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Wow...time for new dentures.


is it weird that she reminds me of my mom?

homogenize this

did she discuss at any time the new row of teeth she appears to have grown on the left side?


You guys are terrible! OK, I'm one of you guys. I know she's a superstar of a certain age, demanding and deserving of a level or respect, but GF needs a dental intervention.

Oh, and you mean everybody doesn't walk around with an orange shoved up there? Keeps one cognizant of posture AND who doesn't enjoy a citrusy freshness twixt the thighs?


ah, too funny edit
age is no excuse for her
mess A mess.


The only excuse for those teeth is a fear of the dentist. Those teeth are just so wrong.


brilliant. she manages to combine woody woodpecker and a gurgling baby into one gnarly laugh. wicked.


Lord knows I loves me some Miss Ross, but those teefus need some help! As Michael said, it's time for a "dental intervention."
It's pretty cool that she's so self aware that she thinks she could play a drug addict really well now.


ok, i know, i love diana ross, she's a superstar, yada yada yada.....
but come on! inside the actor's studio?! give me a break james lipton! was mayim bialik too busy? jesus!
i swear to god, if britney or lindsey are ever on that show i will never watch it again.
on an unrelated note, i can't wait until top model next week!! did you watch the commercial on where tyra said "not just fierce...ferocious.") all serious like? oh, ty ty... what will you recycle next?


She looks like a witch.


What was the context for that orange story? Please tell me she was relating a case of vaginal scurvy.

James Derek Dwyer

she's crazy, but she's aged well and can still sing the fur off a cat. go Dirty Diana- go on...


The audience is eating that shit up - "Look at the funny drunk lady prancing around and feeling her own peesh!" She needs to star in the life story of Florrie, I think she'd really wow 'em. The people they have on Inside The Actor's Studio, seriously - what was the last movie Diana Ross was even in? According to IMDB it was a TV movie with Brandy called "Double Platinum" which is all about "a young singer who is reunited with the mother who left her when she was a child." BEGGING for a recap, Rich. BEGGING.


I was in the airport in Indianapolis years ago, and Diana Ross fluttered by, alone. People were moderately interested, but no one cared enough to approach her or stop doing what they were doing. About 20 minutes later, I went to get a cup of coffee and to make a phone call, and Diana was at the courtesy phone, HAVING HERSELF PAGED.

True story!!!


Oops, sorry for the double post!


If only I could incorporate unnecessary arm posing into my daily conversation, I'd be set. (and mildly insane)

Ahh, Mr. Burns. Must go run and watch the movie trailer for the tenth time.


I didn't watch this on TV but why the fuck did she have an orange between her legs just because she saw him on the street?

Gayest Neil

Tyra needs to take her to the dentist.


How can such an incredible talent be so, so, so ...

there's not even a word to describe how strange she's become ...


Do you think Diana Ross and Florrie Fisher ever hang out?


The Teeth. That is all I can say. Tina Turner looks whooped, Dirty Diana looks well...

Shot of Love

Shannon wrote: "i swear to god, if britney or lindsey are ever on that show i will never watch it again.
on an unrelated note, i can't wait until top model next week!!"

Britney or Lindsey on the Actor's Studio would be hilarious: a stupid girl making a fool of herself on a show that takes itself too seriously. Isn't that why you/we watch ANTM?

wingus, dingus... listen up:

Today the "Culture" section of my newspaper had a piece called "Star Sounds", about what kind of music different celebrities had on their playlists. Lo and behold, I saw this:
"Diana Ross's playlist only contains tunes by Diana Ross."

In light of your recent post, I had a great laugh this morning. You totally got Diana in the bag - she's in love with herself and you totally proved it! In summary, YOU RULE!


Diana Ross is the last of a dying breed. She is the one last true living Diva. Miarah Carey tries so hard but she just doesn't get it. A Diva doesn't dress like a slut. Diana Ross my need a touch up but you have to give it to her, for her age she looks great. And would an aging Diva every admit she needed some cosmetic help? I don't think she would because she would look in the mirror and still she herself 30 years ago. Love Diana Ross. She truly is a living legend. If only the young stars today had half her class and sense of style.


but thats the thing, tyra is totally ridiculous (again, the commercial "not just fierce... ferocious.") but it's not supposed to be serious. this is the new school! james lipton! people mortgage their houses to send their kids there! i don't want lilo on the same stage as meryl streep! maybe the line is blurry, but in my mind, it's complete absurdity the level of "actors" they've had on that show recently. as much as i have a love/hate relationship with tyra and antm, they're not trying to come off as a highly esteemed educational facility. or else mr. j would be tied down while someone did something (anything!!) to his hair.

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