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May 08, 2007



So I take it Elaine was eliminated? Shame. Bitch was fierce.

Great recap, as usual, but the pretty party was just uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, vs UH-uh-Uh-uh-Uh, like Beyonce would do.


quote from adrian:

>>i'm still trying to take in the fact that you referenced what i still think is the most homoerotic movie of the last 30 years.

nightmare on elm street 2 is truly the brokeback mountain of horror movies.<<

I take it you've never seen Sleepaway Camp?


tyra was workin' the no-neck monster look in both of this weeks cover photos!


NICE recap! And nice that schoolteacher from Hookers at the Point got worked in (i love how she loved to say "chucha mi chocha" or something when she was with her johns). How DARE you be late with the recap. I'm sure you have a good excuse.


Jaslene reminds me of Sonia Braga as Mrs. Westlake aka the Dragon Lady on the Cosby show...


"Why must I cry" - Yes I did catch the Reh Dogg reference.


Awesome...I feel myself so happy now!

Dionne...god I love her and her ghetto-fab-ness.

And hang on...did anybody else notice how Brittany's exit was relatively (though not entirely) tearless? I mean come on! Bitch cries about freakin EVERYTHING, and then was almost completely stone-faced through her entire elimination!
"Will not miss".

Also...that model that Jaslene and Dionne shot with is SO friggin hot...


You always make my week. I'm not quite sure whether that's a pathetic or a fantastic thing.


This made me pee pee in my pants.



the reason natasha says "feel yourself" (in this context) is because the russian verb is reflexive (in this context) - "chuvstvovat' sebia," meaning, literally, "to feel myself [as experiencing something, e.g.]." the verb "chuvstvovat'," without the "sebia" means to feel or touch something.

i'm just sayin...



I think I speak for everyone here when I say:

If you're not entertained by Rich's blogs, go get your kicks elsewhere. Or better yet...start your own blog since you obviously think that you can do better. (*rolls eyes*) Bet that'll happen...

I still think the recaps are great. Sure, maybe they've lost their "new-ness" or originality...or even as you say, have become "formulaic"...but thats what happens when you recap a FORMULAIC SHOW.

So like I said...if you don't like it, don't read it. The rest of us who have commented are *clearly* still entertained.

Oh...and since you apparently have such a "mastery of the written word" (judging from your judgement of Rich)...I would have thought that you'd have known that "FIRSTLY" is not a grammatically correct way to start a sentence.



Yeah, Jason is an ass, though he does have every right to his opinion, as clearly wrong as it may be. In all, I have to say I think he meant well. And I'm with Rich in the assessment that the recaps are NOT becoming formulaic. On the contrary, he makes a real effort to change things up and keep an otherwise formulaic topic interesting. And he succeeds. The fact that we keep tuning in and keep laughing our asses off is proof positive that he does not reuse the same old shit. I for one would get bored QUICK if he did.




thanks nippular, but im not a dude :)

team jasleen!


What about when Ty-Ty baby ran up behind the girls on the beach? In slow motion, I thought those thighs were going to cause an earthquake. I'd love to see a .gif of that, complete with earth-shattering sound effects.. yikes!


I was in the library when I was reading this, and I had to keep turning my head the other way and putting my hand in my mouth cause I was laughing so hard.
The Jaslene spying thing...hilarious.
Also, today my French teacher asked us if we knew what the Australian slang word for girl was, and I knew it was sheila (even though that was from a few episodes ago).
See, proof positive that you don't lose brain cells while watching this show (all other evidence to the contrary though).


re: http://fourfour.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/05/08/jaslene_eyecontact.jpg

did you notice they airbrushed this guy's armpits to make them smooth? It was so unnatural looking!


I officially hate Jaslene.

What a bitch.


Did anyone notice how Dionne took a step back in the animation of Tyra backing it up? Its like she was thinking to herself: "I ain't no fuckin' Lesbo".


The floating Jaslene head made me laugh so hard I almost puked. I think if you would have posted a photo of a floating Jaslene Freddy Potato Head I would have had a heart attack. Thanks for your restraint. Good job. Now let's see if you can bring on the big one and put me in the hospital next week when your fav, Dionne, gets the boot. "What the hell?"


You notice how Tyra resembled a lil puppet when Jay said "I wanted you to tell the girls" lol she seemed like a lil girl!


i loved the lady on the left in the tyraism #3, who is looking at Tyra like "really?" sort of with a mom-disapproval look. so good


Rich... my love... best ANTM recap EVER. You can always be late if it's this good. Thank you - as always - for making my work week funny!


loving the rosie free-verse poetry allusion.


It was great to watch Brit-tit suffer in screen caps again after the sheer torture of watching a woman utterly incapable of combing real or fake hair for 2 months.
Love the Annie reference, and awesome Rosie poetry (too good though).

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