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April 06, 2007



Wow-that first picture looks like the pic form Top Model where Whitney dressed up as a man! Ha!

white chocolate


Brandon H

Lettuce... Lettuce.

trick please

I feel bad for Timb- the hitmaker couldn't make himself a hit. I might buy a few singles tho.

Funny line about Jamaicans with no curry ( I'm Jamaican ;) )

Lloyd... what to say. Maybe?

Rihanna- I like her single, plus I think she got great legs; inspires me to go to the gym. Have to support my Caribbean peeps.I've gotten used to her unsual warbling.

WTF??!! at that throwback pic.

p.s. OT: I tried to post at the celebreality blog and it wouldn't let me saying it was "comment spam"? My content was the usual random ish- didn't understand.

trick please

pps. BTW you and Fresh are just mean calling the the boy Gonzo

...but I have to agree

Shawn Fassett

No mention of the Bjork production work for her upcoming album?


Ugh. You hit the nail on the head with the Timbaland review. I loved Give it To Me when I first heard it, but by the 10th listen, I was like "this futuristic thing is getting old". Based on your recommendation, I'll give Lloyd's album a chance. And if you're gonna mention his gonzo nose, you have to mention Rhianna's melon head.


What is the deal with Rihanna's forehead?


I saw that somebody else commented with this, so I guess I'll just second that the first picture totally looks like Whitney as a man.


"... but mostly just makes me pine for the early part of this decade, when Missy without Tim was like Jamaicans with no curry."

Hell YES!

Great review/analysis, as usual.


Rihanna's new single is absolutely awful! The only worthwhile thing she's ever done is SOS. Umbrella is beyond generic and worst of all its just flat out boring.

Tim's new album is pretty unfortunate, though if you want to hear the best track off of it, look for the one he cut! MIA's "Come Around" is the best song that was supposed to be on the album but demoted to import only. I guess it just made the rest of the albums mediocrity shine all the more brightly. Tim does come in and nearly ruin it with a verse that borders on offensive "baby girl/you and me/need to go to your teepee". To MIA? Seriously? Ugh.

BlueMan Group

Shawn Fassett

- Bjork said that Timbaland didn't have enough time to finish the tracks, so she took what they did and finished it herself. Earth Intruders sounds pretty impressive. Very Homogenic.


I do like that OneRepublic song, but is the banking/mortgage company ready to sue for infringing on their good old name?


you truly have patience if you sat thru that "shock value" mess--i couldn't get past track 10...fuck sympathy. surprisingly, he and diddy went the same route with collabs and diddy's the victor?? it must be a sign of the apocalypse.

as for rihanna, i can't decide if i love or hate her new single. certain parts are hot, but other part just sound...off. its very polarizing. i don't know anyone who's neutral about it, or her for that matter.

lloyd's speaking voice irks me...that is all.

Cheryl Lynn

Oh. My. God. How I loved Diamond Girl. Of course, I'll always argue that there is no better Freestyle track than India's Dancing On The Fire.


Jonathan Brinkley

I love the "I got whatcha want" reference


I've been ice-cream-trucking "All Woman" since you included it in your Disco mix! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.


Gotdamn, I don't know if it's the crop of the picture or the general Photo Choppiness of it all, but Lloyd's head looks like it's sitting on some chick's lap with no body attached.

I am, however, still transfixed by the pattern of his 'do.

Monday cannot come fast enough, ANTM-wise. Fiddy is secretly my new hero.

B*tch please

Miscommunication is my fave ytrack on Shock Value, and I was so dissapointed at that FOB track because I actually like them, but the song started badly and it got worse when Tmbaland started screaming in that hard rocker voice *shudders*. My mouth fell open when I heard Missy's verse on that track!!, she really brought that song to life. I liked Umbrella when I 1st heard it, but the more I hear it, the more mediocre it's sounding.


Thanks for introducing me to Kathy Diamond.
Love the album.


I have to disagree with your review, i actually thought that the second half of the album far outshone the previous tracks.. while One and Only was pretty weak , tracks like Throw It On Me and 2 Man Show more than make up for any mediocrity in the album. Indeed, Timbaland is ahead of his time.


Whatever music critics! Timba is our generation's Phil Spector, sans mental disorder. People will probably love the album 8 years from now...


He's redeemed himself in my eyes with Earth Intruders, Björk's new single. I'm so happy with that track. Man, Björk is baaaccckkk!!!! That rhymes, alack.


I'm a huge Timbaland fan. He has a lot to live up to (as you mentioned), but his talent cannot be denied.


Thanks a lottttttt Rich for this review on Timbaland's Shock Value. I was rushing 2 days ago, went into the record store and had to listen for bits of it. All i can I wasn't very impressed and I'm REALLY getting irritated by them two being sticked to his bum the whole time. I wished to see more Missy on the album, a bit of Magoo and stuff...but no, again with the same ol' beat for "My Love" slapped on almost everyone.

I have to stay Timbaland was one of my faves, he still is, but he definitely dropped on the top list and now Rodney "DarkChild" Jerkins takes the first place to me!

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