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Loved the Freddy Krueger comments


In an interview, Brit did say that she went back and did ask the driver to wait for her, but that it was edited out. I'm not surprised if that was true to be honest, what a way to make a contestant look like a fool and justify her elimination!

Best part of this post - Jaslene's balloon head. TEARS IN MY EYES.


You know what, Rich? Tyra doesn't care if you don't like her pee-pee joke. She was making a joke to make herself laugh. Don't say nothin' to her. If she'da shut up talking to you, don't say nothin' to her, 'cause she ain't said nothin' else to you, and you don't know her like that to be sittin' up here gettin' an attitude over nothing.


OK, wow!! I have been coming to your site for a long time now, a few cycles of ANTM to be exact, but I've never posted. I've never posted on any of the blogs I visit but I just cannot contain myself any longer. I've laughed out loud at your recaps many a time, but you killed me with Jaslene!! First as Freddy and then as Schoolteacher. Do you currently reside in my head??? I was sipping tea at my desk at work and I laughed soooo out loud that I spit said tea out onto my mousepad. Marry me, please it's sooo obvious we are soulmates!


this recap is particularly genius


good call on the gollum stance!! creepy.


I loved Natasha's reaction to Brits fit throwing for arriving late. I thought by the look on her face she was this close to jumping up and slapping her back into reality. Priceless.


i'm still trying to take in the fact that you referenced what i still think is the most homoerotic movie of the last 30 years.

nightmare on elm street 2 is truly the brokeback mountain of horror movies.

also, my 15 year old sister looks exactly like jaslene. would it be wrong to make her audition for top model in three years? no? ok great.


Dear mer:

Natasha is an American. She lives in America, identifes herself as American, and loves Americans and America. Why shouldnt she participate in ANTM?

When Nicole, a British citizen, won no one ever said a thing about her not being American. And how about Jaslene? She she be banished too becuase she is spanish and has an accent?

I am so sick of this anti russian discrimination.


You outdid yourself this time. Funniest recap to date!

Ro Ro

A conversation between Borat and Natasha would be priceless. Awesome recap as ever, Rich.

eazy e

brian mcknight. YES.


I think, most importantly, Natasha feels herself American.


oh, rich. we need to figure out a way to dump our current BFF's and run off into the sunset together. you make my ANTM world complete.
i was hoping you would comment on jaslene's "we're bringing sexy back". yikes. frightening.
also the hairless big balled rat was inspired.
what else?
hot dog buns as the new sex accessory. i called my real life BFF and was laughing when he answered the phone.
rich, you fill my heart with gladness and take away all my sadness each and every week.
even though the girls this cycle are less than stellar, i will miss it b/c of your recaps.
thanks again.
p.s. "turn around trite eyes." teeheehee.


i'm trying to mentally inventory my mom's PRECIOUS MOMENTS collection. Did they start making PRECIOUS MOMENTS-of-COLOR- creatures? I remember that one of those friable Christian kids was drinking from a waterfountain (pre Moment-of-Color? Precious Kids Only? Or are all Children precious, etc. etc.) and the "water" spraying from the fountain was made out of the same plastic angel-hair stuff that glowed in different colors. those were great gay toys. but technically speaking: would it be a PRECIOUS MOMENTS FIGURE or a PRECIOUS MOMENTS FIGURINE? This would seem to have implications for Jaslene, who might be more of a Jasl. Brittany definitely seemed, Fbombs notwithstanding, more of a Brittanine. i'm so very grateful, Rich, that you give of your brilliance so generously, reliably, glitteringly. whatever you're sublimating, KEEP IT COMING. XOXO

Rectilinear Propagation

Man, I'm just glad you explained the pee-pee joke (that it was because her pant LEGS were wet).

When me and my sister watched the episode we thought she'd lost it completely. "Oh my God, she's finally lost it! Why isn't anyone wondering why Tyra's talking about pissing herself?!?"


speaking of TurnAround TRiteEyes, why can't KIKI be a guest judge for this show? (Twiggy replacement? Would she eat the collars off of Miss J's blouse?) better yet, WHY CAN'T KIKI COMPETE? If Tyra wants Fierce, Kiki IS fierce. And Kiki's child-stories totally eclipse Renee's drooly golem drivel.


What happened to Jaslene's kid? Remember her whole "All American Family" with soldier dad and model mom from cycle 7? No mention of soldier dad or kid...weird.


Rob Zombie! 11 year olds! OMG!
best recap evah!
why couldn't rob zombie be the guest judge/ photographer on the " be a dead biyutch photo shoot?"
I feel myself liking that idea!


is this the first cycle with no girl who has "all the potential in the world?"

btw, rich, i have a present for you... click and scroll down...


is this the first cycle with no girl who has "all the potential in the world?"

btw, rich, i have a present for you... click and scroll down...


is this the first cycle with no girl who has "all the potential in the world?"

btw, rich, i have a present for you... click and scroll down...


oops, sorry


That riff on Jaslene's head was the shit. I'm totally gonna het fired for busting up at my desk, loudly.


Ha ha. "Get."

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