!

kid tricycle

What a frightening song.
No snow just lots of sunshine! Should be a beautiful Halloween night~

trikes for boys

Thanks Mary! I remember that night like yesterday when they were all sitting in the dark with flashlights. Some how our kids turned out okay! Hahaha!

used adult tricycles

You are so funny! Though I'm not an expert, your descriptions of the French perfectly matches my perception of them, especially the fear of embarrassment.

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