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You. Are. So. Bad.


that was hilarious Rich!
ANTM starts TODAAYY!! excited much?


Okay, that straight-up made my day.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for sharing the fungasm that is Winston.


my favourites are "Anyone else smell something funny?" and the last one!

you and your Winston Rich, you're the BEST! :D


My boyfriend bought me an iMac for Valentine's Day and one of the first things I did was take random pictures like that with the built-in


*dying laughing*

love mean bunny rabbit the first. :D


funny funny funny


Hilarious. I like alien Winston.


I think Winston would do well at panel. Tyra would compliment him on the variety of faces, as well as his expert use of neck. Nigel may find the poses "too porn" and suggest putting him the "scare you" bottom two, just to send a message. This from Miss J - "Blah blah blah dragalicious blah blah blah." No one listens to Miss J. Twiggy would be all "What's a Winston, luv?" Congratulations. You're still on your way to being America's Next Top Model.


Hysterical. I'm a MAC user - once with Mac never back - to Windows. You'll learn to love your new machine.


I laughed, I cried, I ruined a perfectly good mascara application...

God, I love that little hamburger head.


oh my god, that's the funniest thing i've ever seen. love it!!


Mac = Crack = WACK.

If crApple were a person, I'd take off my shoe and slap it in the face.

At least something good came of the Mac invasion into Rich's home... but isn't there some sort of CAMP to send the man to, to brainwash him into realizing The Truth?


freakin' awesome, rich! by introducing mac into your home you will truly come 'round to a world of endless possibilities we mac users have known for years and years! welcome!

ps: i can NOT believe i have loved you, your blog, your cat, all this damn time and not known you were a PC person!!

my powers of perception are really slippin'


i LOVE photobooth.

best mac program EVER!!


It makes me happy to hear that you're a PC loyalist...

Don't give up hope...I converted my Mac user husband to a PC. The promise of "free" software was too good for him to pass up. I give him the evil eye whenever he even mentions the idea of getting another mac...besides, we have two that are just collecting dust...


In the spirit of ANTM -- the camera loves him!

Brandon H

Wow, does it really have to be PC versus Mac? We Mac people don't hate PC people, maybe it's an inferiority complex? Hmmmm.

Soon, you all find that there are free programs (and fun ones like the ones you just saw) and you'll all turn! Muhahahahaha!!!

p.s. Did you really bring it there with the Encyclopedia Brown reference?!?! Fuck yeah!!

wingus, dingus... listen up:

You meant "'A' Burmese", right? As in, the cat type? Burmese folks are rare in our parts but they do exist!


As an admitted cat-hater, I must say Winston is both cute and awesome.


i'm going through the same thing as my b/f just bought his first mac a week ago too. it's like now he's in some secret society and i'm looking in wondering what the hi sign is.


I gotta admit, this almost makes me want to buy a Mac purely for Photo Booth.

The top pic?

Lola Falana Luvs Mike Tyson

Fuck Winston.


encyclopedia brown fucking rocks. these pics are also fucking adorable, in a really ugly way.

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