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the girl can sing, but i literally thought she was a drag queen the first time i saw her picture.

Seriously. It didn't make the final cut, but I was going to talk about whether she was more Pete Burns- or Alexis Arquette-esque. Winehouse never stops giving you things to think about!


coincidence much about her name being WINEHOUSE?! Or just clever marketing LOL


(S)he grosses me out. Barf.


Lucky us.
Now we've been told we can like her (but not the first album OK? Not the one we totally lacked individual perception, or the pre-endorsement of others, on), we can relax...
Stick to the fringes no one else bothers with OK?
This was embarrassing.

miss shai

heaven, I am an amy winehouse fanatic. I need to find tickets to a show of hers in the tristate area


Oh my I have this in my cd player as we speak i just kinda ran into this girl and we have been magical every since. I'm going through a break up and Amy is with me all the way . MR.Magic and Wake up Alone are my favorites.


Bought a song from iTunes on your recommendation and now have the whole CD. I'll enjoy it better when I get back overseas - it's pretty cool. Thanks for the tip.



While I agree that the girl can sing - its not enough to keep me entertained. 'Rehab' is my favorite of hers, after that - all I see is a sad White chick appropriating all that aint hers.

AND she needs a nose and jaw "Do Ovah"


Let's face it, you're nobody these days unless you're falling over in public. Winehouse surely knows this. She's like Courtney, Britney, and Christina rolled into one... a gay playlist no-brainer! Her stage-school minstrelsy is pretty accomplished, too, and she's got a producer who's hot right now (Mark Ronson). I suspect Lily Allen and Joss Stone will trump her in the British invasion sweepstakes because they're more conventionally pretty, but Winehouse already has a serious fanbase here. I'm not really into it, but anything's better than "Back to Basics."


I "discovered" Winehouse a couple weeks ago and I can't stop listening to her still! I'm glad you mentioned her here because if I never stumbled across her name the first time I would have found her here eventually. I have a new favorite every week and this week it's Wake Up Alone.


I SO wish I never found out that perez was "promoting" her........I've loved her for a while now, but a perez endorsement.....don't know if I can live with that....


IN MY BED is the song! that song got me through a bad break up with a dickhead who played out nas. good article rich


Modern soul singers are expected to make their effort your business with melisma you can feel (whether it's nails on a chalkboard or aural fireworks to your senses). Winehouse, however, just is and, what's more, she just is amazing.

You summed up exactly why I don't listen to commercial radio. I rely upon Internet radio, word of mouth--and YOU--for the joints.

As we black folks say, the girl can sang. I find her fascinating as well. Let's just hope that the antics don't eclipse the ability. Unfortunately, it seems to be what someone with unique talents needs to drum up interest. Does anyone remember, say, Leela James?


I'll say this about Frank. As a former record company employee, it sounds as if a number of those tracks were "We need a HIT" bastardized by A&R.

"Moody's Mood for Love," "Take the Box," and "Help Yourself" and "Amy, Amy, Amy" hint at what would emerge on Back to Black. The other contrived arrangements don't suit her. In fact, I think she had to hold back to not entirely eclipse them. Those backing tracks work for "artists" who need hella post-production (*coughJanetcough*), but not for a real singer.

She's too big for that shit.


Posty McPostalot again. I forgot to mention the best jam on Frank, "Stronger Than Me." It's got an Al Green feel to me. I like the sparseness of it.


It has been quite a while since I have completely fallen in love with someon through their music. Amy Winehouse has won my heart and soul.


Wow, I've never heard of her before. I love her voice, she's like a jazzed-up boozy modern Pearl Bailey or something. Thanks!


amy winehouse went to my primary school!
and she went back last year and set off the fire alarms [though i wasn't there, so i haven't actually met her =(]

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