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March 01, 2007



The boot camp opening was a biiit of a rocky start for me but then I got into it once all the crazy started coming out. I hope Natasha is on long enough to find out more about her sketchy "marriage".

Miss Lisa

It's OK to skin animals that die naturally. Sometimes they fight in the jungle or forest, don't they? (I paraphrase). The panel was speechless. I'll miss you Kathleen.

Messalina 6-5000

Au Revoir, Kathleen. When you walked out that door, I believe endless hours of entertainment walked out with you. Sigh.

"It's OK to make coats out of them if they're already dead." They died fighting the preposterous dinosaurs, no doubt.


oh damn, rich, i feel the same way about the premiere tonight. i am so pumped!

i love jael, even though she has no spine, and renee is beautiful and totally cunty, but not cunt.

natasha is going to be hilarious, omjesus.

everyone was awesome tonight, like maybe the editors/writers are back? i remember your writing at the end of the last cycle that they had gotten rid of them.

anyway, i am really looking forward to monday, until then, my dear!


I couldn't stop crying from laughing at the premiere...

As another poster said, the show started off rocky with the boot camp thing... Was it Canada's Next Top Model cycle 1 that started off with that... damn I've youtubed so many of these shows I can't keep them straight...

But several of the girls kept me in stitches with their commentaries (along with the judges reaction).

While I truly think that most of these girls can't model worth a damn (you GO Jaslene... who knew you had it in you???) and I'm on the fence as to where the two plus size girls will go, I have to say that I like most of the girls for the most part (and how nice is it to have the bitches in the house be the white girls for a change, hmmm???)

You know i'm looking forward to this when I was watching and noticed the vagina arms in full glory in once scene Can't wait for the recap :)


Ahh, how I love the smell of Rich's absurdity in the morning.

Dying for the full review.
C'mon Monday--giddyup!

Love me or hate me

If Twiggy says "The camera loves her" one more time...Argh!

They should get some male models on there. Who says America's next top model has to be a woman?

I think Kathleen would have been the most amusing person on the show. It's unfortunate. Speaking of kinda out-there people, Caridee's My Life as a CoverGirl segments aren't too bad actually. They're not completely believable, but I don't feel like throwing up either.

Does anyone else think Tyra has lost weight??


Yay! ANTM is back. And Rich, I think I may love you more than the actual show, though I do go back and forth on this issue a lot.


Since I moved I don't have the appropriate channel for ANTM, so will be relying on you more than ever.

Especially since the international destination is the country of my birth, so I'm a bit pumped so see what hilarious 'local flavour' challenges they have to do.


Rich, please please please compare Natasha to Fantastic Four's Medusa in a way that only you can do! That mass of hair is priceless.
Bootcamp almost made me lose it, and the stepping made me turn away in disgust. I hate that shit!
Kathleen, whyyyy? I loved-ed her Tyra! Your entertainment value went down 10 fold with her exit.
Looking forward to the recap Rich, you cute little devil you!

Andy S.

I was SO upset about Kathleen being cut! She was like the love child of Bre and Jade!


Dear Kathleen,
If it's already dead it's not fur, it's ROADKILL!!!!


omg, where to start...first, the bootcamp thing in the beginning was a little too cheesy & scripted for me, but the rest of the show was ANTM as usual...FABULOUS!

natasha drives me up the wall, i cant stand her little freak out*hands over her face*fall to her knees act whenever tyra calls her name. im over her...she needs to go back to russia, or texas, wherever the hell she came from.

although kathleen would have been quite the entertainer on the show, her high pitched voice and overall lack of intelligence really got to me. she'll be missed though, if not for anything but comic relief.

i cant wait for a full re-cap! lets hear it for cycle 8!


Can't wait for your recaps of cringeworthy Tyra moments (that opening step routine actually made me squirm with embarrassment--not the guys in the rear, just Tyra). Hooray for my Detroit homegirl, Jael, even if she is the queen of meek (and please, girl, open your mouth and move your lips when you speak). Know what I could have done without, though? 10-MINUTE COMMERCIAL BREAKS. xoxo


oh lord, I can't WAIT for the recap, which is what I said to my husband as we were watching last night. my favorite part was when Tyra illuminated for us the bio-psycho-socialogical state of the American penal institution, in that "some prisoners are like this [insert mopey face] and some prisoners are like this [all crrrazy!]" do you think she was wearing the do-rag in order to support this thesis and "keep it real"?


I'm on the fence about Kathleen (not that it matters- she gone). On one hand, she would've brought some nuch-needed Jade-ocity back into my life. One the other, she embarrasses the rest of us Brooklynites.

Also: Renee is the devil. Natasha amuses me for so many reasons. Can't wait for the recap.


nuch=much. Maybe she represented us Brooklynites better than I thought....


Last night was like thanksgiving and Monday will be like Christmas. I could barely concentrate on the show because all I could imagine was what Rich would say.

Kathleen will be missed. And what was with Renee and her 101 excuses why Jael and that braggy photog chick won their challenges. And I think istead of a cry count this year, you should count the many times Renee uses her son as excuse for doing bad or just missing him.


Kathleen could be the first girl in history actually too dumb to be a model. Damn, I wish they had kept her just for the entertainment value.


Rich, I can't wait for your recap on Monday. Please comment on Nataha and Renee... PLEASE :)!

Dano Vision

Tyra is dogshit personafied.

That little half black thrift store shopper needs a second hand boot to the face.

Send that Russian defector back to Texas in a body bag.

The Jays were good.

Twiggy is about four decades too irrelevant for these contestants.

If I have to hear that whiner cry about her kid once more my tv won't survive it.

How do we know that the ejected brain wave hasn't skinned a previously deceased cheetah for boots?

The makeovers can't come soon enough.

That is all.


I was going to write down Kathleen quotes this episode cause they were just so funny...but I figured I had a few more seasons to capture the hilariousness.

Too bad, so sad. Looking forward to Monday (or whenver you get posted!)


Miss J on La Natashanova: "A bet it took a lot of stamps to get her here."

Nobody else was horrified to their ethical marrow by the "politics" photoshoot?
I'm seriously considering moving to Venezuela. Save me, Hugo! That shit was disgusting. I'm surprised they didn't have a "pro-surge"/ "anti-surge" pair where they posed with dead soldiers.

"Ok--you're pro-life and you're death penalty..."

"Your face should be saying:'I won't let you in to kill your baby!' but it's just saying, 'I'm pretty.'"

"Prisoners are either like, giving up, or, like, crazy, like: 'I got nothin' to loose and I'm gonna mess you up!' Get it? You were neither in this shot."

Nigel: "So, do you understand the message?"
Natasha: "I destroy the baby I have inside?"
Nigel: "I certainly hope not."

I'm culturally mortified.


I was lovin' Kathleen so of course they kick her off. Who cares if she is slow??? Isn't the whole point of this show to change the modeling world? Is anyone curious about how Natasha met her husband? Mail-order fo sho.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my dvr did not capture this. please tell me they are running the premeire.

gah. damn that american idol.

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