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April 30, 2007



omg first


is miracle.

'whud id doo, shawties' is the best.thing.ever. it makes me so happy. thanks for recaping the recap,rich. i was worrid that i would have nothing to look forward to today!




Oh dear God, this was hilarious. Natasha is the best thing to hit ANTM. (Aside from Elaine - that sistah is FIERCE!)




I'm glad you made mention of the "freakin' lesbo" thing, since that completely changes the statement from borderline-offensive to really-not-in-any-way-offensive. It makes you wonder how many of the bleeps and blurs are just there for show.

Also, I'd have to watch it again, but I don't think the "paper-thin" fight was shown outside before, it was just edited to seem that way. I think they used the audiotrack of the "paper-thin" comment over stock outside footage, then merged into full audio/video from outside the house. But then again, the editors have done worse. Remember the fight that didn't happen between Renee and Whitney, and the "Oh my gah!" comment from Diana that was completely out of context.

So, yeah.

Shark Sandwich

Is that Jaslene's arm petting Elaine? I was so happy when someone finally went to pet her.


This made my morning. I love the idea of Natasha basically speaking like an lolcat. I never made the connection myself, but it's clearly the only logical conclusion. LOVE IT.


Maybe Natasha can be your voice for the rest of the cycle. It makes sense since this cycle is so shitty anyway.


"Nata" on Diane:

"Is rude to point, but is ruder to be fat. Will not miss."

I'm still laughing.


The entire Natasha acting as Tyra video is great. I love it. Post it. Now.


Best line ever?

Jael smell like menestration. Will not miss.

I am done. Lights outs.


I was amazed at how funny Natasha was in this episode recap. Her imitation of Tyra was by far the best. I truly am growing to love her.



Mr. Juzwiak, i love you more than life itself.


I think I love Natasha because she has the posture of a gorilla and the teeth of a horse and yet she's the most flawless mail order bride ever. I am praying for an on-camera visit from the husband. He's got to be all kinds of hot.


I loved this recap of a recap, I think it's one of my favorites of your ANTM posts. Thanks for brightening my day!


I love that you made Natasha into a LOLCAT

Passing Shot

"I am eatin' my lunch an' chokin' so much because Rich's recap is perfection on a bladder!"

Talia J

Perfection as always.

I just wanted to relay a quick story; I happened to run into Mr. Jay himself in a Grand Union in upstate NY this weekend. Crazy, I know!


I could not believe they did black face (and scary white face!)

What's Blood Diamond Russ gonna say about that?

Shot of Love

Just what I needed to ease my Borat withdrawals. Thank you.


Is best recap.


This bitch is gonna win. I feel it in my Ugly American bones. WIN. I really think she's pulling an elaborate ruse, or at least I hope so. We're buying it, Nata - anything you're selling.

Side note: Sara is back in Chicago, apparently she's a singer, too. Cut an album and everything. Songs include "Tic-Tac-Toe", "Two Tic-kets To Paradise" and "Facts Of Life: Geri's Theme".


Jael smell like menestration. Will not miss.


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