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January 17, 2007



I hate R&B, but that was pretty enjoyable.

Love the guy on the right.
When the picture was taken he probably went to flash some gang sign or something and then thought "Crap. I don't know any gang signs..." So he ended up frozen for all time in that ridiculous pose...with his pinky extended, no less.

Sunny Bunny

Haha I have this 12''. I also have the Wifey 12'' that is backed with "Jerk" which features a pre-'shot in the face' 50 Cent! I think I may have one of there Cds somewhere as well.


Sunny Bunny

Also, how can you hate R&B? WTF?


ahh, next...the memories this song brings of many unwanted dance floor boners. did they ever have a greatest hits compilation?

not that i'd actually buy it, just curious :P

and really, i can't even comprehend hating r&b...rap perhaps, even techno, but r&b is a universal good.


ohmyfreakingod...is the banner from inuyasha?? :)

if it is i think i love you.


I'm ok with rhythm, and open to the blues, but R&B really does suck.
Yeah, it's popular for panty-peeling, and a goldmine of source material for boy-bands, but if I want predictable warbling, I'll watch American Idol.


This has been my favorite song for years. On New Year's Eve, I was watching Sister Sister and they went to a Next concert. I then knew that 2007 was gonna be an awesome year.


I was such an awkward little teenage girl, I wish I had a song like this so that I could use this line, "step back you dancing kinda close, I feel a little poke coming through on yoooooooou."


BTW-Koffee Brown gives me the same listening pleasure as Next.


i love r&b! this song really bothers me, though. i must be taking it too seriously, because it grosses me the f$#@ out! anyway, glad to see someone actually gets their groove on to it.

knockin' boots? now there's a smooth track.

I agree with you Jenny Penny. I hated this song when it came out. Terrible. Made me wnat to vomit.

And, sorry Spazmo, but if you hate r&b then you hate the classics: Marvin, Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Earth WInd and Fire, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Jackson 5, etc, etc. If you say you hate what has become of contemporary r&b, I'd agree with you 100% It sucks. But old school, I L O V E!!

Penny Woods

I usually dislike this song--in Greenville, NC, the main R&B station there would play "Too Close" every other day, no lie--but with this vinyl, I think my faith has been restored in Next. Even if they will never record another song ever.


Oh my gosh. I thought I loved your blog as much as I could, but then you post this, and somehow love you even more. I grew up in Minneapolis (where Next was originally from), and this was >>the<< song of my sixth grade year. When I was in high school, I was at a nice restaurant with some friends, and I was convinced our waiter was R.L., started softly singing the song, and convincing one of my best friends to choke on soup. Good times.

I am so jealous. I think I have to go find a vinyl of that now.


Were we separated at birth Rich? I love this song and have the 12" as well (former DJ here). Between this and Wifey I thought Next would blow up big but RL had to try to the solo thing and that was that. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I'm wiggling in my seat in my office (stealthily). I will admit when I first heard this song I had no idea of the content. Kinda risque but so smooth that you almost forget that it's borderline porn...


I have an ability to know all the words from songs in my youth and not really pay attention to what they are saying. This song would be a shining example of that.

I, of course, like the song even more now that I know how stupid/awesome it is.


THIS SONG WAS TIGHT! Even to this day whenever I hear it at a club people just go mad and start dancing! So many memories!


Feel a little poke comin' though...on you.

That is so classy. It makes me want to jump right in bed with R.L., Tweety and T-Low. Speaking of....ever heard R.L.'s solo effort "Got Me a Model"?


Great song! :D

the header looks awesome,
is it from Akira or something?

Loving this song!

thank you! I remember this song...It reminds me of my ex-boyfriend.


This is song is a CLASSIC. When it first came out I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics but I loved it. Then a couple of years ago I actually listened to them and I was mortified for my younger self! God, I hope I wasn't singing those lyrics in the car with my parents listening!

Queen Lena

Yeah I was definitely singing this song in middle school...and yeah I knew what it meant. And I loved every second of it.


i bought this single when it first came out! i wonder if it is still at my parents house, buried under the "ghetto cowboy" and "cupid" singles.

judge jru

So smooth. So Sexy. So Right.


"Dance Floor Boners."


I'll never forget the time I went to NYC for the weekend to hang out with some friends. We went to some club that was for "The Older Crowd". (I still have not forgiven her for taking me there and making me waste $20 on the cover charge.) The men were so disgusting there. I was trying to dance (to what was the dumbest music EVER) and all of these old perverts would start grinding up on me. I finally lost it when this one dude had the Biggest Boner I had ever felt from a man who was NOT MY HUSBAND and I screamed at my friend "OH MY GOD, I'M LEAVING, I CAN'T DANCE WITHOUT FEELING STUFF."

The stuff being old men's hard dicks.



GOD yes! This is the song my sister taught me to freak dance to. That's probably not something I should admit.

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