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Winston is almost too adorable for words in that picture!

messalina 6-500

What a little sandwich! He knows he's hot.


As I've said before, you are the wind beneath my internets. I love reading your blog. It kinda inspired me to start my own. Check on it...

Bundt Cake


I know I shouldn't laugh at your pain - but it's funny!


Aw, look at those big feets. Is it possible? Winston looks 5% less grumpy when he's sleeping.


Was he a kitten in that picture?


Nah, it's a really recent shot.


oh my god, he's a freaking Popple.


He's so CUTE!!! How can you live in such close quarters and not SQUEEZE HIM all the time?! I could not bear it.




Oh my god. That is the cutest Winston pic ever!


Le sigh! Le purr!

His front paws are curled up so preciously!

I bet Rudy was just waiting on the sidelines to pounce on that vulnerable ass in the air. =Þ

How do you stand on Spade and Neuter then?


I think my mom's cat is Winston's soulmate. Her name is Mushmouse, she is the cutest, cuddliest-looking thing on planet earth. And she will cut you if you touch her. I think she's a Scorpio. I love her very much.


dear rich,
i too, started coming here for your ANTM recaps and now i stay for your cats. winston is the cutest freakin cat EVAR.


It's like some SAW shit!

Oh, my lands, thank you, mon frere.


Hey Rich,
did you know Jaslene from ANTM Cycle 7 - Try-outs, will be in Cycle 8? I think that's awesome!


I'm officially in love with Winston. If he ever disappears - Look north.

Freckles and Speckles

What kind of cat is Winston? I want one!


Rich, are those your tighty whities?


Yeah, they're all baggy and shit.


I actually cried when I saw the picture of the fetal cycle of the Winston. That's pretty much the best picture ever.


Now why would any Jesus Camp crazy carry around pocket-size fetuses when pocket-size Winston's are so much better? Rich you could make millions!


I feel your pain, Rich. My furry son Beau is so much the same way. I'm sure he thinks he's much too big and manly for cuddling, but I tell him he MUST submit to hugging and a smooch on the head once a day. He endures it with loving annoyance but gets the hell out of there immediately afterwards. His idea of sitting with/on you is being in the same room watching you with alarm.

Also, I nearly had McDonald's grade burns after reading Gillian's comment above whilst drinking hot tea. "I think she is a Scorpio." BWAH!


Damn that is one cute cat!!! I could look at Winston all day.
Cats live to shun. it's just their way.

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