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I would like to defend Hill's Unplugged (just a little bit), despite her cold, there a few really beautiful tracks.
And I love that you think about SWV as much as I do!



Which is the new first.

Crazy about the girl

Yeah, but does Vibe know who is the father of Anna Nicole's daughter? Hmnm? HMNM?!?!


As a copy editor, I don't find your post at all pedantic. (Thanks for making us seem a little less geeky!) Fact-checking is the hardest part of the job—moving the commas around and shit is a breeze—but when I'm tempted to gloss over something that's difficult to verify, I have to remind myself that my magazines' reputations are at stake. A mistake here and there is to be expected, but when they start piling up you have to wonder if the editors respect their readers at all.

Mike D

Hey man. This guy has the inside lowdown on the travesty that is Vibe:

Penny Woods

I think Vibe wants to completely forget the "nightmarish" reign of Mimi Valdes by not talking about the last Mary J. Blige Vibe cover, but that's just me.


oh, Rich, how do I love thee? let me count the ways.......

yeah, Vibe=bullshyt. If I hadn't paid for my subscription years ago (2 years for $12? I guess you get what you pay for....) I would have cancelled it already. But they get shipped home, which is Louisiana, and I live in NYC--so it doesn't matter. Can somebody please give RADAR the money wasted on Vibe? At least their made-up facts are more accurate than Vibe's.


Rich, you are on point! I don't find it pedantic at all. And wasn't the Mary Blige "You Remind Me" video the remix with Greg Nice from Nice & Smooth, too!??! Loved it! And I agree, people need to stop forgetting about Lauryn's unplugged album. Although she was looking like Emanuel Lewis, that set was ridiculously great!!


I stoppped reading it after Emil Wilbekin got the boot.


Was Janet mentioned at all on this list? I'm just wondering. She's often overlooked.

Brandon H

Oh man, why does everyone want to hate on that Unplugged album of Lauryn's? I enjoyed that and though the musical production was much less than desired, the lyrics I felt were amazing and really heart-felt. After a while, I began to ignore the shitty production and repetitive guitar riffs.


I agree with Patrick. Vibe has not been the same since after the Emil Era. I do not miss getting vibe at home.


Vibe has sucked sucked sucked since emile left and after nearly 8 years of subscribing, and mostly ignoring when Vibe came in the mail (I AM a magazine whore so they just got lost in the shuffle), I had finally given up on them until I saw that homegirl was back. but they still make me so mad, for the very reasons you outlined. grrr.

Bob's Waffles

Yeah Vibe just hasn't been the same since Emile left. That's when I ended my subscription.

Bob T-Shirts



I love your R&B rants. It's just great that someone else out there can appreciate SWV, Mary J. and Lauryn Hill as much as moi. It's a shame that Vibe is like the urban bible, yet is getting the facts all wrong. You should totally apply for a writing job there. Maybe you could do freelance. Whatever just keep on blogging.

BTW...WHY HAVEN'T YOU TALKED ABOUT THE GRAMMYS?! WAS IT JUST ME THAT NOTICED HOW HOT MARY LOOKED...and I'm a gay man so this is huge. It's like if this transformation was the last chapter in her comeback. Who knew Mary was a MILF?


Oh, I thought the Grammys were so dull that I really wasn't inspired to say anything about them. Mary is looking mature and foxy, though.


i wish you lived in denver and we were friends.


I think about that SWV album a lot too. Love you so much Rich.


Vibe could really benefit from a writer like you. Too bad they don't pay anyone on time.


i'm always at bittervibes cite. he def puts it vibe like it should be put. vibe has been on a down swing since my junior yr in high school (i think that was 03) and it is getting continuously worst.


rachel, he has to move to MN and be my friend first.


whats wrong with these new school journalists?

Elliot Wilson

Don't forget that I wifed Danyel a couple of years ago and now we are rival editors (I'm the EIC at XXL Magazine if you aren't down) at two of the biggest "urban" magazines.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out because I don't like sharing cover subjects with other mags (see this month's Lil' Wayne cover that replaced Biggie as our cover recognizig the 10th year since he passed (damn!).


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