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February 28, 2007



Oh dear god re. Paris Review comment...


I think even non-distorted pictures of Winston would be almost as entertaining as these. He's my favorite web-cat. Have you ever used the freeware Picassa?


Alien Winston is now my wallpaper. He's bumped Hamburger Winston off!!!


You should have a poll seeing how many of your readers are reading FourFour on a Mac right now. I know I am.

And see? You're discovering the wonders of Mac already! You'll soon be a convert, it's only a matter of time.

Winston is one crazy mofo.

angela Morrill

I love that program too, and my macbook but I love Winston more!


One of my favorite posts, ever.


Loves it :) The mean bunny picture is priceless!

I wonder if there is something similar to photo booth in pc.


NOT FIRST.. damn... OK that gets old...

My best friend is PC, my partner is a Macaholic...

Best friend gave me my first computer, my partner gave me my BEST computer...

I don't know what it is with Macaholics and the little apple logo (we'll be watching a TV show - and he'll practically cum in his pants when someone's using an iBook).

That said, I really do hate Macs for one big thing. A lot of websites/downloads do NOT work on these damn things. Sure, you can have a "name brand" with "cool things", but big whoop.

I have a 3-year old iMac and am not upgrading again - when it dies, I'll just get whatever I can get my hands on regardless of name recognition...

However, Rich I sympathize(sp?) with you. I know what it's like to be in the camp across the lake from your loved one (metaphorically speaking obviously)...

Now onto your pictures... you are a cruel, cruel, vile, vicious, evil, hideous man... DON'T EVER CHANGE!!! - I was having the worst day possible and read your posting and threw up a lung and my small intestine from laughing...

The theme for the household is "can we have a cat? can we have a cat?". After this blog and my admiration towards your comedic genius, I would have to say "hell no!"... my cat would be glutton for punishment too easily LOL

Keep up the brilliant work as always!

P.S. Don't kid about the whacking off on XTube... Too many of us blogoholics wouldn't be able to thread a needle anymore at the prospect of that sight :)


that was the first thing to make me laugh all day. thanks rich.


I have to agree with Carlos. I read your PRun blog all of last season and would have *never* guessed you were using a PC! It's like you are the "I'm a PC" guy but you look like the "and I'm a Mac guy". I'm so happy (I'm a PC guy).

Just C

Patti LaBelle with nipple rings!


I once spent a good three hours stoned with a good friend making faces into her new mac's photo booth. Best. Invention. Ever.


give in - Macs rule. I switched from PC 2 years ago and will never ever go back.


Last night my daughter had a dream that she was in ToysRus and there were all sorts Winston toys on the shelves. It turns out they were making a Winston movie and he had his own action figures and accessories. She was so disappointed when she woke up and realized it was only a dream. My daughter and I just love Winston and Rudy. We want them even though we have five very cute cats of our own!
On another note the distorted Winston photos are really freaking me out. I love him just the way he is.


Dude, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. That almost never happens to me. I love you and your crazy-ass cat. Now make me a sandwich.


Oh my God. I can't stop laughing. Best Winston post ever.


Winston Plimpton! I want to see a Winston F. Buckley Jr. now.

Jesus Christ (SuperStar)

that is some freaky azz photos.

trippy to the enlightened.

jack jett



Rich, please get your own reality show. I can't take how crazy your imagination is. It's time to widen your horizons and spread the funny. The idea of a weekly Winston bit is too fun for words. C'mon!


Hahahaha - love it!


Props on the George Plimpton. My boyfriend loved it.


Rich you sound like my boyfriend! Not only was he upset when he found out I was a Mac person, but shortly after we started dating he learned that my brother works at Apple. He later confessed that he was thinking about breaking up with me.

Just join the revolution, you'll be happy you did!


Rich seriously. How hilarious is it that when you use the fish eye lens view it actually makes Winston's face normal?

HAHAHAHA. Lurve him.

Messalina 6-5000

Oh, wow. This made me so happy. I think I need a Mac. And a Winston.


I'd love a Guinea Pig too...

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