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and then the mac said to rich, rich, love me. and so he did.

la mannanista

that has made it to the top of my favourite winston posts. amazing!


"Who will edit The Paris Review when he dies?"


Mike V.

Poor Winston!


LOL. Great program, um cat.


holy shit i was actually laughing out loud. i would love to do that to my kitties... but i hate macs, too.

ps glad to know you're still doing ANTM recaps! they make mondays brighter. thanks!

Barba boosh

Holy crap- I loove it. When I got my new macbook about a month ago, my bestie and i drank a bottle of wine and played with Photobooth for 2 hours. We forced my cats to endure many sessions as well. I especially love the squarehead cats.


i love winston!


That was fucking hilarious - thanks for sharing!

And I thought that I was the only one who said "masturbates furiously", so I was extra excited to see it used TWICE! You gained even more cool points.


I was so sad I had to miss ANTM... i had rugby practice till 10. Rerun soon? Or Youtube maybe...
OMG i love Winston. I also want that program. Poor kitty.


i laughed so hard at meaner bunny rabbit that i almost got fired from my new job, congrats, rich, for making tea come out of my nose yet again. will you marry me a little?


{comment for pic !} "come towards the light...." if i saw this face at the end of the tunnel i would go!!


This made not just my day, not just my week, not even just my month, but probably my entire YEAR. This series of Winston pictures should be nominated for some award. A big award. A MAJOR award even. I love it.


New developments have occured. Winston is magic. I'm sure of it.

im doing this to my cat when im back home in ny. hahahahahahahahah
thank you


Things like these are precisely why computers were invented.

Winston seems very complacent; my cats wouldn't tolerate this at all. If he only knew...


finally a device that can capture the exponential quality of Winston's cuteness. <3


HAHAHAHAH!!!!! I see you've joined the ranks of those of us addicted to Photo Booth.

I expect more where this came from.


I've got some bad news for you.


Heehee. A couple of the shots with the nose and mouth doubled look WAY too much like pussy.
And I'm spent.

E-mac Priestess

Macintosh is run by Xenu.

That floppy, non-threatening "Accepted" man-child is an agent of L. Ron.

Only Apple people will be saved when they send for us. The psychedelic screen-saver is counting down the days.


He's such a looker!


You should do a Warhol Winston with PhotoBooth. And a 19th Century sepia-tone Winston!



Help. Can't. Catch. Breath..


Welcome to the Mac world. I just choked on my lunch from laughing so hard. That photobooth program is the bomb.

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