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February 12, 2007



I don't understand--it's not like you were posting full shows or anything, just random clips. It still doesn't seem quite violating copyright, its like taking a quote from an article.

You know, I bet Tyra was referencing you in her show about people calling her fat and she logged on with her own YouTube account and flagged vagina-arms video, as sweet "kiss my fat ass" revenge...


Oh...I forgot about the full Living Dolls...'I'm glad I watched it before it disappeared. And my boyfriend and his labmates will miss the videos of Winston.

I forgot to tell you--one of his labmates put a random picture of Winston in an important lab presentation about cell migration or something. It was like "science science science, Winston, science science science."


boooooooooooo to youtube and their need to strictly adhere to "rules" don't worry rich if need be you can gladly use my account....


I was a subscriber to the user Mordeth13 on YouTube and he, too, just recently got banned. His was because he had a video or two where he was complaining about some company that didn't do what they quite said they were going to do. The company caught wind of the video and requested that YouTube take action and they banned him as a result without warning (despite the message suggesting they had given prior warning).

He has videos on Live Video (http://www.livevideo.com/mordeth13) talking about this that you may be interested in.

Here is the first video (at about 3:30 remaining he starts to talk about it):



Sucks. Try dailymotion in the future? They seem less on the copyright policing.

All I can hope is that the Liza video lives on in our hearts.


that is awful.
Youtube is really biting the hand that feeds it. I have never accessed youtube for the purpose of viewing "original" content; rather, i search for clips from long-ago tv shows, or music videos for songs i haven't heard in ages, etc. If they insist on removing copyrighted material, they're going to be left with footage of 12-year-olds falling off their bikes as they attempt, and fail, stunts in their garages.

and i shall weep long and hard for the lost Liza clip. Long and hard.

Penny Woods

I noticed your account was suspended this weekend while I was just browsing YouTube. I was very upset when I had to delete several of your videos I marked as favorites.

I'm still amazed I haven't been banned from YouTube and YouTube started yanking off several of my videos before the Google merger.


shit. that sucks.

my only advice would be to have one account for all your personal/winston clips and your bookmarks.... and then one account for any type of copyrighted material so that if they do another raid, that only those "illegal" stuff gets deleted.

i'm so glad i watched living dolls when you posted it! :) thanks for keeping me entertained!

Penny Woods

Nevermind. They just yanked off my YouTube account. Amazing.


Create a new account using a proxy to hide your IP address. Or, if you have a laptop, do your uploading in a cafe.

If you want to go the proxy route, I use and recommend Tor (http://tor.eff.org). It's pretty easy to set up and there's plenty of documentation on EFF's site. Your personal IP will be hidden and you should be able to create as many accounts as you want. You'll suffer a slight lag, but since you'll likely be using it just for uploading videos here and there, you'll likely be fine with (as I am).

Email me if you need help setting it up. Screw youtube!


I hear ya, babe. That sucks - but wrestling boners!?!? I have to check that shit out.


i'm sure you've already thought of this, but couldn't you get a hotmail or yahoo email address and re-register? good luck, rich! if you decide to boycott youtube, i'll support you!


Fuck Tube are a bunch of hookers, no doubt. I don't know what I am going to do without my Winston Fix. Bastards


that is fucking horrible! :(

seriously rich, it's a bunch of shit really. i can understand the crackdowns that are going on with copyrighted material and everything, but to go to that extreme, it's ridiculous.

i hope everything goes well and don't let this get you down (i should know. i just went through a major surgery that would have knocked anyone - even tyra - on their asses and i'm doing just fine.) everything will work itself out real soon. <3


I'm glad I went through all of your videos last week - I was looking for a Living Dolls clip - this is a sad sad day in the history of pop culture. Onto Xtube! (On a side note, how is it that Xtube gets away with being full of copyrighted material? Is it simply because it isn't as mainstream as it's PG-13 counterpart?


YouTube has a problem, but so do these studios and networks, etc. that insist on their content being taken down. HELLO, people are watching it--isn't that what you want? Great example, I had never even heard of this "Intervention" show until a blogger I love, Rich, posted a clip from it on YouTube and discussed it on his blog. Now I watch it all the time. Also, I just recently bought a few Mahalia Jackson songs on iTunes because I stumbled on clips of her singing on YouTube and thought she was stunning. I will never get over Dick Clark Productions for taking down the ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES from the GOLDEN GLOBES because they held the copyrights. What IDIOTS.


omg so sad! two days ago i was introducing my parents to youtube and went to show them the adorable winston videos and they were unavailable! i was wondering what the deal was. so sad...

: (


YouTube must have been going on a tear this weekend. I noticed several music videos that I watched on Saturday were gone on Sunday. Most of the videos in question were uploaded in September. Way to piss in our cornflakes, YouTube.


This is very upsetting, to say the least. YouTube should be licking your SHOES for the traffic your Liza video brought them. I certainly never went to that site to watch videos of miserable teenagers talking to themselves. How dull. (Although WonderRobbie has his moments.)

The Napster/ Audiogalaxy comparison so accurate. It's all over but crying!

I'm sorry you lost all your favorites, too. :(


No more Winston? Say it isn't so!


Boo. I didn't get to even see the Meth wrestling since I was at work. FIGHT THE POWER!!!


What a load of crap. Fucking suits have to ruin everything.

Sorry to hear this, Rich.


I'm sad :( I'll miss Winston's videos


yeah youtube is on this crusade lately everyday that I go through my favorites 5- 10 videos are unavailable some of this stuff has been up for 6 months or more... bitches


I noticed while looking up some Melrose Place videos over the weekend that YouTube had gotten very empty.

Another one bites the dust.

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