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February 08, 2007



I'm sure at some point I also became aware of Perez Hilton's endorsement of her, which is sort of the Photoshopped semen on any artist's career, given his taste ("We are such a lesbian!!!").

Seriously, Rich. Seriously.


I didn't love that first album either, especially musically. But the second album is pretty hot - I am sure in no small part to Mark Ronson's work.


I've loved Amy since she came out in the UK a couple years ago. F*ck me pumps is by far my favorite song on the first album. I hate that Perez is promoting her.. it makes me feel dirty and vapid all at the same time.


Glad to see you are in love with her like I am!!! She is great.


I was hoping you would review Amy Winehouse, she really is great - 'Back to Black', 'You Know I'm No Good' and 'Wake Up Alone' have been in my head on repeat for the last month now.


You weren't wrong, the first album is pretty bad. Though, I saw her last month in NYC and even though she was trashed, it was pretty magical.


It wasn't until someone whose opinion I find infallible told me to listen to Winehouse that I actually gave her a chance.

Ditto again.

I just did and couldn't be more pleased; thanks for this post (and "Tears"), Rich.


Oh Rich,
I adore her and want to take her (and Kelly Osbourne) out for a hearty lunch and a long chat. Makes sense to me that they'd be friends, they both seem so edgy and fragile. My favorite tracks on the album are Back to Black (which I seriously listened to on repeat for practically a week), and Love is a Losing Game. Now you need to go check out Alice Smith. "Dream" is my new favorite song ever.

And although I am one of the pathetic many who is addicted to perezhilton, I am proud that I discovered and downloaded Mz. Winehouse on The Smoking Section. That site is pretty awesome when they deviate from nonstop rap.


ugh I saw her live when I went to the taping of the Charlotte Church show and she was the musical guest....

girl is such a crack head!!!
she was so nuts up on that stage!

either way I like her 2nd single 'you know I'm no good'

i found her first album extra corny with a side of cheez.

rolanda watts

i found her first album extra corny with a side of cheez.


I cannot say enough good things about "Back to Black". It will likely remain in my top 10 albums indefinitely. I want everyone to hear her, but also I want to keep her all for myself, in a "I liked her before she was famous" kind of way. I know, that's lame!

Heather B.

I recently became a convert and I am enamored by her voice. The album revisit is a good idea, I did the same and I'm now hooked.


Ghostface did a remix of "you know i'm no good" on his latest cd that is genius...


Right on, Rich! Thank you for this. I can't stop loving her. It'll be me, you, and Amy in NYC as soon as she brings are sozzled ass stateside.


Afrobella had the right idea. Both "Dream" and "Rehab" are two of the best songs I've heard in years.


I obviously need to lay off the afternoon wine myself... *her* sozzled ass. sheesh.


Yay! I've loved "Rehab" for a long time now (unfortunately, I found it through Perezhilton.com...sigh). Speaking of good stuff, I'm kind of loving Jamie Lidell's "Multiply" right now (the single, not the album; the Gonzales Mix is especially great, IMO). I'm kind of culturally ignorant, so maybe you won't like it, but give it a try anyway.

Queen Lena

I haven't bought the album yet, but I've been listening to the song "Back to Black" and Ghostface's remix of "You Know I'm No Good."

She is just phenomenal.


I gots to love all of this rising commotion about Ms. Winehouse. I'm thankful that I found out about the girl through Honorable Media when they did a piece on her last September and not that mess Perez... still you definitely hit the nail on the head as usual. I've only recently statred listening to mainstream pop music again since mid-January. I hear she's coming to the US in March, I'm practically melting already. Thank you for this post.


You mention how much Rehab sounds like a Spector production and it definitely does - one of my first thoughts upon a first listen was that it had that unmistakable "wall of sound" texture to it. Interestingly, on Amy's cover of Valerie (which you can find on YouTube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r74XbrYWHNA and which I love so much that it is my current favorite song) she sounds much like yet another diva - Spector's former wife, Ronnie of Ronnie and the Ronettes and "Be My Baby" fame. Her current look is also very reminiscent of Ronnie, with the Egyptian/cat eyes and big hair.


fasthugs, so glad you liked Dream. Her voice is amazing, and I love how the song builds to that incredible climax. I heard that and Woodstock, and I had to name Alice Smith my Afrobella of the Week. She hasn't blown up yet. But she will...

Rich, I know everyone is invoking Billie, Ella, and Dinah Washington, but I feel you on the Lauryn Hill. I also hear the nasal intonation of Randy Crawford. I bet Amy could do a righteous remake of "One Day I'll Fly Away" if she wanted to.

judge jru

Spot on deconstruction of the Winehouse's appeal, Rich. Your genius never ceases to amaze me.

Welcome to the Winehouse Clubhouse. It's veryfun in here. And don't worry...we only let Perez out of his cage once a day.

the girl can sing, but i literally thought she was a drag queen the first time i saw her picture.

Maria Alana

I love that you love Amy Winehouse! I saw the video for "Rehab" about a month ago on IMF and have been enamored ever since. I feel so validated that you dig her, and Clipse, as much as I do.

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