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I just love how Winston knows how special he is..."lick me here, that's right, now over here, a little more to the left, between the eyes, the eyes! What, lick you back? Noooo, I'm Winston, I don't HAVE to reciprocate!"

Bundt Cake

Awww...that's true love, right there. Happy Valentine's Day Rich and family! :)

Catherine Cantieri

I kept waiting for it to turn ugly and for them to end up in a half-assed stalemate. Then I realized I was thinking of my own awful cats.

Rudy is so totally the omega cat, isn't he?


Hmm.. I wonder if they learned that from watching something they've seen their master doing at home??


Probably. I eat so much pussy, it's unreal.


I love cats and I love yours! Gotta give a shout out to my own kitty now. That's a good boy Kyo!


That is the cutest thing ever. i want ur cats


Tell me something good....tell me tell me tell me. Tell me that you like it, yeah..

That is the greatest song ever.

Cut, cute kitties and Happy Valentimes. Thanks again for all.


oh... my god.... so.... hot.
but seriously, your cats are adorable.


Love Winston! Love Rudy!
Do you know that the "other two" videos are "no longer available"? Boo Hoo! Maybe because I'm on a Mac? Happy V day to you and your so cute sweetie! You Tube bums me out for what they did to you.


Damned YouTube communists won't even let us look at the other videos. Bastards.

My two cats are a couple of London Licking Boys too, then they break out into WICKED fights.


Makes one happy on S.A.D.!


Awww, my son and I watched it and cuddled. Sweeter than sugar!


I love when cats do this teeheee! *gushing*

Even my evil kitty likes to lick her sister - though that could be because she's a little OCD when it comes to licking....

Happy V-Day to Rudy & Winston!

Winston is SUCH a bottom.........

Bourgeois Nerd

"Probably. I eat so much pussy, it's unreal.

Posted by: Rich | February 14, 2007 at 04:59 PM"

BWAHHAHAHA! I love you, Rich. And your little cats, too!


Sick Sick Sick. Those animals are just nasty. Winston should be ashamed for letting himself be molested that way. And to think, he was forced to make it look enjoyable for the camera. He's just one step away from kitty porn. Rudy is a perv!!


My opinion?

Tres, tres gay! It reminds me of some empirical Roman ruler with his incredibly accomodating Greek cabana boy.

Is it just me?


Awww .... I wanna be a cat! Being a human is just too much trouble.


I'm sure I've slept on this, but it's amazing how much Winston resembles Mr. Pringle.


When Winston shakes his head, he creates a perfect blurry gray circle, with his nose in the middle. Pure art.


I'm starting to resent Winston like how I resent most beautiful women. Does he ever do anything for Rudy? Or does he just constantly lie there motionless and still get all the attention? Cute pussy is all the same.


personally i think Rudy just couldn't take Winston's facestink anymore, and had to take matters into his own paws...tongue...whatever.


Best Valentine gift eva!


See? Rudy is not the devil after all....


Sooooooooooooooooooooo cute! :-D

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