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Black Girl Superstar

I absolutely loved this movie, though the ending especially broke my heart. So sad!

On a different note, Ryan Gosling makes a hot sexy crackhead. I wish the crackheads I saw in the street looked like he did in this movie.



Shareeka won the lead actress award last night at the Independent Spirit Awards.


Just rented the movie and what great chemistry the cast has together it is fluid. I love Anthony Mackie too.


LOVES IT! She has my name (but I spell mine with only one e, thanks) so I have no other choice.

Did you see her glam photo in March's Elle? She is beautiful but looks like a sexed up little girl. but she still looks mad.


I misread the beginning of the post. I read it as Half Nelson, Full Butch.


I HATED this movie! But Shareeka was great in it!

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This post absolutely made my day. Your optimism and integrity are inspiring. If I was hiring for any job, I'd hire you!

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This was the scariest story to me!!! I would run out of the room rather than hear it re-told, that caused trouble when it was my classroom I was running out of. I was afraid I'd dream about it, a fear I had about pretty much everything as a child...
Well told.
Happy Halloween!

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When you have a black cat, every day is Halloween. I enjoyed this and I have to admit I would not miss the holiday if it disappeared in the states, too. It lost its charm when the litte fun size candy bars appeared. Cheap!

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