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Damn! I was really hoping you were going to talk about this Baby Love:


When I read this, all I could think about was that whole deal with "Miss Independent." Originally offered to Destiny's Child, then worked on by Christina Aguilera, before finally ending up with Kelly Clarkson.


I was just looking for this song last week on iTunes. Of course, they don't have it. But then Rich came through for me! You truly are my Baby Love.
Big kiss!


Ok what confuses me here is that you like NEVER update anymore and when you do it's nothing I want to read (I'm here fro ANTM and PR recaps because you are awesome at those!)... well how is it that you DO have the time to put up a new BANNER every day?


I was just thinking about this song. Regina also did a very memorable commercial with McGruff the Crime Dog. The song from the commercial is burned in my brain.
Users are losers
And losers are users
So don't use drugs
Don't use drugs
If you know a user even part of the time
Tell him to quit
Take a bite out of crime


This reminds me of how great a parody [url=]Let's Go to the mall[/url] was


her style suggests a cross between Cyndi Lauper and Madonna with just a hint of Toni Basil

...and the dance moves of Bananarama.


Ah, ok. Baby Love is where Timbaland got that damn baby sample!


I remember running to the record store asking for the new Madonna song years ago to discover it was by this chick Regina. I have the entire CD which aint so bad. For a long time this was my 80's jam but sadly she was a one hit wonder. She figured since she'd sounded like Madonaa so much she'd at least change her look (which really wasn't working). Thanks for the trip down memory lane...


I still own Regina's LP on vinyl from when I was in high school. Good Baby Love times!


Awesome, I didn't know this existed. All I knew was the Dannii Minogue version. Thanks


I love that the evil sleuths in the video place a bug (with a cord) under a glass table. How incognito!


Okay, so I hadn't seen the entire video when I last posted. I didn't realize she actually finds the stupid bug under the glass table.

Still, worse sleuthing ever.


I always loved this song, and thanks so much for the extended mix. Regina should have been huge! Well, ok, maybe not huge -- but she should have at least charted again. That would have been nice.

Daryl, I can't find her cd anywhere, I've been searching for years. It's so impossibly rare.... :(

Brandon H


Two Things:

1) That outfit she was wearing in the club was VERY Janet Jackson from "What Have You Done For Me Lately."

2) When did men in the 80s EVER get it in their head that severe makeup was cool or acceptable?!? The blush on her producer's cheek was ridiculous.


Are you familiar with the Dannii Minogue version from "Love and Kisses," her debut album? It's actually much better than the original, IMHO.


Is that the dad from Ugly Betty in the video?

Pop Muse

when i was a child, hearing this on the radio in the 80s, i was convinced it was madonna. i even argued that it was her working under a fake name ala Prince=Christopher. then the video came out. it brings up sad memories of learning that being a know-it-all doesn't work when you dont know it all.


does anybody...ANYBODY...have the full length Regina album in CD or MP3 format? i'd die for it. i've been looking since, like, 1992! seriously!

rich: i worship you.


I remember this song... and until now, didn't realize it wasn't Madonna.

Should have known it wasn't her... she has better technique although their voices sound really similar in that era... yanno, since Madonna doesn't sing straight through her nose anymore preferring a richer, huskier sound... Well, she just sounds better than she did that Madonna.

Too bad I'm not interested in her anymore.


I just found the McGruff/Regina commercial. I just creamed my jeans. This is divine.


The long days of me only associating this song with the bland yet fun Dannii Minouge are over. I still pump the steve silk hurley remix of this song at least once while driving to school. Rich, you are truly awesome.


Thanks for posting the MP3! I've been rocking it hard and often all week.

I'm still amazed how her voice and the beats so sound like Madonna. Bizarro Madonna.

That video is something else man!! The orange eye shadow, huge shoulder pads, comically over sized "spy" cameras. How redic.


OH MY GOD. I EFFING LOVE YOU. I have been searching for this song for months! You rock, whoever you are.


You have no idea how long i have been searching for this song - this has made my year!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Regina really should have made it in the business.

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