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February 06, 2007



Yeah, I can see why they're humble. Anyways Rich, did you see the bit on TMZ today about Adrianne Curry (the Cycle 1 winner) getting, like, NOTHING from Revlon for her work as a winner?! So funny.


Well, there goes my hopes for a social life.


um... there are 2 girls who are under 22 and their careers are stay at home moms. um... that is one of the scariest things I've heard today.

Is their some big trend of girls abandoning a lucrative future once they've met mr. right at community college?


This is the funniest post we've seen in a while :)

::thumbs up::


Oh my god! Hurrah! We both love and lust for (despite our gayness) Diana! Hurrah!

I do love Renee too, but from the video I think she's a wee bit blah to last too long sadly.

Kathleen is hot too!


Oh Rich! You and I have the same top 3! I feel so validated!


Diana for the win, please.


It's nice to have an ANTM post again. I miss it so much. Can't wait until the 28th!!!!!!


Man. Usually when they role out the new meat you can see why they'd be considered models, but this crew? YIKES. Aside for the fact that, hooray, anorexia is still very much in vogue - this group is serious fug. On what planet is Whitney considered model-esque? Flavaflavonia? Jaslene is hot, though. If they have a Puerto Rican Tranny photoshoot, she'll be top two, no problem.


Samantha looks like one of the new fancy skinny models recently introduced to stir up trouble on Janice Dickinson's show, and Jael looks like a former-eastern-block porn chick.


My, my my.
How I've missed this.


I think you're not giving enough credit to Samantha. From her body position in that picture, she looks like she's been practicing poses in front of the mirror. Her body is actually very architectural in that picture. Just wait until after the makeover episode.

Also, nice air brushing, Tyra, to get rid of your self-proclaimed "fat ass."


Um, how is Kathleen hot? She's got crazy eyes (that may just be a bad shot, I guess...) and bad features. Perfect for this show's purposes, of course.


There's a clip on you tube of the winner. You think it's real?



Team Renee!

I hope she's not a bitch. Or crazy. That would suck.

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Nice photoshop work on Tyra.

Scott Free

Wow...TyTy's running out of ideas, considering how similar this season's...excuse me...cycle's group shot is to cycle six's. Go Team Chunk!!!


OMG. Wait, TD is jewish?!


Ah, another round of fug to make me feel better about myself!

Did anyone check to see if the majority of these girls have vaginas? Because they might all be tucking.


TWO stay-at-home moms, eh? I hope they pull out pics of their kids and get all weepy together about how they miss them, but goddammit this is for them!


Liz- quite frankly if that doesn't happen, I'd say ANTM is rather off it's game. The only thing more surprisingly would be if one of the porkers got past episode six and wasn't told they just didn't want it enough.


I see Diana stole my body....she can keep it!


"wrinkly like the feet of elephants (aka the descendants of mighty sauropods)."

Um, descendants? I'm pretty sure Behemoth and God said nothing about dinosaurs 'descending' into anything, let alone elephants. I mean really, does your elephant look like this (imagine picture of Behemoth/dinosaur)?? (But seriously, that clip yesterday was terrifying! I thought it couldn't get scarier and then the singing emerged.)

Also, bonus points for use of the adjective "blowjobby."

No where else is reading as fun as fourfour. =)


I am going to guess on Kathleen's makeover:



oh god i've been waiting for this with bated breath. if u didn't have it up today i was going to email you the profiles page on thecw and be like HELLOOOOO hehehehe

you always deliver

and LMFAO at sister patterson's hairline

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