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March 09, 2007



Definitely going to have to check this out. Thanks, Rich.

James Derek Dwyer

wake me up when straight-up disco is back. It's coming sooner than you think...


thanks for the update. unfortunately, I was distracted by the weird "video" for the Ne-Yo track (nice!). Kids are armed w/iMovie and taking names....why?!


I've been listening to "I Like" regularly since 1995. I adore that song.


i thought you were going to write about xibit (the rapper), which would be strange.
that first picture of Ne-Yo looks just like him.

don beezy

i love kut klose i like i thought i was the only one that played it on repeat or gave it four stars on launch. nice to know i'm not alone


Heartbeat is my jam!

As for B.U.D.D.Y., I'm wondering, did R.Kelly produce that track?


I love Ne-Yo's writing ability. But his actual persona is kinda annoying...

There's something not genuine about him. Like he's hiding something. And I don't quite think that he is singing to a vagina but rather to another part having to do with male anatomy...

Something told me that the remainder of Rich Boi's album was going to be shit...

I had Kut Klose's entire cd...couldn't get enough of "I Like"


I'm loving all those songs


Speaking of Ne-yo getting away with a lot in his lyrics how about in Sexy Love when he says:
she makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just one touch, and I erupt like a volcano and cover her with my love

That shit is pornographic(but it made me fall in love with him)!


Rich, I've told you once. I'll tell you again. You really are a great writer. We disagree sometimes, but when we're on. We're on.

Isn't it sad that this song sounds new, fresh and innovative? I mean, the song doesn't deserve those adjectives, but given the current climate, I'm pretty accurate.

I totally feel you on this:
"To me, it sounds like it was written slower and the disco element was some ingenious afterthought -- the pre-chorus bridge (starting with: "I got a problem...")"

Musiq's Buddy is just lukewarm. It won't be a hit. We need more.

Glad I'm not the only one who tought Runaway Love was just OK.

I like Anonymous' production. I do not like Bobby's voice.

"Get Up On It" is my SH*T!

That is all.


The first time I heard "Because of You," I instantly liked it, but then I realized it was because it reminded me of some old-school Jackson (Janet, Michael, pick one). It's a good jam on its own, though.


I'm sorry, but Ne-Yo is a man that I simply cannot stand. Porn is around for a reason, and I don't really need to hear an entire album about it. God he gets on my last nerve. Also, dude is butt ass ugly.


That Ne-Yo song ain't a hit. I can see radio playing it though just cause it's Ne-Yo.

Regardless, you have great taste in music Rich. I want to steal your iPod. I love any Whyte Boi that can appreciate R&B beyond Teena Marie, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke (Lost Without You is my jam of the moment though). I would marry you just cause you like the same music as me.

Keep up the great R&B posts.

"How you doing?"

B*tch please

I've never liked any of Neyo's songs, really nice lyrics but his mediocre singing turns me off.


I actually disagree wholeheartedly about the Ne-Yo. I caught this single at a really opportune moment and was looking forward to the song building up onto itself, but it didn't.

The qualities you admire about him are consistently overshadowed by mediocre vocal technique, misstep in lyrics, and generic beats. The recipe for this "...you're the sweetest drug..." single? Throw some 'Human Nature'-era Michael Jackson over some sped-up porno beats from the early 90's.

I'll take Robin Thicke over any of these Ne-Yo's. There's something promising in such raw talent.


Have u heard the new Elliott Yamin track "Wait For You". It sounded like something Neyo and Stargate would do. Maybe its a leftover..But Im likin it. If only they have given him Neyo's lyrics too it sure will be fun to watch. haha.



link got broken.



Rich Boy's forehead is so Kenyan, it kills. <33333


I LOVE THIS SONG! i agree wit everythin u wrote about it! I also wanna add that hes a great person and very humble. Im always surprised by how nice he is since hes so successful. (perks of workin at a record label) From what I been hearin I can tell u this albums fire. They need to release the other singles asap cuz they even better (if u ask me)


Rich I feel u when I heard the song I heard the little disco groove .. definitely a song to bump in the ipod, it will groove in lounge setting and bang on the floors.. some felt this song wasn't his best effort but like IDJ said they have more songs on the album that are even better.. Ne Yo gonna build with us on this album.. first song next song even better.... progression....that is what it is all about..

Iman Miller

I can't wait to cop Ne-Yo new album I love his because of you song and I know he's going to have a lot of hot joint on his new album Because of You. I am so in love with his sexy self. I hope he doesn't have a girlfriend.


I think the album will be hot .. he is spreading his pen and paper as a songwriter.. ha ha and being sexy can only help a brother..

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