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March 06, 2007



oh rich..i love you soooo

this completely made my DAY! im so glad your recaps are back

thank you. for the love of god, KEEP IT COMING! :)

p.s. you should really try recapping The Office when it comes back on. you would definetly get a kick out of it

Renee Lindsey

I am so excited about your ANTM recaps. I must say I loved you "Walk Away Renee" reference. I was named after that song so reading you telling Renee "If you have such separation anxiety, just walk away, Renee (yet another one I can't ever use again)" was too good.


Oh mahhhhh gaaaahhhhddddd!


Cycle 8 does indeed ROCK!

I love all the girls you love! Natasha is hilarious.

I don't know what is cracking me up more right now, "I can feel myself American" or Aunt Sassy hair on a taratula!

You're a genius!

Crazy about the girl

I must have missed somethng (OK, everything) but I thought that these girls were UGLY, as in "ANTM C8: The Crystal Meth days". Samantha is the only pretty one, thanks to her resemblance to Natalie Portman (I looove dark-haired Chosen girls), but I think she will be kicked out for "lack of personality". I won't be watching the show, but I will be reading the recap religiously! I loooooove Rich!


Thank god for you!

"Tyra! Are you part elephant?" Brilliant. As fiercely stupid as Kathleen was, she could have been so entertaining in the language department.

I guess we have Natasha for that though.

Diana is totally Whitney's bitch on the plus-size side, because she's too self-conscious. Her picture was terrible too, but whatev.

Anyway, I can't wait to see these bitches self-destruct.

Sara is a time bomb.

I'm excited.


A cycle of ANTM would not be complete without the fabulousness of your recaps. They are FIERCE!


You never dissapoint. That was great!


Love, love, love your recaps, Rich! Here's to the new cycle!


Just link Joe my god next so you can complete the full slap in my face.

Way to hate fuck me without letting me cum


Is Tyra doing "the Carlton" there?

What really made me laugh at the final 13 cut was the shot of Tyra all serious (The last name that I'm going to call...will be a girl...) and behind her Jael is hopping around in a tutu. Magic. Thanks for the recap!


"She is big attached to man who postal carry her to these grand States."

Bwahaha! Love it.


Genius post Rich! Looking forward to another season of brilliant recaps!


Yay Rich!!!



i get the feeling too this season might be a good one.


AMAZING!! You had me in tears, which was kind of akward when my college came to talk to me, but whatever. This season is going to have to work hard to please us sans Kathleen, but i think it will be great. Cannot wait for makeovers!!


oh dear I just laughed out loud in class...thanks rich!


fabulous recap rich...my favorite, though had to be "After being selected, Whitney thanked Jesus. From the sidelines you could hear: "You're welcome. But call me Tyra...when the cameras are on."

you totally just made my tuesday!


so sad that what's her face got bounced. made me give up on the cycle already (plus the bloated 2 hour premiere). at least i'll have your recaps to look forward to.




anyone else think Jaslene looks strikingly like John Leguizamo?

excellent recap! I want Kathleen's "I knoooow, riiiight? I didn't" to be my new ringtone.

Just Some Guy

$286 on a big check? I thought big checks were reserved for big money, like $286,000. I've collected more money asking people to buck up for the next keg (and for the record I didn't try to pay the guy at the liquor store with a big check).

Gayest Neil

Lazy Hippo must be the new Hungry Hippo. Tyra is lookin Fierce.

Brandon H

Someone help! My damn roommate was taping shitty ass Jericho and I only got the second half of the premiere.

What the hell does 1B and 30 mean anyway?

Rich, this recap was really good- that last dance scene reminded me of a Fat Albert clip with all those little bastards dancing around.


Hooray!!!! Rich is back!!! :-)


BRAVO first of all.

I never would have realized that Cassandra was such a great impressionist, she was spot on. I hope she does Tyra next.

Thank you for the Kathleen clip. I could listen to "I know right, I didn't" all day.

I hope they cut off all of Natashas hair and she freaks, or Renee, I can't stand her already.

This season is going to redeem all of them I think and I can't believe I have watched every episode of all 8 cycles! I haven't been this excited since season 1 or 2.

Love you Rich, thanks so much for all your hard work!

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