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basically this is the best recap that has ever existed.

elaine might be fiercer than nata, notsry2say.

Miss Lisa

I'm sorry, I have to paste this here. It's a reader review I found on the NY Times site for the Truman Capote film, "Infamous," starring Toby Jones (which is a really great film, btw). Some of these sentences are just really beautiful to beholding (like Nata, for real):

I do not believe to exaggerate by saying that this film will become "worship", having seen the precedent in 2006, there, I believe that we holds a small quite higher masterpiece. The realization and the setting in scene swarm with details which at the beginning of film, in the form of life told, or after, when the investigation of Truman Capote really starts, I was completely "paste" by the image, framing, the sound-band, even the color very "sixties", decoration, costumes. For me, it would need a second vision to be able to realize of the incredible research of the realizer to make this film credible. Toby Jones is absolutely remarkable, but not only because he wanted to stick to his character by the sound of his voice, his step, but also by the approach of the character "Truman Capote" in his disconcerting side, gemellaire, cruel, high-society man, narcissistic and show-off. Throughout the film, I slowly smell to come the human side from Capote which replaces his side "venomous tongue", but we hardly to knowing: was he in love-fascinated or calculator-actor? His novel (and his fortune) were conditioned all the same by the death of two men. As for the second roles held by a "pleiade" of stars, then there, I remained fascinated by interpretation, , they are superb and even astonished me, especially Sandra Bullock who had more accustomed me to poor films. I draw my hat with the casting. This film should be seen!


"The walls in a house full of women are paper thin" sounds like it could be the title of a giallo.


"the previously unseen footage of Jael being fucking annoying really put Renee's feelings for her into perspective."

No truer words have ever been spoken. I also have to say I laughed ridiculously hard on the "I want roosters too" :(


Diana and Whitney were the worst things that ever happened to ANTM. Glad those two useless wastes of spaces are gone!


you thought you could slip in that bonita applebum reference unnoticed? :)

Miss Kizzy

Cheers to you, Rachel, for catching the look on Diana's face when Renee and Dionne went head up. She looked as if she was hoping they'd oil up and "go for blows." Although Nata is entertaining, I love Dionne. If it comes down to the two of them, Dionne should take home the gold.



hhmm seems familar


I will never read anything more wonderful than your (Natasha's) re-interpretation of Brenda's Got a Big Ol Butt.

I love you forever and ever.


"Is rude to point, but is ruder to be fat. Will not miss."

Ahahahahahahahaha best quote of the recap. Will remember always. I fear for your psychological health Rich...but it's adding to the laughs so whatevz!


Man, I wish they would open up a class on Nataspeak at my university. Imagine the possibilities. :D

I'd make a post on your Charm School Recap, but TypePad apparently think I'm a spammer. :(


rich -

i dont know if you had heard about this, but there was a "leak" on wikipedia a few weeks back regarding Cycle 8. it had a bracket of who was kicked off each week, and in what order they were announced. it also had episode recaps... through the rest of the season.

so far its been accurate (it said they were going to australia, it said how they were going to bring back models from previous cycles, etc)...

obviously it got taken down almost immediately. did you happen to see this too? i think it had major spoilers!! pls let me know if so and what you thought of it -


love it love it love it love it love it!


I L(not G)OL at the 'Jaslene has a penis' comment. It made me think of Janice Dickinson, everyone thinks that she's a guy too (maybe a crotch test can clear this all up. What you do is you kick someone in the crotch and if the scream in pain, than you know it's a guy. If the person goes ow but gets over it, than it's a girl.) If you don't want to kick someone in the crotch than you can do it the easy way, than you can just 'check' if you know what I mean. I know, I'm bad, but don't blame me, blame Family Guy!


I didn't even care about the blackface-not sure why but it was somehow charming. Russian accents are the new French I think.

I work with a few Russians btw and their bluntness and unique talent with the English language is quite enchanting. Now when I hear them talk, will be thinking Natasha voice in head. This happiness making for me. Das vadanya, moi brat Rich.


Two Snaps Up for the Encyclopedia Brown reference!

Amazing recap, as always. Always LMAO at your recaps and your rapier wit.


Rich, you make me make many laugh be funny.


My biggest laugh each week is YOU, you crazy Natasha-lovin fellow freak!



This is the funniest thing I have ever read! I can't wait for Mondays! You are truly gifted!

Ro Ro

Holy shit, every week, your recaps get better and better!

"Is rude to point but is ruder to be fat. Will not miss."

"Feleashes I can has mustache? Will not miss."



Rich, will you marry me? I'm serious. I know you've got a man and a cat all that and I'm married w/children, but so what!

Ok. Let me phrase it to you in Natasha speak so you'll understand: "You no like baginas? Is ok. We live never happily neverafter. Is ok. I love funny man who write about girl from mother Russia. "

You crack me up every. single. week! Great post!!!


Luv this recap rich!LMAO!....I have a russian roomate that sounds and almost looks like Natasha!


rich. you are a genius. this was the best post ever. this post made me want to be your best friend. like, i seriously want to know you in real life and be your best friend, and i've never even met you before! i don't say this about many people! GOL!gol!GOL!!L!L

i can't wait to read your finale post!!!! xo


holy shit. i always knew you were jesus.


"She got a penis where the tampon go.Should not win."
Diet Coke just came out of my nose! That is the funniest fuckin shit I have ever read.
Oh, and the Barbra Walters Trannyshow loop/edit that you did was pretty incredible too.
That will be on a tourettes loop in my head for about the next 67 hours...thanks!



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