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I spit out water when I saw "Jaslene: She got a penis where the tampon go. Should not win."


GOL! Hee!


Yes, a recapped recap! If you recapped Natasha's recap, we could get a whole MC Escher thing going on.

(Loved the kangaroo picture to finish!)


"Should not win" = GOLD.


whud id doo, shawtie

i love jasleen, but damn, whenever she smiles, it looks like she popped an entire case of dentyne ice gums in her mouth.

jay-z + beyonce' = cassandra


oh you stole my idea for a blog written from natasha!!!! I was saving that for the episode she gets eliminated but from the clip show I'd say she's winning.

Anyways, love the "All happy families resemble each other, but each unhappy Natasha is unhappy in its own way." bit.


Separated at birth: Jael's blue-wig pic and Lee Van Cleef?


Fucking brilliant.

Crazy about the girl

From the unseen footage, Natasha seems to be undestructable. Hot curling irons, bad cavities, poor English - NOTHING will stop her. That woman is perfection.

Will not miss is *so* the new Do not want.

(PS, not the place for it, but I so DO NOT WANT Asia either as the new Pussycat Doll.)

Loved it!


hahha "brown sisters".
that girl is a damned genius!
fire tyra's royal tiredness immediately and hire my girl nata to host! can wait to see her crazy ass correspondinating on t's talk show.


Halfway through reading this I was literally hearing Natasha's voice through the magic of your words.

Rich, you most definitely can has cheezeburger.

And this.

i nearly DIED when Natasha said "Some wind for my bitch". omg that was the funniest id ever heard. EVER.

Natasha is nto going to win because she got the reoccurring spot as correspondent on Tyra's talk show. I think Tyra saw the gold that is Natasha and wanted her for herself. Seventeen can have Rene.


This *post* is "perfection on a bladder"!


Penny Woods

Aww, we can't add Natasha as Tyra into the Pretty Party Hall of Fame? :(


Maybe I dreamed it, but I seem to remember the "paper-thin" comment from the original ep.


I think it is genius that Natasha is the only one who gets the true irony of this show and how it works. She nailed Tyra during panel. It makes me wonder if she really understand the "Tyrants" or if she truely takes everything literally. Is she a hiddnen genius or does she just have a very odd understanding of the English language. God she is such an enigma I am enraptured!!Either way I love her and she is the ONLY reason I will ever tune in to Tyra.


Actually another question:

Do you think they named Natasha the winner of the correcpondant job after the entire competition was over and they didn't want the winner to do both the Tyra show and Cover Girl? Or perhaps Tyra wanted the winner on her show as well?

The way Tyra announced the winner was dubbed in later and they never actually showed too much of the girls interviews which I thought was a little fishy.
Maybe they just realized the goldmine that was Natasha and how much everyone responds to her and decided she should just be the winner of the challange regardless.


I can't get over the awesomeness of the pic of the Jays and Nata's quote about "seeing them alive." They look so ridiculous and that quote is perfection.
Thanks for making my Monday bearable once again, Rich!


Natasha can has cheezburger!



This is the best recap I have *ever* read. EVER.

Natasha's perspective = brilliant! I LOVE her!

Oh...and this:
"Is rude to point, but is ruder to be fat. Will not miss."
...made snot come out of my nose. But it was worth it.

***BTW...That picture of Diana bears a frightening similarity to Tyra's "Team Chunk" picture. I think Diana should join Tyra-nnosaurus in the Chunk Hall of Fame!


Okay, I love the way that in both pretend judging panels, it was a double elimination. It's like the girls know how crappy they are.

Elaine for the win!



I have been walking around my office all day telling coworkers they "got round, mature butt. Will not miss!"

bitch holyness fux that rox cock some tooth

i love this entry,bitch.

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