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emily rugburn

i love reading the ANTM posts, they provide me with countless hours of laughter.

cycle 8 promo crap is up, in case you hadn't already seen:


OK... well I have just done the mega-marathon of cycle 7.5 (I watched it weekly... thanks Rich)... but the partner hadn't seen it - so we watched all 6 episodes (which was, what... 30 minutes if even? LOL)...

Now I was rather shocked to see "Tyra" be eliminated, but not as shocked as Naomi or New Jersey... but the ending... who would've thought???

The return of Janice was brilliant... but the winner...well shit, I haven't cried "foul ball" since... well since CariDiddleDee was crowned just a few months ago...

I mean C'MON!!! - Hankita was definitely THE top model of the bunch... so what if he had a cock... so does Tyra, right?

lexan sheets

Thanks so much for this piece. I am just starting, in my mid-fifties - to go for success in writing. I appreciate it!

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What a beautiful tale, Suzie! Enjoyed the read so much, top of the afternoon to you too. You always match your pics. R

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What a great post, and I love Sleepy Hallow. I also learned some things I did not know, thank you!

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