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February 08, 2007


me too, baby!


you and me both. you and me both... :-|


When I found out at work that she died, I actually gasped. I didn't realize how much I liked her until now.


Likewise. I was so shocked and saddened.

creepy gandhi

I've loved her crazy ass since 1992. Her picture was the first naked woman i ever saw on the Internet. We cheered for her to get the Marahall inheritance, we watched her reality show with a combination of glee and "Damn baby, easy on the synthetic fabrics. And the Xanax." Cheered when she got skinny again. Go, Anna, go! Vaya con Dios, Vickie Lynn.


Being a Houston native, we loved Anna Nicole. I will miss her, but hope she is at peace.


Im still in shock


amen. thank you. i still don't understand why i'm so sad. thanks for posting...


It seems everyone I talked to is more sad about Anna Nicole's passing than any of us thought we possibly could be. She truly touched our lives and she will be missed.

Queen Lena

I'm not the only one! I really am much more sad than I thought I'd be; and I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

trick please

It really is funny, her whole life I laughed at this woman, sometimes I couldn't stand her ass. But she died so suddenly, and so soon after her son; damn. Tragic, and the baby left without her mother-this is really sad


It's weird.It's just like when Crocodile Hunter died. You never know how close you feel to someone until you're touched by their death. Anna and Croc' seemed to be like virtual relatives. They were always around to the point you almost ignore them because you figure they'd always be around; until they're unexpectedly not.
R.I.P. Anna.


I'm not looking forward to the inevitable jokes. What a sad situation all the way around.

Crazy about the girl

Anna Nicole's death was sort of like the collapse of a very very old building: you see it coming for ages, you know it will happen, but yet you are surprised and sad when it does. I will miss that mess. And we all know that the DRAMA will last for months or years - the autopsy, the baby, the lawyer, the money...


My mom and I said it's like someone in your family had died. I think it's so devestating because you see this girl who has been used and exploited since he introduction to the world. She was our underdog. We wanted her to get her late husband's money and to lose weight and be beautiful again. Now I just can't help thinking who is going to raise and care for that baby.


Dear god, I'm glad I'm not the only one. This just makes me feel awful, I always wanted her to win, to make good, and now that's impossible.

Emily McBrush

I am in mourning!


I think it's really sad that so many people have said and posted horrible things about her. Yeah, maybe she wasn't the brightest bulb, but she seemed like a genuinely nice person, and she was entertaining as hell. I for one am going to miss her antics. I also wonder if there was a similar backlash when Marilyn was found dead? Vickie Lynn, Norma Jean... hope they are having a big old party up there.


I cannot believe how many emails, texts, and blog posts I have read involving Anna Nicole. It is so strange.


I, too, was a huge fan. I AM a huge fan. I have cherished my Anna Nicole Smith bobble head from the day it arrived in the mail. She will be an icon that can NEVER be replaced.


God bless you Vickie Lynn. I hope that Daniel was waiting for you when you came over. Call me crazy (CRAZAY!!), but there's something really strange with the whole way this has gone down. I just cannot understand why a "nurse" would allow her all those drugs? Also, according to CNN - "The nurse who found Anna Nicole Smith unconscious in her hotel room waited "a while" before calling hotel staff for help, sources familiar with the investigation into Smith's death tell CNN."

What the hell is that shit?


She was so beautiful. I always idolized her (looks). What shocks me the most is the rumour that her son fathered her daughter. That is too horrible to imagine.

RIP Vickie Lynne/Anna Nicole


wow. yesterday when I was sitting in my grey cube shocked and staring at CNN site...refreshing for more information...I, too, couldn't believe how much I really liked Anna Nicole. I always championed her and enjoyed her form of entertainment. May she rest in Peace.


i agree! always flawed and always fab. which made her so real and liekable. as compared to these A-list celebs with so called "perfect lives" she lived life and loved her kids & i will miss her. And i hope people get there act together enough to have little dannielynn's best interest in mind and not how lined there pockets will be if they get custody of that child.


RIP babygirl. I knew I could count on fourfour to mourn with me. Everyone at work thought I was joking but I was/am really upset. Such a tragedy.

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