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March 26, 2007







Dare I say third!?


my absolute favourite part of the episode was Tyra's approximation of Natasha's face, which was basically Tyra + squinting + pouting = Natasha.

oh and that elimination was bullshit.


Best Recap so far this cycle--Im totally rooting for Natasha, she is the breakout star of this season!!!!


Looks like the rest did you well. Great post, Rich!


The Sabrina video was beyond awesome.....
What the hell?


Great recap and a huge win for the Jem and the Holograms reference!
I'm going to miss Felicia and her dry sense of humor. I think dry wit is a rarity in the ANTM universe.
Thank you for the great recaps!

James Derek Dwyer

I'm thinking Sabrina should be judging at panel now. It's scary how it all blurs together after reading your recaps ;-)


i skipped work for this recap. thanks rich!


I LOVE that Tyra is doing an homage to Beyonce/Strawberry AGAIN this week!


I think this photoshoot was the best one to date. I could totally see it in Vogue. Especially Brittany's shot.


Didn't Tyra have the EXACT outfit on at elimination last week, except in black? Are we gonna see that outfit every week in a different color?

I'm still trying to figure out what was wrong with Felicia's picture. Was it that Tyra couldn't take another week of people saying "She looks JUST like you", and the "but not fat" subtext? Or was it that Felicia got that this show is total bullshit?

Anyway, thanks for making my Monday...again!


It's weird that Renee/Sienna Miller has a kid. I want to hear more drama about her kid!


I love Dionne, she bad ass.

Diana's photo this week resembled a beached whale slung in a back-alley. Revolting. Girl needs to lose the blubber and tone up a wee bit. Hey, the gym never hurt anyone.



Jael hula-hooping with Diana's earrings. Fantastic!

I think it's funny how they comment on the girls' clothing when Twiggy is wearing a velvet peasant top with a black t-shirt under, and Tyra has been sporting the same damned ugly-weave-under-ugly-headband look since day one.

And, yeah. Jael's friend died, but someone please tell her she needs to put the combat boots away. She isn't Brenda Walsh.


I do miss felicia, she will forever be my Americas next top booty shaking star.

Also Renee is a bitch, and i love it!!! ANd can they please, please get rid of brittnay, her hair and general frumpiness is killing me.


I love Natasha more each week. I really hope she gets her act together and can makeit through for a little while longer. She does seem to be improving.

So Renee is good at being dead, seems about right since she has no soul!!!
Actually what are the editors doing to me, I actually liked her this week! EEEEEK!

She must win and so they have to start making people like her so they will watch the Cover Girl commercials.


Did Benny Ninja have that Quail Man-ish undies on because he is actually attracted to girls?


The Dionne "What the hell" bit got progressively funnier. Thanks for the laugh, dude.

As for Felicia, Tyra just didn't want a younger, cuter, thinner version of herself on set every day. That was sending her straight to the all-you-can-eat rib platter at Famous Dave's.


potes also hit the nail on the head by pointing out brittany is totally laurie from trading spaces


Am I alone in thinking that Felicia kind of looked like Naima in her photo from this week's shoot? Also, I definitely prefer Renee's salty bitchface to the wailing and gnashing of teeth over how she's in this competition for her son.



Great amusing recap as always, Rich
haha that Boys Boys Boys video is hypnotising! Sabrina "Jiggle Your Wiggle, Slip While You Dip" Salerno. Here's some child pornography by the "artist", man that's sick

Anyway, I really felt bad they kicked Felicia out...I really wanted to see her get somewhere in this competition.

They better keep Natasha with her niddles with her body, hahahaha. If they kick her out, I'm not watching the show! haha

Missing Vag Arms

Did anybody else find Twiggy's comment about Renee looking beautiful even in death kinda creepy?

I know ANTM is not known for logic, but do you fault somebody you just told to play dead for doing it TOO well? LOL@ J talkin about "you just wouldn't move." No really, SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!! I knew she was gone when they all jumped on the picture and J said that she came in every week depending on the fact she looked like Tyra.

Diana needs to GO! She's not even pretty and all that blubber is even worse.

I hate to play the race card, but how is it that Whitney "doesn't look like a model" even though she consistently takes better pictures than Diana.... yet Twigster never says anything about Diana.

I think I might boycott this season, because even with the inconsistency that is inherently ANTM, its getting out of hand. The judges haven't noticed how jacked up Brittany comes to judging every week, but they zero in on Dionne's too perfect bangs and earrings?!?



Stupid photo shoot, stupid elimination, great recap!

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