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again another great recap....

Natasha for the win!


Wonderful, as usual.


OMG, I never thought in million years I'd see a photo from Harry Harlow's research on an ANTM blog. This couldn't be more perfect. I used the same photo in a post last fall about choosing to be a fur mother over a wire mother. Here's the link to prove it:

You won't want to read it, though; it's about breastfeeding struggles and will skeeve you out.

Just wanted to say that the pasting of Renee's face over the baby monkey's is pure genius. I already loved your blog but you've advanced five spaces on my game board with this one. :-)


Brit's weave is the best thing ever! It needs a spin off.


Third? heh.
Omigosh! Yes! I've been waiting for this! Haha! It's like I'm addicted or something..hmmm.
Love you and your recaps every single week!


I live for these posts... Phenomenal job as usual.


although I can't believe you didn't point out that the camera avoided Tyra like the plague. There were about three shots of her, when usually the show's shots can best be entitled "TYRA! and then some skinny bitches."

Renee as Rhesus Monkey=GENIUS!


rich, you make my mondays! i don't know how i lived without you... and i'm in LOVE with dionne - i would totally go lesbo for her!


Dionne is pure gold. She needs an action figure. Pull the string and out spouts pure amazingness.


Toothy Tile

Britney's hair is still a damn mess even without the weave! How evil to just remove it and not re-cut her hair. This will be part 2 of her struggle.

Also, sorry Jaslene, but Dionne is my new favorite.

Toothy Tile

god dammit, why did I keep typing Britney instead of Brittany!?

Britney Spears has poisoned my mind.


Rich, you're amazing.

"The thing always happens that you believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen." --Frank Lloyd "Jade" Wright

Talking about modeling = dancing about architecture?


Shouldn't they have included Michelle in the "lesbo" shot? It only seems fair.


Someone needs to address the fact that Natasha's daughter's name is Angelina. Because you know she saw "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" on the plane from St. Petersburg and was like "I will name my baby after pretty lady with knives!"


great recap! i was hoping you'd mention Dionne's Jamaican accent.


As I am a bitchy little pedant, I must point out that Norelle was from seas--er, cycle, 3.

and excellent recap as always.




1) Britanny needs to give up, and just Britney her head.

2) Tyra clearly reads FOURFOUR...

3) Renee as a monkey was even better than an entire caturday worth of LOLCATS.



Oh My God, when Dionne launched into her "I don't know where that Jamaican accent came from" I was head-over-heels in love. How can someone be dip-shit and brilliant at the same fucking time? Only Wholahay makes it possible; something to aspire to, even. Where did she come from? She was so BLAH the 1st couple of episodes and now she's all I live for. Jaslene still has my tranny-lovin' heart, but Dionne is my one true lust.

I think these girls all know to just fucking nod whenever Tyra babbles about shit at panel. Seriously, just go to your happy place and pretend she makes sense or isn't condescending or even a little bit offensive. It was like AJ and the neck thing. There's a difference between "this" and "this". Sure there is. BRILLIANT.

SO GLAD THE ACTING EPISODE IS DONE. Always the lamest. Off to Australia next week.

Rich, you are adorable in pictures.


Ah, I feel much better already. Now...what about the pussycat blog on VH1? I'm dyin for it!
You are most definitly the best thing ever!


This is the cycle of mothers. I predict a mother will win.


Wholahay 07! I LOVE her! Also, forget crying counts, can we get a baby count?


where's the capture of "what the fuck is wrong with my baby's hair?"

i need it!


Is it just me, or does Renee look so much prettier when she cries?

Also, "because, as you know, Top Model can be comical at times". Best Tyra Voice-Over EVER!!!!

Thanks Rich. You brighten up my Mondays.

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