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April 18, 2007



its ok rich, i still love you, winston, rudy, and your blog!


Rich, the internets is a rough neighborhood, drama everywhere. That you do all this... it's amazing. We love you HARD. You are so talented it's not funny. Do what's best for you and ignore the haters.


how can you possibly keep up with everything? take care of yourself, you already provide a lot of joy for people here. cheers!


I'd like to praise Rich and all of the fourfour readers for keeping the comments smart, funny, and insightful and not (usually) feeling the need to post "FIRST!" because, who care, right?


I cried myself to sleep for a week after you failed to answer my "what did you think of 9 Songs?" query.
You bastard.


Hell, I love ya baby. You gave me a shoutout in an ANTM post and responded to an email I sent you so fast I didn't have time to blink. It's all good.


yes, excellent point, kdub, Rich ALWAYS replies to email, which I imagine is no small feat as he must receive a plethora of them.
He's good people, as the kids say.

Brandon H

I'm going to rent that tonight, already have it waiting for me at the local joint. That last line he gave really sold it for me. Also, in the middle of what you think are "rants" are nice little jewels, so don't be too hard on yourself.

My favorite, "...as long as you realize that you're but a line in a tangle of orbits." Dope.

I'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on it.





Just wish you could make April go away from the comments section, Rich. She slams your blog, then posts in the comments asking people to visit her blog for her ANTM recap (which is terribly lame)and she steals from you! She gets a lot of hate comments from your fans though haha


When I am sitting at home watching ANTM tonight with my cat on my lap I WILL BE THINKING OF YOU!!! I came for the recaps and stayed for Winston and your pretty face (and great writing!)


I never get comments and I'm not sure I really give a damn either. I know people are reading my blog and I just wish I had the readership you do (er, now that you mention it, maybe not). I originally wanted to blog about politics, because I get really involved (mentally), but realized after all the heat dies down, I'd be a boring shit. So I decided to just be a boring shit anyway, write what I want, and have fun too. If I had as many comments as you, I'd be pulling my hair out. Don't feel guilty. You're only human. I don't expect you to reply to my comments, but when I do leave one, it's because you effect me somehow / someway. Don't get all gaga about this, okay.


Dear God, what a wank THAT was. But, you know, you did it, it's done, I'm sure you feel better and your heart is definitely in the right place.


Rich is my baby daddy!


Aww dude man. Stay strong. I love your recaps and they light up work every Monday. I do have a question for you- I thought you were doing baby recaps of Pussycat Dolls Search for More Pussy or whatever on the VH1 blog, but the last recap up here (http://vh1blog.vh1.com/the_pussycat_dolls/index.html) is the ep where Mari was eliminated, and there's definitely been more episodes after that. Did you stop recapping PCD?


Hi Rich - I'm mostly a lurker on both fourfour and your Celebreality and VH1 blogs, but I had to write to thank you for your work on the "I Love New York" recaps.

In particular, alerting us that the Reunion special was coming, giving folks a chance to post their reactions right after, recapping the Reunion so well, then providing behind the scenes coverage, with great screen captures and commentary. Many thanks! Montserrat. P.S. I too was hoping for more Pussycat Dolls coverage...:-)


I've always seen blogs first and foremost as a dialogue. In that spirit, this post is totally appropriate and true. I for one feel more appreciated for it, much as I do when you address one of my comments, either directly or indirectly. (And I've always wondered a bit how you must feel reading all that praise. Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you go back over it for a lift when you're having a bad day? I think I have a better idea now.) This was NOT a wank, at least not any more of one than the fact that you have a blog in the first place. Cheers.

prince don jose hernandez
prince don jose hernandez

ug what no youtube clips allowed in the comments section? or am i straight up zipped down tarded. anyways:


i'm not crazy am i i swear you dropped some d summer up there.


Hey there, I showed up for Winston, and stuck around because you are consistently a great read. I can't count the number of times I've checked in with you. And the reason? Because you make me think and make me laugh and you're just a damned good read. (You're terribly cute, too. I won't lie.)


Hey Rich, did you watch this?


Seriously, you're like the Melinda Doolittle of blogging.

You're damn talented. You should just accept it. (Fortunately, you don't look like a sad platypus either)


Rich, your blog is one of the great gems of the internet. I never would have heard of "Paris is Burning" or the IRL Jerri Blank if it wasn't for you. Everything I've seen here has been entertaining, informative, well-presented... if it wasn't for you my Mondays would be even worse.

Oh, and your mp3s and images work really nicely as YTMNDs:



Yeah man, what's wrong with you? Whenever I post comments like "Love you, Rich." or "HAHAHAH, you're a genius, Rich!" you could at least reply "Love you too, Gyn."


PS, LOVE your picture on the ANTM blog. Maybe you can include a pic of yourself with a thought bubble to sum up each of the episodes from now on. You're WAY cuter than all the model wannabes.


Yes, I agree with the above comments about your super sonic speedy emails and actual responses and threads there that make sad people like me think OMG RICH AT FOUR FOUR IS TOTALLY MAH BFF.

This is sort of like a husband telling his partner that he didn't think he "needed to say 'I love you' for you to know that I do"...I read everything you write, even if I don't comment.

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