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Winston came out strong but wore himself out. If he slimmed down he might have better stamina.

Go Rudy! You're cats are awesome, but you should see mine.

And I too need to know where you got that couch. I love it...


Good show! I kind of expected to hear the Mortal Kombat theme while they duked it out on the Camo Couch of Doom.


You just can't mess with the natural skills of the common tabby. Winston is all flash and bursts of annoyance while Rudy is the cool & efficient technician with stamina for days.

Rudy's like, "Go on and wear yourself out, Pussyboy...I still got you."


The best part is the six-second staredown starting at 12 seconds.

Also, Adventures in Babysitting? Inspired.


Adventures in Babysitting banner = genius


From all of your other Winston photos, I always thought he was a bit tubby like my little kitty. Now that I see him in action next to Rudy, I can tell that he's a lean machine. He's just fluffy is all. How much do they weigh?


He never backed down!!!! Well, neither of them did. I wish ours would stick to it like this when they start throwing down. Usually Viva (little) kicks Whiskey's (fat ass) ass, but he can get that vulcan teeth grip on her like Rudy did. Fun stuff.


Gosh, they remind me of two stags in a nature video. (er, why did that sound dirty??).

At least, at first. Then the tabby seemed like he'd let it go but Winston kept surprising him. (I could almost hear brown tabby thinking, "Dude, give UP, already! Say Uncle!!".)

I loved how Winston would seem TOTALLY relaxed, then go back at it with complete dedication...The tabby seemed to have better moves overall, though. Props to Winston though for being so feisty!

Anyway, very entertaining, as always. Just glad they didn't draw blood! Though maybe that's what the camo is for?? Lol...


What cats? I could barely tear myself away from the couch!


i think your tabbeh may be horneh


You have a camouflage couch? WHY?


For some reason, when they were staring at each other at the end of the video, playing in my mind was the beginning of Luther Vandross' "Superstar": "Don't you remember you told me you love me baby?" I think it was the longing in their eyes---Rudy clearly wants it.

Just me?


I don't own any animals. Isn't it bad when they fight? I would be so freaked.

Posted by: Chaka_Kahn | January 02, 2007 at 08:35 PM

LOL no it's not bad when they fight - it's exercise/territory/sharpening instincts/hilarious LOL

I have 3 of them - 2 of them fight all the time. I'D LOVE to see them give Winston & Rudy a go - HILARIOUS, GREAT STUFF LOLOLOLOL


Sweet couch!



Everybody wants to know about the couch. Quit being coy. You sewed that camo slipcover yourself, didn't you?

It's very "Brooklyn Butch/Gay".


Happy New Year, Rich.

After two days in ICU at Mount Sinai I needed to see something cheerful. Thanks-you hit the spot!


Hi Rich! I never comment on your site, but I've been a reader for a while. I particularly love your Kitty Pride section. I just wanted to let you know I mentioned you in a blog I just opened up because I didn't want other readers to think I was copying your cat-love. lol

Anywho, never stop blogging!!! :)


LOVE the tails. Love it when they're staring each other down, holding very still...except for those tails that are switching back and forth. So cute!

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A whole bunch of stores have already started with the Christmas displays here, too. What's up with that?

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There should be a middle ground somewhere, Alysa, between the crass commercialism we have in this country and the tight-assed ninnyness of the French - except for those in the North, of course. Carnaval looks to be similar to Fasching in Germany. Drink and be merry.

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What a beautiful post, Vivian! Happy Halloween to you and your family - especially to adorable Mason. My, what big claws he has!

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