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May 08, 2007




Awesome as usual, Rich.


Another wonderful recap. I almost went through withdrawal. As much as I can't understand her, Jaslene has this in the bag. I think it's too late for Dionne to come back from all the "you look mad" comments.


The reference to Schoolteacher literally made me choke on my drink.

i love winston

Yay! Excellent as usual.

(I have nothing original to say. Loved it.)

trick please

lurve me some Dionne


I loved Dionne's "You are lying!" Love her.

Is it just me, or does Dionne looks ridiculously like Aisha Tyler in her women's magazine shot?

And as a follow-up to what I just posted:

Is it just me, or does my grammar sucks?


I love it and I love you. The Jaslene floating head series was phenomenal. As was blurred-mouth Britney. And I so appreciate your cat macro-influence these days.


Loved the Hookers at the Point/School Teacher reference. Here's Jaslene on the stroll....


Yeah, the Dionne elimination is coming soon, with the "you always look mad in your photos" bullshit. I hate it when they start the set-up for a model's elimination when they have no justification for it than what they can make up out of thin air.
Thanks for the recap Rich! BTW, can you give us some clue as to what you would look like bald "down there?" I think you need a few opinions.


Rich asks: "Am I really just that good?"

Natasha answers: "You feel yourself 'Yes'."


Something like this


OMG....I am 7 weeks preggo, and nauseous as hell! Your recap is my soothing relief from hormonal reflux....I forgive you for being late, but please, for the sake of my esophagus, don't be late again!!!!

Oh, I love Natasha....I hope she wins. She makes me feel myself. I mean, I feel her. No, no, wait...yeah, I wanna feel her....it's the hormones.


Dionne's commentary runs through my head daily, in reaction to anything that happens in my life. Today: Damn, I really am going to get something done. Dionne: You are lying! Me: You're right Dionne, I'm going back to bed.

Thanks for the loveliness, Rich. You're fantastic!


Natasha has a good point...some countries have war. Those same countries also have their own version of Top Model.

I was loving Renee's bathing suit. HOT!


Sadly I'm beginning to think that the number of hilarious Dionne quotes is inversely proportional to the semi-intelligent (kind of) Natasha quotes. Couldn't she have given us just one, "What the hell?!"



Now when I watch ANTM, every time something funny happens I laugh once at the actual thing... e.g. The Worst Walk In the History of The World (Thank you Brit, for your contribution)... and then again at the mere thought of the fun you will be having with it. Take as long as you need, you can't rush GENIUS.
Also: Blurmouth Brittany really reminds me of your banner. yeesh.


why don't they teach these girls to walk anymore? brit looked like a fresh-out-the-womb foal trying to walk. i think there's really something wrong with her. like a chemical imbalance or something.


great post but I thought you'd mention the male model w/ the boner when one of the girls had to get into the water. It was priceless because it was practically in profile!


Also, the faux Rosie poetry was hilarious.


Clearly this is why Jaslene said Collective



holy crap, I just laughed harder at this one than at any other recap. Literally had tears. Mr. Potato Head - on. the. floor. dying.

I heart you.


This was the funniest recap ever. Loved Jaslene's Hookers From the Point glasses,but mostly her Mr. Potato Head.
Natasha still rules our world. When she said the war comment, I almost made a pee pee mommy.
I also said that Twiggy needs to go this time, and I meant it.
Thank you!!


Yeah, the Rob Zombie thing made me choke :).

Also, Dionne looks like Wesley Snipes in Blade in the bridge pictures.

And speaking of Dionne, she herself talked about the "mean" thing in the pre-show interviews. She was all, "People think I'm stuck-up, but I'm not." So way to go, Tyra.

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