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Wonderful recap! I now officially love Monday mornings.


You are awesome =) Hilarious recap once again

god this makes my monday.


am i first?



Ro Ro

OMG! Kowl! Mantenna! Aflac! Rich you kill me. Best recap ever.


How about Sarah's, "I can't believe we were like, 10 feet away from Twiggy!" as though this was something new.


So I was wondering what was up with Benny Madea not mentioning the pool thing at judging? The commercial for the episode made it sound like that Jael would be eliminated for it!


Thank you so much! This day is sooo much better already after reading your recap.


You know why Sarah looked so much better in the end... she wasn't posed.



hahaha, yeah, I thought that it was great of Medina to imitate Sarah's twitching.

did anyone else noticed that Tyra stated TWICE that she edits the photos? I assume that she spends maybe five minutes picking the girls' worst shots (ie, like when she even said that Samantha had sexier shots) and lets other people spend hours changing Brittany's skin color in the ice cream shot from yellow to natural. It's like they just really want the audience to see Tyra's role in the show...okaaay, you're important and do more than host and judge. we get it.


Honestly: Brown? Isn't that nickname already being used by UPS?

Freddy Dukes

Duck hair = comedy. Nice recap.


oh, the woes of a cheap weave

Toothy Tile

I choked on my orange juice reading "breeding doodle dandy." I hope you're happy.

As for Britney's hair, all I can think of is a quote from her in the episode to the extent of "My hair was looking a damn MESS!". I'm thinking,"Girl, your hair has been looking a damn mess for several weeks and you're JUST NOW noticing that?"

Jaslene's photo really sucked. Homegirl better step up her game or she'll be 'the girl that started off so strong, but faded later in the competition.'


I am glad Tyra admitted fault & is going to fix Brittany's hair, but what will they do to it now?!


Brit-t-t-t's sailboat-like hair makes me smile...but not as much as Natasha's "You said not nice things" comment.

I want a little pocket-sized-Natasha to carry around with me at all times. I wonder which store/brothel she was bought from, and whether she's a one-of-a-kind, or if I can get a duplicate...


I LOVE Dionne! She is so quotable and absolutely gorgeous!

"She looks like a pissed off housewife." Ahhhh Twiggy =)

And Tyra changing her name to Brown was so weak. I mean shit, she was wearing a cute top. Why not name her "Blouse"? Or we could be really European and call her "Stiletto". Stupid.

Wholahay was a stroke of genius!


I can die happy now having just seen a link between Mantenna and ANTM.

That was all I needed in life.

(PS. recognized you at the gym the other day and wanted to say in person how much i love your blog, but was only wearing a towel and decided against it due to awkwardness issues. BUT, i love your blog. there. i said it.)


Lol... great recap.. alot more entertaining than that last episode.
I mean come on.. nicknames??? WHY? Have they just totally run out of ideas?
God that was just really pathetic.


Whitney serving hot dogs on her chest - oh Rich, you are a comic genius!


Great recap! My fave is still bitchy ice queen Renee, in all her Sharon Stone-esque glory.


I was honestly surprised that when Dionne was describing Wholahay as a child bride tramp who married a 40 yr old, the editors didn't immediately cut to Natasha looking a wee bit uncomfortable. Lost opportunity there, editors!

Brit-tit-tit is totally going to the final 2. They don't invest time and money on people who they want to get rid of (Joanie and Dani's teeth, fer example).

Will Smith, personality-wise, is a self-important dork. Looks-wise, the man is gorgeous. I'd fault Benny for not looking like he's about to bust one in that picture. Seriously!

And Brown?!?!?!? Are you kidding me?

Side note - David, if Rich J has a problem with towel-clad men coming up to him at the gym and telling them they like him than I've completely lost faith in him as human being.


It really shocks me that you didn't bring up Renee's afwul scarf-hood thing she's got going on. And it's not just the one--she has two!

What is she THINKING? It looks fucking horrible and well, retarded. I don't know why, but it makes me think of elves (the Lord of the Rings type, not the dinky Santa's workship type). There is something wrong with that.


Yea for monday ANTM recaps!

I have to say it...I still love Melrose!

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