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January 18, 2007



what? no comments? losers.

the mix rocks!




Rich, Claude VonStroke, Switch, & Italo Disco? Oh, my, my my!

Downloading now!


I Regret the Flower Power has made my year...your site is incredible. Keep the mixes coming. Thanks.


I have been waiting patiently for this since you first mentioned it! Can't wait to hear it!


Welcome to my workout! Thank you for your writings, and making me become a cat nerd.


damn that shit's hot! except the boys noize track. he did me wrong once. and i ain't never gonna let 'im forget it. he and trent von party can go fuk themselves.


La Dolce Vita

James Derek Dwyer

god i love sally shapiro...


Be still my beating harp! Great mix..


Thanks for the mix Rich, I love it! I have been a Disco Queen for a long long time.


Lordy, lordy, lordy... seems as though my office cleaning lady is going to have to clean some jizz offa my work station again tonight. Brilliant mix, Miss Lady.


have you heard plus device? - quite nice. http://www.myspace.com/plusdevice

don't ask me how they got my attention.

this is a great mix and I'm feeling the same way about disco today. btw, I don't buy the black devil story - I'm sure it's contemporary.


Oh, this mix makes my pants tight. And not because I ate too much.

It's already on my iPod and I'm going to take this mix with me to work tomorrow.


La Dolce Vita indeed.... hahahha


we share the love of the italo disco ... it's like this everblooming lotus where i keep finding more and more beauty ...

sidebar: do you have a last.fm thingie?


Fantastic Mix Rich! Thank you for sharing your taste and talents once again!


My hands are in the air. Brilliant mix, Rich.
The Source track is killing me softfly.
Grazie, Ciao Bella


I am thrilled you used the new Escort song. I found out about them from your blog, and was thrilled to see their new single on iTunes at the start of the year. They need to do a full length LP already!!!


thanks for this. like the pop mix, fantastic stuff.


out of control bitch. i love it.


Absolutely fabulous. Great work, Rich!


richie poo, haven't stopped by in forever, but wanted to give you hugs and kisses. you made my day with this mix.

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Thank you for this. I trust various internet sources, including reporters like you who post at OS, more than I do mainstream media to report an accurate picture of what is happening with this movement. Rated.

tricycle baby

What an inspiring life story. Congratulations on making your dream come true.

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