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May 16, 2007


Arthur James

It is taking everything in me to not scream "PRIMERO!"


Haha felicitaciones.


Good for Natasha for being so mature, I loved how gracious she was.

...I didn't really care who won.


Princess Leia hair!!


At first I liked Jaslene, but the bitchier she got towards Sweet, Simple Natasha, the more I hated her. Boo on Jaslene!


one giant leap for the deaf community.


oh, I'm just so sad that Natasha didn't win! Seriously, who would you rather work with on a photoshoot? Natasha would be a happy ray of light, and Jaslene...not so much. I just wish they had edited her to be less of a bitch in previous episodes so I'd be okay with her win. She just seems overly-confrontational and mean, and real models (not the supermodels) have to be sweet. Attitude isn't allowed if you're just a small fish, like she is. Too bad, another ANTM who will get no work. :(


¡viva cha cha! i am so happy the one i picked from the first episode to win actually did this time! woo hoo!


Well....at least it wasn't that chimney grandma Renee



"I may not be the girl next door, but I'm the girl down the corner in the hood!"



Thank God Natasha didn't win.

Because if she did we would have to rename the show Russian Mail Order Bride Top Model
since Natasha isn't American so how can she be America's Next Top Model?

Natasha FEELS HERSELF American, though! And seriously is probably an American citizen at this point so that's just being discriminatory.

I liked both of the girls to a certain extent; from a "who's a better model?" perspective, Jaslene deserved it, but from a "who's more entertaining, since this is only ANTM?" perspective, Natasha should have won it.


I was kind of hoping that Natasha would win, but I thought Jaslene did better overall. Natasha's still a sweetheart though and she did NOT walk like she had bird poop hanging from her butt, like Renee said.


Is Cover Girl aware that its new spokesmodel just said "I'm a pull all her hair off" in complete earnestness on screen? This is ludicrous. Nata is way better than that ho. At least she has an excuse for sounding like an incomprehensible, cracked-out idiot when she talks.


Should not won! Natasha is most beautiful.


I fuckin' cried.

It's like I won Ms. Fuckin' America or something.

I'm just happy that someone of different color and sex won.


yay! and yay that you're all yay too! :D

seriously, i'm so surprised that the one i liked from the beginning actually won. could have done without the last minute bitch edit jaslene got, but otherwise yay. and what was up with natasha? she couldn't be pregnant, could she? she certainly looked it all episode...


When Natasha made the final (I'm sorry, Twiggy - Natasher), I thought the judges were high - but I was surprised at how hot she looked on the runway, in a fashion show tailor-made to make them look like a total spaz. Christ, I love this show!

Congrats Jazzy - viva Chicago Latina! Natasha was either a class act or simply thinks she won. Don't ruin it for her!

Nene' can get a starring role in "Family Ties: The Early Years". Or a stage version of "Velvet Goldmine" as the lead.


oh also! renee's face when she was booted? priceless. also loved her comment about having her poor baby. and then that great 'wisdom in [her] eyes' bit. hee :)


cha cha diva for president!


Perez, Natasha is just as American as Jaslene. Her accent is not an "American" accent, either. There are different ways to become an American citizen. If you don't think Natasha belongs than neither would Jaslene.

Either way, yayy both of them :)


Woohoo! America's Next Top MALE Model!

Oh...wait...no...I don't care if Jaslene is a man or a wo-man. I fucking hate the bitch regardless.

I'm so pissed.
I really don't think I'll watch next season until it re-runs on VH1.

Fat-ass Tyra.
Go figure...pick the one girl on the show who'll make her look feminine.

Labia Minora-Majora

I think Nick wants to lick Jaslene's clit...
bitchy Queen he iz...


what was up with the moo moo Tyra wore at the fashion show? or the Mummy 3 villain get up at the last judging?


what was up with the moo moo Tyra wore at the fashion show? or the Mummy 3 villain get up at the last judging?

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