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January 17, 2007



"It makes me want you so bad, sexually!" Truly, there will never be a better lyric written. Ever.


Why can't I download the music!!!!! Somebody help me!!!


RICH! Everyone loves this song! Ah, the memories of me and my girlfriends dancing to this song every weekend! There was one guy who was infamous around our circle for dancing too close - we called him "Pokemon" - that game was popular at the time, but it was really because of the "poke" reference in this song! I haven't thought of him in years! Wonder if he's still B&G on a dance floor somewhere?


thank you for posting this, you just made my day :-)


Oh my God, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was always completely grossed out by this song. Granted, it came out when I was 15 years old, but I couldn't even dance to it at school functions.

They just make it so obvious it's about getting a boner while dancing with a girl, I was afraid a guy would pop one while I did the cabbage patch.


hahaha, i LOVE this song. I told my brother I'm going to buy every current and past song I've ever liked on vinyl, and get rid of my ipod...

lol, then he asked if we were gonna put a record player in the car. Lemme call West Coast Customs, STAT. I saw them put turntables in that dude's trunk, I just want mine in the glove compartment...

anyway, YES for songs about being hard on the dance floor.


and LMAO @ "Pokemon" - we had a dude just like that one place I went, but he was "Wizards 23" bc he ALWAYS had that Jordan Wizards jersey on! You always knew to grind on the wall when he was around...


Akira! OMG!


Are all you guys serious? You like this song? Ugh. I'm moving on to crunktastical...


That song is my jam! For the longest time I didnt know the name of the group and I would get the "instrumentals" in my head and every once I would come across it on the local slow jams station. I have often been at parties/wedding/bars when this song came on and looked longing around the room to find someone to grind on. but, alas, it has yet to happen. *sigh*


hahaha..man...i remember when this track came out....me and my friends couldnt believe what they were singing about....what a bangin' track!

and i listened to the instrumental first..and i still remember all the lyrics..till the third verse..i cracked up halfway through though...too funny..whew..memories


Damn Rich, I used to love this song! It's so funny you posted a classic 90s R&B song yesterday, because we were discussing Next and other R&B groups of the 90s on C&D yesterday. Good times, yep good times.

Catherine Cantieri

This song provided me with a guaranteed way to gross my best friend out: sing along with the backup girls, but really lean into the word "poke" and offer a gesture to go with it. She'd always run screaming from the room. Good times!


Best. Song. Ever.

Rich, bless your heart.


haha my friend thought they said "baby when YOU'RE CRYING I get so excited" ... what a nut


Roomie and I LOVE this song!!! Especially Roomie though.



I loved this song. I also enjoyed Wifey and Butter love. I doubt the group will ever record again. I dated a guy who joined a motorcycle crew founded by one of the members of Next (dude on the left.) For those interested, check out their site to see what he's been up to.



Ooh, I loved this song, but I must admit, I didn't even pick up on the lyrics until it had already been on the radio for several months in the summer of 1998.

Fastforward to 2004, my wife and I went to London in the spring and noticed that there's a womens' chain clothing store in every shopping district called Next. Every time we walked past a Next store, I would bust into my own a cappella rendition of "Too Close." The first time I did that, my wife bugged out and demanded to know what I was singing. Somehow she had escaped the '90s without having heard it, despite living in the R&B-friendly ATL at the time. At first she didn't believe that such a song could get on the radio. When we got back to the States, I immediately played it for her, and we both laughed at its earnest lyrics and bounced to its smooth groove. Everytime we hear that song now, it reminds us of a very lovely vacation in London. Plus, she'll even sing it with me.

You wouldn't happen to have a copy of "Splackavellie" by Pressha? Talk about late '90s R&B ridiculawsomeness.


Queazy, you're married but I heart you already....


The main 'top 40' radio station here still plays that song ALL THE DAMN TIME. I never got a chance to not be sick of it, they've ruined any possible "remember that?" kitsch appeal for me :(


Remember when RL did that track with Deborah Cox? And the video made me cry? Hmm, maybe that was just for me to know...


this song was infact the first song played at a wedding i attended, and only my brother and i were howling over how funny this song was...and that a BAND was playing it! oh to relive that moment.


My friend and I always sing "Step Back Your Boner's in My Notes". This never ceases to makes us laugh

lone wolf

been looking for this record for years! i'm hating you for finding it!


What a brilliant track. I salute you!

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