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April 19, 2007



Return of the mack!


Before I read the second paragraph with your composite of those three people, I was thinking more along the lines of the Predator, V. 2k7.


i can't get enough of that song right now!

Brandon H

I'm always amazed when people from the same set recycle each others beats (and in this case, lyrics) AND folks just eat that shit up. This is a slowed down version of "It's going down" with more bass (and not because of the dance) and background humming added.

The first time I heard anyone do that was when Mary used that Lil Kim's "No Time" beat in "I Can Love You." I thought it was crazy, especially since we were just getting tired of Kim's track, but folks treated it like it was new. I wonder why that is? And why it continues to work for folks now?

Brandon H

Oh, and the composite joke was great! haha! "Bleeding Gums Murphy"!!!

T-Pain kinda makes me think what Busta Rhymes would have looked like if he hadn't buffed up on steriods.


T. Pain = testicular pain?


There is not drank in America to make me go home with that. Better break out the Absinthe! He needs something that make people hallucinate.


You can keep this song Rich, but I'm happy you have me UMBRELLA

trick please

I honestly cannot believe you reviewed a song by T-Pain.That is hilarious

Queen Lena

I can not STAND that vocal effect. It's been driving me crazy for years; every time I hear it, I seriously almost start pulling individual hairs out of my head.


I wear that exact same banana yellow do-rag to bed every night.


I heard this song on the radio this morning for the first time and I was like, 'here we go again- shorty shorty, money, money, walk it out, petron, etc. etc'

BUT then I got hit with the 'ooh oooh ooh' and I was transported to middle school and I wanted to straight make a dance routine to this song.


I love this song!


I love this song, you are so right about the 90's effect. I wish I had the chance to grind with my first love to this on the rubber floor of our cafeteria during a school dance. How's that for a run-on? Haha...you're great!


"This is big talk from a guy who looks like a composite of Whoopi Goldberg, Stevie Wonder ('07 edition) and Bleeding Gums Murphy..."

I...fucking...love you.

As for the song...one of those you feel so guilty about singing (and snappin') to. What can you do.


Seriously Rich, I have been kicking myself for humming along to this song for two weeks now. I dont know whats more disturbing, the song itself or the fact that Mr. I'm In Love Wit A Stripper is singing it.

I dont want to like it, and I damn sure dont like that gremlin T-Pain, however its stuck in my brain dispite the horrible "Roger from Zapp" style vocals he uses time and time again.

I feel unclean, I need to go shower now. *shudders*

Brandie Posey

yessssssss to your Beyond the Valley of the Dolls header!!! my fave movie of all time.

Michael F Gill

>>How else to explain that "Believe"-esque vocal effect he puts on his voice (in various degrees) on just about every track he graces?<<

I'm betting it's done because the vocalist really can't hit a high note, and the producers have to digitally autotune the vocal to death in order to cover things up. The result might sound synthetic, but thanks to vocoders/robots/etc, it almost seems edgy nowadays.


winston: thats so a Jaslene pose at 2:46
rich: pizza, spaghetti, burgers, desert!


Wow, he looks like The Predator channeling the House of Infiniti BQ-Style face-off winner.


There is a reason why he uses a voice modulator:

1. T-Pain made a spoof track of Akon. In order to sound like Akon he used a modulator. Akon heard it and signed T-Pain.

2. T-Pain sounds like crap live in most venues that doesn't allow for the system needed to change his voice.

I like the song although I think most of T-Pain and Akons songs are a little off.


I love this song! This and party like a rockstar are on heavy rotation in ATL right now lol


I'm going to have to disagree...I think Lloyd's "Git it Shawty" trumps this song. Any song that immediately makes you think of a stripper named Lexus, Porche or Mercedes clapping her ass and spinning around a pole is a classic! There's no doubt in my mind that these two songs will be turning out the strip clubs this summer!

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