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About R. Kelly, (this might be a silly questions) have you seen all the chapters of Trapped in the Closet? A recap of that is long overdue.


This is my favorite Phyllis Hyman song too.

You are right, her other music is tortured and painful to listen too. She put all of her hurt and confusion into her music.

Her other classic, "Living All Alone" is poignant and intense. Great post.


Phyllis! My all time favorite Hyman jam! I still feel that not enough attention was paid to her passing. She is such a tragic figure. I had the good fortune of seeing her at the Blue Note years ago with the unknown Rachelle Farelle as a background singer....imagine that!.


I've been blasting this song for weeks as well. I could never put my finger on why I never really got into her work, even though she has a gorgeous voice. I think you may have solved that mystery.


I love Phyllis Hyman, and this song is one of my favorites. Thanks for a great post!


I almost forgot how much I love this song. It really does capture a that period of time so well. Great post Rich!


I almost forgot how much I love this song. It really does capture a that period of time so well. Great post Rich!


I voted for it.


Just as an aside, Tooms and my husband are friends and he happens to be not only amazingly talented but a sweetie. Tooms that is.

Rich, what do you know about the Paradise Garage??


Thanks for giving Phyllis Hyman a shoutout Rich. I really like this song, too.


Haven't listened to this in a while, but you reminded me why this song is so wonderful..


Rich- Love this song. Phyllis is the truth, as my mom would say. She's got some really good Phyllis stories from back in the day. (imagine that...heh)


A classic New York dance track. Love, love, love this song. This essay makes me wonder how different things might have been for her had she done more with disco-y boogie and less with jazzy ballads. Would she have attained the success that eluded her, lessening the depression the eventually took her life? Who knows. But she's missed.


All hail Phyllis!!! I'm listening to her now....


Yessss! Ms. Hyman was the business. How about "Living All Alone" and "Be One" (from the School Daze soundtrack). Her voice is magnificent!

I love your site, btw!


Let's not forget Reggie Lucas's work on Madonna's debut including Bordeline and Lucky Star (listen closely and catch the musical similarites). Another Mtume/Lucas collaborator was Hubert Eaves III noted for his work with D-Train (Keep On, You're The One For Me).


...and one more Mtume classic - Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway's "The Closer I Get To You" a sweet and sublime classic! T-Shirts

Yes, Roberta Flack and Hathaway ruled! I wish they recorded more songs together.

Bob T-Shirts


Yes, yes, yes! Funny how you can forget about a great song! This song always puts me in a great, mellow mood. Unforch, I don't hear it as much as I'd like. And in my head I sing it as good as Phyllis. :D


I saw a Pretty Ricky video on MTV Hits and thought of you. Am I off on this one?


Hey there,
I still have this on vinyl. I was 16 yrs old when this song was the jam in my neighborhood. Yeah, I said jam. Kill me already, I'm old.


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Is it bad that I laughed at the fact that her last name is Hyman?


Phyliss Hyman is THAT woman! I remember seeing her perform at SOBs right before her passing and she was in rare form on so many levels. Great singer, temperamental diva. This is definitely one of my faves Rich but you've got to get into Screaming at the Moon and When I Give My Love this Time. Classic. I will admit her music was never quite the "pick me up" type. I usually played them after love was sad for me :-)


Phyllis was my girl!!! I still mourn her loss and play her songs all the time. I cannot even listen to her song "Living All Alone" without crying. She was so beautiful and such a great talent..what a shame...

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