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February 01, 2007





Rocco....your lame, get a life ...who cares if you're first. R*E*T*A*R*D

anyway...to the matter at hand...well said, rich. it's all an act, cry for attention. but then again...is that suppose to surprise any of us? these "celebrities" didnt become celebreties fo' nuttin. they love attention


Wow, I saw this clip on Perez and then came here to see if you had something to say. I have to agree that it's just so much more amazing with each and every view. The jumping at the end is classic.
Also why is she now sporting that blonder hair? Seriously, Tyra, honey that color isn't helping you look any better. That headcone weight alone looks like you gained 20 lbs.


Tyra can kiss my skinny white ass.

Eat less.
Exercise more.
Don't be a bitch about it.

Penny Woods

I heart you, Rich. This has made my night.


This bitch is crazy. St. Tyra's trying to bring models back. Or fatter models. Or something stupid. Who gives a FUCK? I kept thinking "this bitch made her crazy money being a skinny bitch now she's busting balls for others being...wait for it....skinny bitches." I had to turn off the tv when the fat model said she "worked hard for that body". I mean, come on, girl, come on. I'm not into the madness of trying to be skinny (I'm Latina after all. Thighs are my birth-right) but....come on, girl, come on. Let's keep it real, shall we? The skinny, nutty model had a beautiful face, gorgeous hair and she did look healthy looking at those two things. She made pretty decent sense, actually. Considering she's a loon. Overall, Tyra looked entirely too pleased with herself. She's proably sending gift baskets to the paps that took those pictures. Tyra, would YOU kiss MY ass? I'll be waiting.


Classic! And all the girls cryin' in the audience ... enough cryin'!

I was waiting for Celine or Mariah to pop up and sing about butterflies after TyTy was done.

I also like how TyTy waited six weeks after the photo was taken to wear the bathing suit on her show ...


With each passing day, my respect for Naomi Campbell grows.


"With each passing day, my respect for Naomi Campbell grows."


And this bitch is nuts; bring on ANTM so Rich can slay us some more with his barbs at this fat hyp(po)crite!


If Perez didn't consume all the very limited attention span the mass media has for the entire blogging world, and Tyra were to stumble upon your thoughtful critiques of her tyraisms(requiring a thoughtful response)then we'd see what she's made of. I don't want to hear her say "kiss my vagina arms", however.
I have to admit that as much as I know you are right in your assesment, she draws me in (briefly) to her bullshit everytime, like a charismatic cult leader? Tyra camp..


D'oh! Hyp(p)ocrite. Whatevs.

In any case, I wanted to add I agree with Boobie about having noticed the delay in her on-air rebuttal.

Those tears were probably tears of joy that she could finally make love to a buffet table full of ribs now that the segment was taped and set to air.


nice... i love the "I LOVE MY MOMMA!" stuff... really Tyty, really?


What do "women who work . . . or girls who are in school" have to do with this? TyTy, it's one thing to stand on your soapbox and yell about breaking the stereotypical beauty mold while flipping your white girl weave all over the place, but it's a whole different galaxy of hypocracy to pretend like you represent any kind of middle class anybody. Puh-lease.


Would I be a flaming fag if I confessed that her wavering voice and sincere(?) tears got me misty eyed? I could only think...PREACH ON SISTA! Tyra is such a brave fat girl...love her. She should play MIKA's song "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" and cry to that shit. I wonder how much tacos she ate after that taping? Oh and Beyonce much? Her forehead is seriously in need of some bangs. Great post Rich!


hi rich - long time reader, first time poster. the fact of the matter is, people large overestimate the amount of people that have reductive eating disorders - according to an article in the nytimes on feb. 1st, binge eating is the most common eating disorder. only 1% of women have anorexia and only 1.5% of women have bulimia, compared to the 3.5% that partake in binge-eating.

not that those percentages are small, but speaking relatively, the fact that the amount of women that suffer from anorexia and bulimia is lower than the number of women that suffer from binge eating makes you wonder why binge-eating is not also criticized by the media? geezus.

also, why does tyra have naomi's hair???

link to nytimes article: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/us/AP-Diet-Binge-Eating.html


This sh*t is priceless...

Though, I have to admit I got a little farklempt when her voice started to quiver, but that's just because i'm on my period.


I would hope the editing suite of Bankable Productions is in a flurry right now re-dubbing all the comments from the new cycle of ANTM about weight and body image.


I'd like to see what Anchal says to Tyra's little rant, after Tyra ranted at her...

Gayest Neil

I give up. I am powerless in light of Tyra's flabulous lipocrisy.

A plus sized gal is so going to win the next cycle.


Her lack of self esteem is incredible. I would laugh my fat ass all the way to the bank.


Heh, heh. Maybe she'll do another great Tyra expose in line with Homeless Tyra and Fat Suit Tyra. This time she can take her ass to a fat camp. Maybe Dianne from Fat Camp will lend her vocal stylings. Can you loop something together for us Rich?


In a related note - Jaslene made the cut this season on ANYM 8. HAPPINESS!



hey, at least the antm 8 pic have finally been posted. i suggest an overview, although im sure youre already on top of it.

Gayest Neil

One of the most heartbreaking "could have beens" was that big girl who got dissed TWICE on back-to-back cycles way back when.

I can't remember her name, but both times she made it to the semifinals. And the 2nd time she was fiercely certain she was getting on the show because she was the only plus sized gal who made it to the semi's...

Maybe I'm wrong. Why can't I remember the chemistry I studied in high school, but I remember a Latina fat chick freaking out for being denied ANTM twice in a row?


Pictures of ANTM Cycle 8 has surfaced. Let the games begin...

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