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May 23, 2007



This is too much. The cuteness is killing me. He looks like a stuffed animal in some of these. I just want to rub my face in his fluffy fluffy tummy!


These pictures are fantastic! You've captured everything we love about both ANTM and Winston in one post. Question in reference to the banner - anyone know where you can get stickers, tee shirts, etc. with the Kodami (sp?) on them?




I have to finally comment to say, ohmyfuckingod he's adorable.

And I love your blog, ANTM or not. In fact, I've never actually seen ANTM, I just read about it on your blog.


work it, feline!

yes, ah yes, i am enlightened. Everything Is Winston.


lol omg i want that cat


Winston would have KILLED in ANTM. The camera, clearly, loves him.


I TOO AM WINSTON! He is not showing enough neck in the photos but he is still on his way to becoming America's Next Top Cat Model.


He is too FIERCE! Wish I could get my cats to pose like Winston!


Did you rub Vaseline on his cheekbones? Because that's what really makes it fashion. Also, you should talk to him about his neck, it's lost in these shots.


I want to squash his head. In a good way.


ahhhhhh adorable. i totally want your cat. if you ever need a kitty-sitter, i'm more than happy to oblige!

also: you've gotten me absolutely obsessed with i can has cheezburger. me AND my girlfriend. it's kind of a problem. thanks a lot, rich!


You've ruined Billy Corgan for me forever with the deadly truth of the Jamie comparison.

Luckily, I don't care that much about Billy Corgan.


:: sigh ::

And I fall in love all over again.


Let's see what the panel has to say:

Tyra: Winston, you have a tendency to lose your neck. And this is why we say it's important to know your angles, because when you do this *pose*, your nose is a little puggy. Instead of this *pose*, you want this *totally same pose but with crazy eyes*. But your look is undeniably fierce, and it's that fierce that saves you from week to week. Your fierceiness is just too fierce for us to fierce.
Twiggy: Yes, I think the camera loves you. Who are you again?
Ruffles: Work it out, girl.
Nigel: *Leery glare* I think I want to take you home tonight.

Okay, there you have it....good shoot, Winston can stay!!


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. That Winston injection should last me all day. Oh GOD he is a cute cat. Kiss his weird head for me. And those big clubby paws!!

In that favorite picture, Winston looks like he's saying, "Who, moi?"


Not to be obsessive or stalky, but could you provide a large version of that amazing picture? I'd love it on my desktop...

queen rat

omg! magna carta all the way.

I just wanna stick my face in his adorable tummy! Winston just made my day!


Click to enlarge, n! I uploaded all of them so that clicking on them pops open a window with 800 x 600 versions of the shots.


Everything is Winston!

Good grief, man! Are you just figuring that out?

Everything except Rudy, that is. Schmopsticks indeed.


Ah! the paws! I love his "who me?" expression!


In the second picture he looks like he's doing that "black people drive like this; white people drive like this" joke.
Oh Winston and his racially-based humor!


That is now my wallpaper! the camera loves him hehe


I TOO AM WINSTON! He is not showing enough neck in the photos but he is still on his way to becoming America's Next Top Cat Model.

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