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rich you rock!

I was glad Diana was sent home.. it definitely was time. Hopefully Whitney will be gone next week


whatever! I love me some whitney!

Hey you didn't mention Twiggy's wierd outburst at deliberations. It was scary and homocidal.


I don't think Natasha will win but I hope she is in the top 3. She is so entertaining.
I just knew you would screen cap Sarah's tic. I rewound it about 5 times when I first saw it and I was in tears. I wonder why they haven't mentioned that she was already signed to Elite.


In that last animation of Diana, she looks like one of the evil step-sisters from Disney's Cinderella. So glad to see her gone.

I couldn't stop laughing when the judges were SO amazed at how much Jaslene looked like a man.

....Really? Um. Maybe she looks more fem-nun in person.


Natasha was thoroughly amusing this episode.

piss tooth

I'd buy Natasha for a couple hundred bucks too.

Jasleen = Has peen.

Pickin' off the plus sizers. One down, one to go.

What a terrible crop. Any one of these broads could go at any time.

Nigel notoriously bangs a couple of contestants per season. Who could he possibly be fucking this cycle?

Brittnay is so ugly it hurts my satchel.

That is all.


One of the best episodes I've seen of this show. Fell completely and madly in love with Natasha. Thanks for giving me a chance to see her shoot again.


I can't wait til they get rid of Sarah... everytime they show her little rat self,my 7 year old and I cringe!! Love Mondays for the re-caps!! Thanks for the starting my day with a smile!


I love that you used the word 'dudical'! I've been using that word since I was eight! It's a mixture of dude and radical! Awesome!

Anyway, go Natasha!

James Derek Dwyer

warming to Natasha- but why did they do that to her hair??


Aaaaaand my Monday can officially start. You're right about Natasha - she's clearly watched the show before and LEARNED. The girls think she's some stupid foreigner and this chick is gonna ride that underestimation all the way to the finals, you *watch*. I'm glad all the blah girls are getting weeded out early on, Diana - ugh. Don't bitch about Renee's cuntiness to Whitney - grab your used panties and rub them all over her bed. Has Monique not taught us anything about ANTM confrontation control? Also: Nigel was so fucking queer this week and it made me very, very hot. He seriously needs to bring that shit often. Finally, that Time Out Chicago blog kinda hit the nail on the head, didn't ya think? "The show...(is) essentially career death for anyone who actually wants to work in fashion." Exactly.


damn, natasha-as-a-dude did have some swagger, didn't she? made me think she's not as clueless as she puts on. maybe that's just what she wants the competition to think. maybe i'm in to deep and should get a life.

also, this is what was funny for me about tyraism #1, "And the drag queens learn how to be women from me!" Her comment was a followup to the statement, "You learned how to be a man from watching Miss Jay??" The indication is that Miss Jay is feminine to be a masculine example. So would Tyra's comment about herself imply that she's too masculine to be an example of feminity? I don't think that's what she intended to say, but I was innerly amused at the unintentional result.

I know; I will try to get a life as soon as this cycle ends. :)


oooooohheeeeee....I love me some russian.

Thank you for the re-cap Rich. I wish you had a tip jar. (do you?)

Passing Shot

seriously funny. But no mention of the pit stains half the girls had during the judging? What, snot/nooger references=okay, pit stain references=too crude?


RE: "Nigel notoriously bangs a couple of contestants per season. Who could he possibly be fucking this cycle?"
Where did you hear this? I know someone who works with him very closely and he said Nigel has a super hot, super sexy wife who he is super in love with...

Rich, that was an awesome recap, as usual, Hoevere I was surpised you didnt mention Brittany's busted ass weave looking like a brillo pad.... That thing has to go..


from these pics of sarah she reminds me of miranda from sex& the city...miranda faking an orgasmh while having sex and miranda on a mechanical bull episodes.


Your recap was 10x better than last weeks show. The show sucked! I hope Natasha gets her own spin-off, that girl is HIGH-larious!


i wish theyd do something about natashas looks like a fucking broom


ps. i fucking hate Sarah.


Anyone else notice how Jasleen as a man really really really looked like Michael from La Femme Nikita?


Oooh I can't believe nobody has mentioned how that little shrew / rat thing Sara totally took all the credit for the outfit that Dionne picked out for her!! I could not believe that. If I saw her in real life I would punch her in the face (ala Renee)


you always make my monday's with this. plus it means only 2 more days to new top model. wooohoo. this season is too hilarious.

What it do, shawty.


ha! i wanted sarah to go but what's her name was good enough. natasha, dion and renee are the top three and i really hope renee doesn't get it. this season is just so damn good.

and i love natasha! if they get rid of her for any reason i will object.

trick please

I never had a favorite before this episode. Now, I'm in love with Natasha and Dionne.

Dionne's country slang is so endearing. And if they had sent her home woulda been pissed especially since Sarah acted like she picked out the damned clothes herself.

Natasha is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna git.

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