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May 24, 2007



Awesome review on Amerie's
I was really looking forward to it, and knowing there are 80's throwbacks hidden within would make it sound 100 times better!

she's the hotness...

Thanks for the other reviews on these ancient bands as well! :D


Useless info alert!- Idalis Leon, former MTV vj and the girl who was the stripper who cheated Federico out of a tv and or rent money on Six Feet Under, was one of the members of Sedection. She's the one lying down on the album cover.


That "Because of You" mix is hot! Thanks for a great post!

Queen Lena

OK Rich, I know you get "I love you Rich!" every day, but God damn, do I mean it right now. My freestyle fascination is unnatural. And I get into what I call a Freestyle Funk when the weather gets warm. I guess it's weird because I was really young when most of these came out (kindergarten age). But they were the first songs I learned to sing and dance too, and my sisters were in middle school/high school and addicted themselves. And so it goes, and here I am, happy as a pig in shit.


Awwww yeah! I loved The Cover Girls and "Show Me" was my all-time favorite of theirs. Awesome stuff, Rich. Thanks for the mixes, too... especially "Wishing On A Star" --- man, that brings back memories.


this may be the best blog opst of all time, ever.


FYI, Expose also switched out at least one of the girls because the originals were really ugly. However, they kept the lead girl because she was the only one who could sing. Why do I know this...



I still remember my pre-teen years sitting in my room listening to New York's Hot 97 (before it was hip-hopped to death) and grooving to these girls. As you said Rich, you couldn't exist in NJ and NOT hear freestyle. I mean, TKA, Lil' Susie, Stevie B....god, memories. I really dug that music because it was so infectious and fun. Whenever I hear a freestyle track now I'm instantly transported back to Jersey circa 1988.

I gotta say, if we're gonna give props to freestyle divas, we def have to shout out Lisa Lisa. She was freestyle back before freestyle was freestyle and her freestyle was so "pop" I even remember my mom jamming out to "I Wonder If I Take You Home" in the car as a kid.

Also, I gotta disagree with ya on one minor detail: "Heartbeat" was sooo Seduction's best song. Garage/House, meet freestyle.

Also, do you remember Pajama Party too? Or am I just over displaying my dorkiness here?

Mike B.

Glad to hear this. People keep talking about how the Rihanna album's better, and maybe it is, but it would have to be approaching like Purple Rain levels to be obviously better than Amerie. Because I Love It should come with a rubber band to stop your jaw from dropping all the time when you listen to it. The shit she does with her voice! Crazy. There's a chance taken every 30 seconds, and it's breathtaking.


Ugh...love you. Those bands were part of my gay childhood. "Let Me Be The One" and "Show Me" were some of my most favorite songs EVER. It reminds me of the great era of "Freestyle Music" with greats like Stevie B and Desire.

Plus, I didn't even know Amerie was coming out with a new album! Thanks! I got it right after I read this review.

Is it just me or do the girls from Expose look really Tranny-ish...especially the one on the right. Still love them though!

Thanks Rich!


Freestyle fans.... FREESTYLE.FM

for you know...when you're jonesing


How can you not be moved by "Take Control"? With that full-throttle Tom Ze riff backing it?

hot damn.


Power 106 days, before it got all rapped/R&B'd out. *sigh*


Anyone else seeing the eerie Bootz/Amerie likeness? Great post Rich!


I kind of think that if you were an 80's gay child growing up in Jersey you gotta be in love with Bon Jovi.


best banner ever.
expose are hot


Girl...I just fell in love with you all over again.

I tuned in to see if you had posted "Summertime" this year, and instead you took me back to a totally different South Jersey summer memory: those Eagle 106 and Q102 radio concert "jams". Seduction, Expose, The Cover Girls, Cynthia and Johnny O, Boyz II Men, etc etc... hotness. (Sweet Sensation I saw opening for NKOTB...omg. With Dino...omg.)

And that Amerie track...hotness.

Happy Summer Kickoff!


Wow, talk about the wayback machine. Your Roxanne reference was great. I had to look up Roxanne Roxanne. I'm pasting the youtube link 'cause I can't get over how much Will Smith's style of rap comes through. Why did he make it and these guys didn't?



Okay, I know they weren't freestyle per se, but do you remember Tigra and Bunny and "We Like the Cars (That Go Boom)?"


man, i forgot all about sweet sensation's asses.
thank you rich for this flashback--first my neighbors having a CRAZY new jack barbeque (flipping the ribs to color me badd, i saw it!) and now this. thanks thanks ad infinitum!


so rich, are you going DOWN THE SHORE (i.e. wildwood) this summer? i need some waffles and ice cream like there is no tomorrow!


I really didn't love this new album from Amerie. I thought her last one was much better.


you know, the funny thing is that my eyes were glazing over reading the amerie stuff... then? i saw seduction! and i started hearing 'i'm hook on yooouu' in my mind. lol. great post.

one thing though? you have to add the bit about the line-up change in the cover girls, or it will annoy me all weekend! seriously, as a kid, i was so upset when they switched leads. well, until i heard 'funk boutique' :P


oh! one more thing. back in the day, i saw this interview with seduction. they were talking about the recording of 'it takes two' - which, yeah, confused me too. seems the girls couldn't get the 'it.takes.two' part down. they kept slurring the lines together like 'ittakestwooo' and the producer dude was about ready to choke a bitch. good times.


I also think of these songs as part of the soundtrack to my gay 1980's childhood, but I live on Long Island, not New Jersey. Same difference right?

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