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February 22, 2007



Half Nelson is a terrific movie and Shareeka Epps was robbed of a nomination.


Is this a good movie?




Way to keep at it, Rich - I was impressed with her resolve but you wore her down. I can't believe Winston didn't garner, at least, a half-smile. Will of steel, that Shareeka...


when you gonna give me some time, shareeka?
loved the title, love your oh so original ideas.


i thought the gosling was amazing, and their scenes together - like at the school dance, when he does his little move - they had some of the more beautiful, haunting moments on film last year.


*most* beautiful - not more beautiful. i need some caffeine.


The movie was terrific. Shareeka is indeed due an Oscar nom. And Mr. Gosling, that scene in the beginning where he's standing in his whitey tighties? Homeboy is packin' heat! Holla!


Large Marge!


"what do you call cheese that isn't yours? Not 'cho cheese!" - Love it!

Mag Hag

Ryan Gosling can be my crack smoking social studies teacher anytime.


I met Shareeka this past weekend. She goes to the high school across the street from me. She's a very nice girl. She just came up to my friend and I who were DJing for the Release Party, and introduced herself.
I hope to see her in future movies.


shareeka was *definitely* robbed of an oscar nomination. she was just as good as ryan gosling--who, i just want everyone to know, is my fuck buddy.


Shareeka is just wearing her "don't fuck with me today" face at all times. She turned it off for that last pic. I'm sure she's wearing it again today though.

After the Winston post it's pretty obvious Shareeka opened her mouth in effort to hold back the smile. She's good!

BTW who doesn't know the lyrics to Regulator?


OMG Large Marge.

Now i have to sleep with the lights on. Thanks, Rich.

silky jumbo atl

i don't get it. if i had a crackhead history teacher that looked like ryan gosling, i'd be all smiles.

nefertiti jenkins

okay this is the movie where Ryan Gosling is a crackhead? i been wanting to see this. fyi, i love that you brought back LARGE MARGE. love your blog.

nefertiti jenkins


this is momuchbetta.


Yeah. Absolutely terrified by Large Marge. Have avoided that film for about a decade. Will probably not survive the night. Thanks.

I'm definitely gonna watch Half Nelson now, as long as you promise there're no Large Marge appearances.

trick please

Rich, I don't know you; I'll probably never meet you but you are one of my favorite people. I crack up everytime I come to this site. I guess I will be seeing this movie now that it's gotten the thumbs up from you.


i wonder if she could sing and i am telling you without opening her mouth.


Baby, you broke my heart with your guinea pig story. You are the best.


She was unbelievable. It should also be said that she's an untrained actress picked completely at random.

Little Miss Sunshine my ass (although, granted, Breslin was quite good, too, but she was no Shareeka).


Rich, you're killing me. This post cracked me up.

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