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April 13, 2007



Rich, you are wonderful. I wholeheartedly agree with your summary of the contribution animals make in our lives. I too saved a cat from the brink of death, because her former owner said that she scratched her grandson and took her in to have her put down. I told the shelter that I would take her sight unseen and I drove down and got her that day. She's the best little thing ever. It IS a clear path to happiness. I love the Winston and Rudy posts (and everything else)!

Crazy about the girl

That was really sweet... **tears held back**


Wow, Rich, you rock. What a great story. I do dog rescue and so I see animals in similar situations all the time - good-looking, bought for a pretty penny, cast off because they aren't perfect and the owners don't want to invest anything to try to fix them. What do you feed them? Canned food, or maybe a raw diet? I know of many pets with IBS/IBD who have been helped by a raw diet.

IBS/IBD is a horrible nasty thing, and not easy to fix, really. It's such a testament to your big heart (and your boyfriend's) that you stuck with it and stuck with Winston. The world needs more people like you. I hope that Only Hope knows this story. If not, please send it to them, so they know they made the right choice in placing Winston with you!

Happy gotcha day, Winston!!!!


That kitten picture of Winston is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

And I think the cat-and-culture juxtaposition is perfect. Your cats are, as Tyra would say, "Fieeeerce!"


Thank you so much for writing this piece about Winston, but also for rescuing him and giving him an amazing new life of celebrity! :D I'd be surprised to find even one single reader here who "doesn't read fourfour for Winston". No matter how we discovered your website in the first place, we all end up reading fourfour for your kitties! ;)


this made me kind of misty-eyed, thinking about my pets . . . great story.


Is Winston's stool normal now? I love him.


I was literally in the middle of this post when I called home and found out that one of my mom's cats had to be euthanized yesterday. Thank you for sharing Winston and Rudy, and for reminding me why we continue to let these critters into our hearts even after their predecessors leave us heartbroken.


I can't read this whole thing, because I will cry (yeah, I'm a suck, so what? LOL) but I DID catch the "diahrrea" thing. People like that make me so f*cking mad.

It's like Courtney said - it's all well & good till there's an inconvenience. I hope these people aren't like that with their HUMAN kids, ugh.

Congrats to you, AND for Winston for finding a loving home! One of mine is a rescue, I can't imagine not having him - he's INSANE but he cracks me up at least 10 times a day.

PS Talix18 - *hugs*


I click on this blog everyday in hopes of a Winston post!
I have four kitties, all of them rescue kitties. One was going to be given away, one was left abandoned in an apartment, but my best friend was the manager, so she knew who the soft touch was in her circle of friends. My husband. Then I found a kitten running around a huge parking lot and I named her Meadow. She, like Winston only purred in our lap the first night to get us hooked, then proceeded to shun the lap. It is hard when they are so squooshy and cute. My last kitty I adopted from a lady who only has rescued cats. Cato is insane and completely runs our life. He sleeps stretched out between us, and hogs the middle of the bed. He is long and sleek, but big at 16 pounds.

Since they range in ages, and are male and female, they are all on a prescription diet of Walthams. They are much healthier now, just from being on the right diet. You may look into it, Rich, as they have several different versions, depending on need.

Sorry for the long post, but we cat lovers tend to bore everyone to death with our personal anecdotes. Please keep up the designer kitty posts.


Talix18, so sorry to hear about your loss.


In my fantasies you get all Betty White on my ass.



Long time reader, first time poster here.

I started reading fourfour for the pop culture stuff - which is genius, but I continued reading fourfour for the Winston coverage. Having three rescued cats myself, I continue to be touched by his story.

I have to say that I always thought I had the cutest cats in the world (and I still tell them that they are), but I think Winston may have them beat.

Thank you for sharing his story with all of us. You are truly blessed to have him in your life. I think he would agree.


Talix, I am truly sorry for your loss.


my ex-boyfriend/roommate and i have 6 cats between us, all rescued from various bad situations. people think that makes me a crazy cat lady, but i don't care. it's enough to provide a warm, loving home to these 6 creatures that are more dependable and loveable than most people i know.

good post rich!


2 brothers, Bender and Fry. Could not look more unalike. Or act more unalike. I found them at a shelter sleeping next to each other. My friends are used to me gushing about them like they are children learning to walk - it's what comes with the territory. I never got the sense that your Winston posts were in any way bragging about your cat, far from it. It's clear you truly love them and are proud of the fact that they look and act so odd. It's awesome you brought him back to a healthy state; people who discard sick animals because they are inconvenient should be made to eat their own shit. Seriously.


Winston is so adorable! Thanks for sharing his story!

We have 2 rescue kitties too. Our Persian, Oscar, was dumped at the pound because apparently his family was moving and couldn't be bothered to take him. They didn't even leave him with a name! He's clearly a purebred, which I'm guessing cost them some money. But, at 1 1/2 years old, when we got him, he was underweight, not neutered, and his ears were caked with mites. Why even bother to have a pet if you're going to treat them like that? But, like Winston, Oscar's a sass machine now that he's healthy. My husband's trying to make him an internet celebrity, but his site probably has a millionth of the readership yours has!

As much as I love the ANTM and ProjRun recaps, the kitty posts are my favorites! Keep it up!


The bit about the bigger reason (than cuteness) for your cat blogging is cute and I totally agree with the sentiment. My two Himmies have definitely improved my life. I keep meaning to send you pictures of them (they're sisters and really pretty) to suggest a double date with your cats, but I don't get around to it.

Jen L

I took a cat from my parents. He was a cat that lived in their barn, he was blind in one eye & limited sight in the other. My parents were afraid he wouldn't survive when they moved. That cat was sweet when we got him - but one day into settling into his new house - he turned, just like Winston. He went from being a sweet lap cat into a complete psycho.
I still would never give him up for anything.
I have 2 cats, 2 dogs - all rescue animals of some sort. There are far too many animals that need homes like the one you have provided for Winston.


Each day I check FourFour I hope for coverage on Winston. I'm searching high and low for a clone--of sorts. Thanks for keeping it real.


You're such a good guy! You must have one hell of a momma...


I love that you write about Rudy and Winston. I would write about my She-Devil Midnight, but I fear she may find out and attempt to merk me in my sleep.

Pop culture can scootch over for a second when it comes to your boys.


Rich, you see vaginas in everything :)


this absolutely made my day for what has been a pretty mediocre birthday so far. thanks for cheering me up a bit, and please give Winston & Rudy a hug for me :)


I started reading your blog for ANTM, but one day i stumbled upon winston and proceded to read wll of your kitty posts (my favorite is definately bath time is fun time). I commend you for adpoting kitty's with no home. My parents adopted soem sibling kittys 5 years ago. One was an idiot and teh otehr did not know how to clean herself, so when ever she rubbed up against you, you would get a little feces on you, but we still loved her. After i left for college, teh kitties decided taht they did nto like me anymore, and now they attack me when i try to pet them. SO now i knit cat toys stuffed with catnip to feel liek i have some sort of positive influence on teh cats, They are fickle creatures, but great!! Thanks for the post.


That was awesome :) I love hearing about your kitties. We got ours from a shelter and I have no idea what she went through before.

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