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Thanks for this!

You shoudl do weekly recaps for I love New York while we wait for next cycle!

bobo down the block ...


Thanks for the Maxam ANTM Cycle 7.5 link! That's totally going to help me get through till the next season starts in February.

Oh, and the description of Tyra's mess of a photo-op is spot on!

Keep it real, Rich!


Thanks for the link! Tyty seems to be aging pretty damn fast for a..what? 33 year old?


I bet you the girls from the 7.5 cycle look better then the girls that are going to be on the 8th!


Vanity Fair also is responsible for this:

So they can suck it, times two!


oh man, cycle 7.5 is awesome. i love the depictions of the judging panel. sweet link.


So who is writing for ANTM now? Is it going to be as abysmal as last season's writings? In any case, I know we can count on Rich to make us laugh, and cry, and have it become a part of us.


Why does that ANTM image make me think of the cover of Free To Be You And Me?


miss tyra better come to grips with gravity soon. it gets tougher to fight the older you get.

as always rich, you can always make me laugh when i'm feeling my most miserable. thanksxxxx


Tyra you magnificent beast! Can't wait for the next cycle (I thought cycle 7 was sooo retarded and yet I'm still excited about 8... very, very devilish of her). And of course can not wait for your recaps Rich! HEY Y'ALL, RICH RECAPS "I LOVE NEW YORK" VIA CELEBREALITY... SEE THE LINK UNDER THE BANNER TO THE RIGHT. Same delicious Rich goodness, but guuuurl the comments/readers are not the same.
P.S. Love the banner! I'mo go listen to Bobby Womack now...


pam grier is awful on the L word


amazing, i was crying from laughing so hard. The bunny, oh my god. i was cracking up!


Thanks for the Maxam link. And your post before this one is downright scholarly, sir.

wingus, dingus... listen up:

Her nose is starting to look all Grinch-like. Tyra, of all people, should know that that's the wrong kind of fierce.


Poor Anorexita never had a chance to show her true personality. Gone too soon! I got Naomi and "Tyra" in the final 2. Secretly, I'm rooting for Funkalicia. It's time for a big girl to take it home.


I can't believe it's almost that time again!


New Jersey's gonna win!!!


This post is the only reason I know about the upcoming season; shows how much more I've come to enjoy your recaps than the actual show, Rich.



Any idea why they do two a year? Didn't cycle 7 just end in December?


Tyra lashes out about her Vag-arms!,,20009611,00.html


Oh dear lord. Thank you for the link, Maxam is a clever little bugger!


7.5 is the funniest thing I've seen since...since...well, since 7.0. Thanks for turning us on to this gem!


i think it would be Lily Munster, not Monster. Or maybe it was an intentional slip? :)


It looks like Tyra has had some work done, or am I the only one to notice that?

Also, isn't she wearing contacts in this picture? Look closely...

Didn't she trip on Anchal over her blue contacts? I thought it was all about natural African beauty. *cough*


at first i hated the cycle 7.5 because i thought it was just another bad animation/bad voiceover gimmick, but i have to say the storylines are pretty damn funny. good writing always wins me over.

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