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January 04, 2007



hillarious...... I'm starting to like Mary.


the best part of that picture is how it says "disney" behind mariah's head - goes well with this g-rated picture


Mary is looking better than Mariah these days. This is one of my favorite battles!


LOL - I immediately thought of you Rich when I saw this on the interwebs!


Me too, Disney indeed.


Mariah lives on the next block to me. I nearly tripped over her damn dog when she got out of her Maybach last week.

I wish it had been Mary though. Way classier.

oi vey

is it my imagination or are those implants looking like oranges in a pair of tube socks?


Those breasts are seriously frightening, the way they protrude like some sort of squash (right colour, too) from her chest. They actually look like they'd be uncomfortable to have to carry round all day.

I know her jeans are probably the last thing on anyone's mind, but they're also an inappropriate size for her in an ugly fabric. This whole photo works on so many levels!


Two weeks ago I was headed to Atlantic City with my boyfriend and one of his friends, and we passed the Volcanic Eruptions place where you got your picture taken with Mary. At the time, I kept thinking to myself, "Volcanic Eruptions...Volcanic Eruptions..." trying to remember why the name and the sign seemed familiar. Then it hit me, and I couldn't stop smiling.

I hope you've been watching bits and pieces of the huge ANTM marathon on VH1! It's really sad (but entertaining) how it's lost so much legitimacy since the first few cycles.

Queen Lena

Off topic, but I get to see the gloriousity that is Jade thanks to VH1. Is anyone else losing sleep over this marathon?


Ok, so this came out months ago, but I just saw it. "Nasty wads of Barbie hair"?! My life is now complete.



I love it. I love it. And I LOVE IT!


Best Banner EVER


ahhhh, i can't wait for your I <3 NY recaps!!!


That is so gross.


it's funny, but her boobs look so bad! blech!


Mariah may have won the battle but Mary definitely won the war. She looks pretty dammn good


I don't usually leave a comment, but I LOVE THE Banner right now on the top.

That babysitter movie is great.

lol nice comments

she is wearing a bendel on her left wrist

that makes me so mad

she's not even jewish


She's Hollywood Jewish, which means you wear a Kabbalah bracelet when it matches your outfit.


my favorite part is that Mariah is at a Disney event in the photo. Classic.


we take too much time to make fun of the guy who spends too much time making fun of celebrities........

Perish Hilton Media

Please Eat My Pies

Wow, those are some fake-lookin' tiggles.


Ugh. Now THAT is a bad boob job. Girlfriend needs to get a lift.

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