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January 12, 2007



We often say our cat's chin looks like a soft, spongy, hamburger bun.
I'll gladly pay you Tuesday...


Ooh, this post made me HUNGRY! I'll have a Winston Value Meal, please - super-sized!!


He looks pissed (and yummy).


Ahaha. Rich, you're only making me hunger for Winston flesh more. Dammit!
PS I love your new banner. The scene freaked me the fuck out when I was 12, but I've come to love it.


This is the funniest Winston post EVER! (In my mind, the second pic is titled, "Little Smooshface")


Oh my god Rich,
You just made my otherwise shitty day much much brighter.
There is nothing like a Winston burger to cheer you up!


He is totally giving Rudy the stink eye in that pic.


This post settles it for me; Rudy is indeed a top, Winston always posing, preening, and prancing around to get his attention.

Love. IT.

Queen Lena

That picture of Winston is second only to all the pictures taken of him while bathing.


I think I'd have Winston protein style and wrap that head in a big leaf of lettuce. YUM!


Winston has motivated me to search and find my own version of cute/ugly. I lean more to the cute then the ugly. Gotta find a breeder in the Nor Cal area. Any post of Winston makes my day bright.


OMG... shouldn't PETA be throwing a pie at you for animal abuse?? :) His poor squishy little head :(


Yay I'm not alone in wanting to gobble Winston up! CHOMP!!!


Gives a whole new meaning to "Your so cute, I want to bite your face off".

Oh but where is the picture of you holding his head like a hamburger and taking a big old bite.

Did he kick your ass when you tried to take that one?


Your hands are highly photogenic.
Do you have representation?

Brandon H

I don't have any witty comics!! The shit is just funny!!

raging indie

I often tease my friend about BBQing his cat, but now you've just given me a fantastic idea of showing up at his house with sesame-seed buns...

I would never BBQ Winston though. Scout's honor.


Mmm ... Looks good enough to eat!


in every photo, winston's glaring straight at the camera. for me, that's actually funnier than the hamburger thing, which, as it is, nearly killed me laughing. i think i peed my pants snickering at his glares.


Thanks for the Winston fix. But what's more hilarious is that I had a Big Mac from McDonald's for dinner. HAHAHAHAHAHA

E :)

Meaty and tasty, but if I ate that I'd get a terrible furball.


LMAO. Rudy is a top.

Winston does look a trifle put upon for this - make sure the PETA folks are not on speed dial and the door to your bedroom is locked tonight.


HAHA!!! Best post evar.


Love it!
You should hold a contest where people send in their cat's hamburger head..


Cute! But what's wrong with Winston's right eye?

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